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The Streets – Can't Con an Honest John Lyrics 10 years ago
i love it. he keeps saying Farquhar. its freakn great. and im totaly gonna try this con.

Late of the Pier – Heartbeat Lyrics 10 years ago
parts of this song are in 7/4 ..... just thought it was cool

Late of the Pier – Focker Lyrics 10 years ago
omg you can tell by the answers being as intense as they are they wrote them while listening to this song. you could listen to this and freakn be playing chess or somethin and it would make it scarry hardcore! i love this.

Passion Pit – Cuddle Fuddle Lyrics 10 years ago
its got like this totaly chill beat. i love the song and lyrics and how its sang but i would love to hear something like..... the singing replaced by aesop rock with his own lyrics...... i know its odd but i just love that beat.

The Streets – The Escapist Lyrics 11 years ago
god... i wish i could just escape sometimes....... this is amazing. i listen to this and i just fade.... my desktop background.... my fucking sorry im crazy. the way he says "im not really here" with all my problems just listening to this.... it saves me..... the greatest way to end an album so amazing.....

Calvin Harris – Acceptable in the 80s Lyrics 11 years ago
urcutewhenuscream needs to die. this song is the greatest

Calvin Harris – Merrymaking At My Place Lyrics 11 years ago
leakeg that was AMAZING. i laughed. this songs about drugs.... pretty obvious. and wannabes tryin to get in.

Squeeze – Cool For Cats Lyrics 11 years ago
could cool for cats be refering to getting laid?

The Streets – I Love You More (Than You Like Me) Lyrics 11 years ago
its about him liking a girl and he knows she doesnt like him as much as he loves her. and the part maybe i should want to be blind means he rather be bliss with overliking her. but some of the words are him saying he doesnt wanna ask but he still might get an answer as to whether or not she does like him that much.

Bloodhound Gang – Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Lyrics 11 years ago
how can anybody question the meaning of the song its about sex. and how does somebody not know what uhn tiss means. its a beat of some techno songs. basicaly screwing music.

Bromheads Jacket – Fight Music For The Fight Lyrics 11 years ago
i thought maybe a kid that wanted to fight but couldnt due to a reason unknown to us. but he gets beat up and later he gets back at them.

Digitalism – Idealistic Lyrics 11 years ago
this song is top notch. anyway check out th extended one its a bit beter. it starts out with a mini drum solo and it builds

Digitalism – Pogo Lyrics 11 years ago
its the sun is in the air.
anyway i think its about him waiting for the night. waiting to see this special girl. and the night comes. she isnt there.
you have to set up. he was inviting her to party. any way its all there. and it is for sure the sun is in the air. he is saying its not night yet he is waiting and setting it up.

Cake – Short Skirt/Long Jacket Lyrics 11 years ago
could the lyrics be why its the theme to chuck? refering to sarah? a girl that takes charge and is how someone said it in a comment not ditzy. and if you watch chuck like a religion like i do its like the show is really based on her. the song is perfect. its so secret agenty with the bass but its fun with the trumpet because chuck is also funny. idk. one of the best songs ever. the best show ever.

Cut Copy – Lights and Music Lyrics 11 years ago
i kinda thought it was about a guy at a girls house for her b-day. then all of her friends leave except him. and he is just a friend. but they had like a night they went clubbing and some stuff happened. and after all her friends leave he is kinda wanting for it to happen again or at least thinking about it. and they talk about it or something cuz u know it just happened. or it happens after her friends leave. u know somethin like that. but i do like joocikas idea.

-thenumber1guy !

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