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In Flames – Evil In A Closet Lyrics 11 years ago
the first thing to take note of in this song is that the first 2 paragraphs are written in the past tense while the last one is written in the present.

now this is a story about this guy who falls in love with some woman who is already going out with someone else. he tried to convince her to go out with him as he says " i once read a poem- held my breath - but that moments gone" which implies he read her a poem about how he felt for her but she didnt break up with her boyfriend for him. she does love him never the less as he says " maybe in another life time- i could be the first you meet" which implies that if she had met him first she would have gone out with him.

now i think after realising she wont break up with her boyfriend for him he has tried to forget her and no longer see her, like i said the first 2 paragraphs are written in the past tense which implies she is no longer around eg " your presence kept me floating" which implies she is not present anymore. now i think the secret is the the lonliness and pain he feels now she is no longer around. when she was around she kept him floating above these feelings.

now for the last paragraph which seems to have confussed so many people. like i said above i think he told her that if he cant have her he dosnt want to see her anymore, as every time he saw her it only reminds him what he cant have. but here he says " yell at me- i want to be your light that shines" now i think he wants her to yell at him, to tell him to stop only thinking about himself because a) it would show him how much his presence means to her even if she wont break up with her boyfriend for him,and b) he still wants to be there for her " i want to be your light that shines" but his love for her is being forgotten in his pain " But my ground's shaking and I might fall "
now the last part " I wish that I could say... I wish I could be your evil in a closet" is saying thatt he wants to be her evil secret, ie her love for him is the secret

Opeth – Bleak Lyrics 11 years ago
this is definitely a song about someone he loves who cheated on him or something similiar.

the first paragraph is about when he first begings to suspect she is cheating on him
Beating, heart still beating for the cause
-this is him saying he still loves her even though he has begun to suspect her-
Feeding, soul still feeding from the loss
- this is about the incident that first made him suspect and how it is still hurting him-
Aching, limbs are aching from the rush
- this is about how when you first find out something like that you want to punch or kick something or jump up and scream-
Fading, you are fading from my sight
- this is about how the person he thought she was is starting to dissapear-

-in this paragraph the morning and sun denote seeing everything clearly as apposed to being in the dark-
Break of morning, coldness lingers on
- he is now starting to see the truth clearly, but it is making him feel cold-
Shroud me into nightmares of the sun
- under the sun the truth is no longer hidden, but the truth is a nighmare-

-this is about when he first confronts her-
Moving, I am moving closer to your side
- this is when he first comes to talk to her-
Luring, you are luring me into the night
-and this is when she lies to him and denies it, she is trying to bring him back imto the dark where the truth cant be seen-
Crying, who is crying for you here
-shes hurt him badly-
Dying, I am dying fast inside your tears
- she is crying. and because he still loves her, her tears are killing him-

- this paragraph is about how he is realising he has lost her and he decides he must end it-
Plunging towards bereavement faster yet
Clearing thoughts, my mind is set

- this paragraph is about when he confronts her to end the relationship-
Devious movements in your eyes
Moved me from relief
Breath comes out white clouds with your lies
And filters through me
-these four lines are about how when he confronts her again she is still lying to him and denies it ever happened-
You're close to the final word
You're staring right past me in dismay
-these 2 lines are about how she is coming to the end of what she is saying to him and she knows he dosnt believe her-
A liquid seeps from your chest
And drains me away
- she starts to cry now and her tears weaken hes resolve-
Mist ripples round your thin white neck
And draws me a line
- he is hurt and wants to kill her, strangle her for her lies and deciet-
Cold fingers mark this dying wreck
This moment is mine
- the relationship is dying and it is now hes turn to make the final choice wether to kill it or not-

- this paragraph is about how hard he is finding it to make a decision-
Help me, cure you
Atone for all you've done
- he wants her to atone for what she's done.. to tell the truth-
Help me, leave you
As all the days are gone
- he really wants to leave her but its not that easy, even though he knows all the trust and happiness is gone-

-this paragraph is about how he has decided to stay with her instead of leaving-
Night fall again
Taking what's left of me
-the night denotes not beaing able to see clearly, he is trying to believe her lies , and it is killing what is left of him-
Slight twist, shivering corpse
Ornated with water, fills the cracks
Clasped in my limbs by tradition
This is all you need
- these last lines are about how even though he is still with her the relation ship is dead-

Opeth – By the Pain I See In Others Lyrics 12 years ago
I feel this song(& whole album) is about the fight between the ego and the soul. By ego i mean who a person thinks he is, he's personal pride & self absorption, & by soul i mean the vital core, the part of you that knows right from wrong, regardless of society or laws.The part of you that hurts. I also believe this album is in reverse chronological order, as if you read the last song first and so on it paints a story.the thing that gave me a clue to this is how the end of this song is in reverse. I am going to interpret all the songs on this album so you should read my coments on the other songs to realy see what i mean. their order in reverse is - By the pain i see in others, Masters apprentices, For absent friends, A fair judgement, Deliverance , Wreath.

"By the pain i see in others"
The first clue is in the title, The person in the song see's all the pain in others and wonders what is the cause for so many people to be so unhappy, even the people who seem to have it all, like fame or money, are no happier than the rest .

"Let me taste
Let me feel
I need to know what you keep inside
No need to speak
Just let it be
Carry out this wish for me let nothing interfere"
This is the persons soul talking to him.It is telling the person to let it free, to let it have control.

"Rise to submission
I'm still beneath in the soil"
The soul is again saying the ego must surrender as it is still under its control.

"Discard your clothes"
The soul is telling the person to discard he's subtefuges(clothes),to stop hiding.

"Let loose you hair"
This line is telling him to stop trying to control everything

"We're intertwined forever and have always been"
this line is pretty self explanatory

"Say the word
And I'll depart
Upon your lips dwells nothing but the meaning of my cause "
This is the soul saying that the ego has complete controll over it.

"And so comes the dark
Vibrant as ever before"
Then something bad happens to the person to make him drive he's soul even further down.

"Flowers already withered
In this endless winter of souls"
the flowers signify happiness & it is a winter of souls as everybody ignores there soul.

"Outside in the park
The days move along
And nothing ever changes"
This is simply a description of how things stay the same, it may also be a reference to the song Blackwater park.

"They have nothing on us
And we've always knew
That nothing ever changes
Rise to submission
I'm still beneath in the soil
This is ours alone"
The plural is used here as both the ego and soul make up the person and how this life is theirs alone.

"Feeding off the warmth
Lured out from inside
Depending on the life blood"
This is explaining how both the ego and the soul rely for life from the person, they need he's warmth and life blood.& they arise from inside the persons mind to control that mind.

Move in me and set me free."
This is the person saying he doesn't want hes soul to be restrained anymore, but he is whispering it as he is unsure ,he's ego has made him doubt himself.

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