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King's X – Far Far Away Lyrics 12 years ago
This is a cryptic song, written in a way that's interesting to speculate on. Here's my take...

I think the voice in the verses is that of a woman who's driving to her family's home where she grew up for Christmas.
"... I drive my car, pass by the signs that speak our past"
"familiar faces annually haunt me; the cold brings seasons of the heart"

Although Christmas is normally a nice time for family, it sounds like there's baggage in this woman's past with her family. Maybe abuse that's been covered up ("no one could see it from the start"). This seems likely, given how the past seems to constantly be with her in such a negative way ("can't block it out").

To me, the subject matter is grim, but the power of the lyrics here is incredible. With just a few words, they've captured the complicated tension of a grown woman's feelings as she's traveling home to visit a family whose past haunts her still.

King's X – Black the Sky Lyrics 12 years ago
One of many personal journey songs from Dug.

When the song was written, he hadn't come out of the closet yet, but it seems clear that's what's at issue here. Dug has talked a lot in interviews -- and in his songs -- about his struggle to fit in. As a Christian he'd have heard many anti-gay messages, and the verses all seem to reflect his reaction to those messages:
"ok so it can't be right I cry and try and think and fight
ok so I need some help but they can't fix the way I feel"
... and especially:
"ok so I don't think like you do it's not my fault
ok I still try to find that fitting missing part"

Having your nature collide with the messages you've long accepted has got to hurt, hence:
"just one day just one second, maybe just a minute feel no pain"

You hear the pain and frustration again in the chorus "oh, I walk the line, black the sky". He's fighting his nature and remaining in his dark closet. But it's taking a superhuman effort and is sucking the life out of him.

King's X – Bitter Sweet Lyrics 12 years ago
Another of Ty's marriage breakup songs. This one's even better live.

"sweet", he still loves her and the memories of her
"bitter", it's over, and he can't bear to let it go

I can't really relate (thankfully) to the subject matter, but the emotions come through. The soothing guitar melodies are a nice counterpoint and enhance the meaning of how Ty's lulling himself to sleep.

King's X – Cigarettes Lyrics 12 years ago
If you've been seriously ill or have been close to someone who has, this song captures the experience. You can easily picture a bedridden person asking "have you gotten any cigarettes, and have you got anything for me" to a visitor. Long-term suffering does weird things to people's thinking. There's the incredible boredom, the skewed perception, and waves of brutal pain.

Sad song.

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