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Stevie Wonder – As Lyrics 7 years ago
You might think this is a stretch, but I think He's singing this from the perspective of God towards mankind. Stevie is a man of faith and he's not afraid of sharing it in his music, not to mention no where in the song does it really specify a specific woman, and the language is a little TOO epic for any woman to accept as mere poetry. He's speaking with an intensity and a scale that fits closer to the love of God for his creation.

That's just me, I wouldn't be surprised, honestly.

Elton John – Sweet Painted Lady Lyrics 11 years ago
I think besides the obvious meaning, this song is also about promiscuous women in general. The sailors are also analogies for men who come and go, where its not about love, and where she has no say because she feels she doesn't have an option when fighting loneliness.

U2 – Gloria Lyrics 11 years ago
Alright, something everyone has to understand, since their freely throwing around the word,:

This song is not religious. It *is* about God and expressing his love for Him, but your not using the word right. He didn't write this song because he *had* to. Religion is a mandate. This song is not.

In fact, nothing truly by-the-book Christian can be religious because you don't have to do anything, everything you do is a decision made by the goodness of your heart.

In the same way that after Christ, believers did not have to give tithes(or weekly payments) but instead could give as much or as little as they wanted with no penalty, you don't have to write a song to God, you choose to.

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