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Linkin Park – Nobody's Listening Lyrics 10 years ago

i won't even waste my breath telling off people who hate on linkin park. i'm not angry because anyone dislikes this band. it's just the fact that they'd take the time to post a comment about how much they hate them that makes me so amused. they've already embarassed themselves.

LP 4 ever ♥♥

Collide – Frozen Lyrics 10 years ago
it's really hard to try and decipher what the lyrics mean; especially because the song is sung in one whole looong sentence...

i don't know. it seems like the song is too complex to really find the true meaning.
yeah...that's another way for me to say, "i don't know what the hell this song's about...." ^_^

Nocturne – Shallow Lyrics 10 years ago

obviously this song is about how magnetic she is to men, and how after she treats them so terribly, they still have a thirst for more...

but, honestly i think this song is being a bit sarcastic. Lacey Conner is usually known for being this heartless bitch all the time.(i'm pretty sure everyone knows her from the VH1 shows she's been on). I think she's being sarcastic when she says, "I'm here to let you down; I'm here to disappoint". I think she's just repeating what everyone else says about her, and is sarcastically argreeing with all the haters out there.

hehe...just a taste of my opinion. but whatev. Lacey 4 ever

The Myriad – A Clean Shot Lyrics 10 years ago
well, i do understand silversara's point in this being a religion song...buuuut...

i still agree that it is a love song. A song about a humble guy who is completely insane in love with a girl.

Massive Attack – Silent Spring Lyrics 10 years ago
seriously...this is just one of those songs that you just close your eyes and imagine yourself flying to.
nothing more.

Underoath – Writing on the Walls Lyrics 10 years ago
ok. i'm pretty sure most fans are aware that this band is a Christian band. (yes, the band says they don't consider themselves one...but they sing about Christian topics all the time so they need to get their minds straight...)

this song is talking about how Christians have to really stick together in such terrible times these days. Basically the song says that in this world of constant sinning...Christians have to make sure they keep themselves in check and not follow the crowd of bad rolemodels.


Björk – Wanderlust Lyrics 10 years ago
Bjork claimed herself that the song is about "the state of looking for something and almost knowing you'll never find it". Makes sense. The word "wanderlust" actually refers to someone who has a constant desire to travel or "wander".

she also added the song makes fun of her lust for something new. lol. typical Bjork ;)

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