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Doves – 10:03 Lyrics 11 years ago
Not a lyrical observation, but do you notice how the beat of the song almost resembles a train setting off and then arriving at its destination? Slow at the start, starts speeding up til it reaches a top speed, then slows down again to a halt. The drum part that comes in at 1:46 even sounds like the wheels of an old fashioned train!

Doves – The Greatest Denier Lyrics 12 years ago
I'm surprised no-one has commented on this yet, I'd be interested to see what people think about this

I think it's about the degradation of British society - the fear and hatred that seems to be around at the moment. Without wanting to get too political, I think they are maybe citing immigration as contributing factor in the above. As for the line "I'm the greatest denier", this could be about how we can all see what's happening but a lot of people are reluctant to talk about it?

Doves – Jetstream Lyrics 12 years ago
This song is so good. I love that the twins usually have a song each on albums, but not just as a token effort, their voices really give a good contrast through the album.

As for meanings, I reckon it's a scene waiting at an airport watching the planes coming in and waiting for a loved one to arrive. Must be a coastal airport if they're talking about stormy seas and ships aswell!

The "leave the things you don't need/ and the ones you don't love" would say to me that whoever is on the plane, this journey is a permanent one rather than coming back off a holiday

Doves – Kingdom of Rust Lyrics 12 years ago
no problem. I have just attempted lyrics for Jetstream which are just awaiting moderation so if you want to return the favour you can have a check of my lyrics!

Doves – Kingdom of Rust Lyrics 12 years ago
The first unintelligble bits sound like:

The road back to Preston was covered all in snow
So I went looking for that stolen [still unintelligible!]

In the video you see a motorway sign to Preston, and although he's not going "back" there it is mentioned so that makes me think that what the lyric is

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