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Castanets – No Light to Be Found (Fare Thee Faith, The Path Is Yours) Lyrics 13 years ago
I love the lyrics from this song which are lifted from a mediocre Bob Dylan song from the late 70s.

(see: "Baby, Stop Crying" -- track 4 from 1978 album "Street Legal")


"You been down to the bottom with a bad man, babe"


"Go down to the river, babe..."

-- it's always great to hear the influence of great poets on future great poets.

Lyrically this one definitely outshines Dylan's "Baby, Stop Crying".

Castanets – Bells Aloud Lyrics 13 years ago
pretty sure it's:

"There is no way to defend
What we do to ourselves, me and you"


"There is a sea collapsed
Its splinters surround us"

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