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We Should Whisper! – Six AM Lyrics 11 years ago
exactly... how i am feeling right now
how stupid can you be not to realize my love for you
and you screwing everything up seriously...
you can tell this relationship is over
but i need to know for sure

whoa vent.
yeah broken relationships that make you lose sleep

We Should Whisper! – Ain't The Same Lyrics 11 years ago
long distance love <3

basically all my life has known
it really does work it doesn't mean anything
cause you can alway steal rocketships (;

We Should Whisper! – Open Up To Me Lyrics 11 years ago
clear beauitful meaning...
he never gives up i surely love a boy who fights
he sees the beauty in her no matter what her past is
he knows he can be that prince charming for her
if she would open up to him and let him inside

Ke$ha – Your Love Is My Drug Lyrics 11 years ago
love this song so much
think its way better thank tik tok (: (:

so catchy
she's blowing up!

Zach Berkman – Never Look Back Lyrics 11 years ago
this song is so inspirational
makes me want to forget about the past and move on
not think about the future just live for today

gives me strength

make it or break it music ftw!

Adam Lambert – Fever Lyrics 11 years ago
<3333333333333333333333 love this song so much

boy oh boy do i wanna get you alone

Justin Bieber – Down to Earth Lyrics 11 years ago
this song hits me so hard every single time
watching a divorce is one of the hardest things ever

Nevertheless – It's No Secret Lyrics 11 years ago
this song amazes me so much

definitely explaining what i'm going through right now
cause i really am afraid to be alone

The Summer Set – Where Are You Now Lyrics 11 years ago
best song on the new album!

Romance On A Rocketship – Skin And Bones Lyrics 11 years ago
Cute ways of saying 'iloveyou'

so catchy

i love mr. kasey smith

Josh Golden – Get Ready For This Lyrics 11 years ago

The Scene Aesthetic – Come What May Lyrics 11 years ago
agree with fkj
my new favorite as well

i need to find it somewhere
i want it on my iPod nowwwwwww

Rascal Flatts – Once Lyrics 12 years ago
reminiscing on love that once was ..that he wants back

Rascal Flatts – Why Lyrics 12 years ago
very powerful song.. definitely about a young person and suicide and how people mask their pain and how even people who some think are living a perfect happy life go through struggles. I think this person was really good at things they did but couldn't take the struggles and since they hid their pain nobody could help them through it so death was the only answer to them.

Goot – Asleep At The Wheel Lyrics 12 years ago
this song kills me right now
my long distance boyfriend just broke up with me..

basically this reminds me of how i will do anything to get him
and all the miles dont even matter to me

Runner Runner – So Obvious Lyrics 12 years ago
acoustic = love

def reminds me of my guy who lives miles away and i never see him

Mercy Mercedes – Revolution Lyrics 12 years ago
i think this song is about sticking out in the crowd
and not being afraid to make a difference

but that's just me [:

Mercy Mercedes – Get It Darlin' Lyrics 12 years ago
The second verse has one tiny mistake..

It's the following...
YOU'RE right here, it's right now.

[: at least thats the version I have!

<3 this band

Mercy Mercedes – Dan, You're the Best Lyrics 12 years ago
agree with buh-ran-dee on the meaning!
this hits close to home

mercy mercedes is amazing to the max!
so excited to see them in april [:

Millionaires – Alcohol Lyrics 12 years ago
let's get fucked up!
Oh god.. I remember the 1st time i heard this one
Love at first listen ahahaha
So BA.... LOL right

Kelly Clarkson – My Life Would Suck Without You Lyrics 12 years ago
I actually like this song
Very catchy and real dancy

Something most girls will relate to

You're right tho..
Once it hits mainstream extreme
It's gonna be VERY annoying

Red Car Wire – "friends" Lyrics 12 years ago
love love this band! :]
this reminds me of a friend
she has basically become a mess
and traded me in for a childhood friend
who is also a trainwreck

but for this friend
i would still do anything
she means ALOT to me

amazing song! rcw = love

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