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A Skylit Drive – Prelude To a Dream Lyrics 9 years ago
have you ever played ffvii or ffx?
while almost all of the songs on Wires are about final fantasy,
i believe EVERY song on Adelphia is about or references both.
even on youtube, in many ASD interviews, joey says they're influenced by final fantasy.

Adelphia itself means brotherhood
brotherhood is the sword tidus gets from wakka in the beginning of ffx.

Prelude to a Dream-
"I felt alive. Take me from the city." Sin first shows up in Zanarkand at the biltzball tournament and tidus gets "sucked into" the monster. He speaks of feeling alive because later on in the game Tidus finds out he is just a dream.

"I thought this was all a part of the plan. In the end we walk out." possibly speaking of when tidus and gang meet lady yunalesca and she reveals that yuna must chose one of her friends to be the final aeon- they "walk away" and look for another solution to sin.

"I'll take you away from this place."
Forest scene- tidus tries to convince yuna to abandon her pilgrimage and run away with him to his zanarkand of the past.
"As legends go, we are at the end." tidus and gang end up defeating sin for once and all.
"Here's a column of my own, so let's begin." all the summoners who fight and destroy sin are made into monuments that the people of spira worship in temples.

"Let's break the cycle." again, a reference to sin always coming back every 10 years, regardless of the sacrifices summoners make.

"The city only breathes through you,
and all the cracks that you've fallen through." come on... its obvious

The Children of Adelphia- "First to the sea, then to the sky.
It's beautiful I know you'll like it." tidus says this to yuna in the forest cutscene

Air the Enlightenment- yuna's point of view after tidus disappears, most likely referencing ffx-2.

Eva the Carrier- ffvii in my opinion.. though it fits for both games. take away the J, N, O from Jenova and you get Eva.

Heaven- this song could go either way, ffvii or ffx. i like to think of it as a ffx reference because of the lines "Rise Up on your feet girl. The world awaits your smile." i always think of the end of ffx on the airship when yuna tries to grab tidus but stumbles through him and falls on the ground... youtube it and you'll see what i mean.

I Swear This Place Is Haunted- Play Crisis Core for psp and watch Advent Children. this song is Such a huge reference to them.

"Is there something beyond science going on here?" the geo stigma disease in advent children

"I'm moving forward now. The thought of a ghost brought me to life," throughout Advent Children Cloud sees Aeris and she guides him to redemption
"Turn all of this white." Every time he thinks he's talking to Aeris the screen fades to white

"The creature at night,
you said it would never find out where I rest my head at night." Reference to Sephiroth's return

"Let us be the ones who block out the sun. Light projects through myself." The first part is talking about shinra and how it was destroying the planet in ffvii. The second part- Cloud always talks about finding his light (or aeris)

"I have learned of the virus." again, geo stigma

"Build it up. Break it down. We built this it's ours." in advent children, kadaj reveals that sephiroth can be reborn easily with jenova's head. at that point, president shinra says "the Lifestream courses through our planet back and forth across the borders of life and death. If that cycle is the very truth of life, then history, too, will inevitably repeat itself.So go on; bring your Jenovas and your Sephiroths. It won't matter. We'll do as life dictates and stop you every single time."

Running With the Light- reference to light again

See You Around- i believe this song has both tidus' and yuna's point of view after they defeat sin.
"Erase me. I'm a figment of imagination." tidus is a dream of the fayth
"That place where I knew that I could find you,
I think I'll make a run for it.
And if I don't find you there,
I'll search forever." holy moley, in ffx-2 yuna searches for tidus the entire game!

Thank God Its Cloudy- this could also go both ways, ffx or ffvii.
"I deserve an explanation,
not a consequence for the offense that I have committed." makes me think of when tidus and gang get arrested by Bevelle for killing Seymour (the first time.. damn he was annoying) ... just play the game or youtube it...

Those Cannons Could Sink A Ship- cloud vs. sephiroth...

in Wires:

the song title "all it takes for your dreams to come true" is a direct quote from vii when the president dies

Balance- "Listen to my story..this may be our last chance
People die and people dance" tidus says this in the beginning of ffx; people die and yuna dances

"I'm Not A Thief, I'm A Treasure Hunter" - direct quote from rikku (ffx)

Eris And Dysnomia- Eis = Aeris
Dysnomia translated means strife (cloud strife) (ffvii)

and there are many other examples in Wires that I can tell you about if you desire more obvious evidence. I can even go into more detail with the songs I did mention, but seeing as i've already written a novel, I will stop now.

oh wait a second.. I forgot one song off of Adelphia. What's it called?
oh yeah!

It's Not Ironic, It's Obvious.

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