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Kataklysm – The Resurrected Lyrics 12 years ago
In a literal sense, the song seems to be about someone who was betrayed and killed coming back for revenge. In a more-or-less symbolic sense, I think it's about someone being eaten by guilt from betraying somebody who trusted them, and more so the person they betrayed excites the guilt (assuming they're, you know, alive), kind of like the song Laid to Rest by Lamb of God where a murderer is tormented by the guilt of, well, murdering someone.

Cannibal Corpse – I Will Kill You Lyrics 12 years ago
I'd like to make a correction:

In the seventh verse, it's "you are NOT gagged" not "you are gagged." Also, why the hell is everyone talking about necrophilia?

The song isn't about necrophilia, IMO it's about taking revenge on someone who caused you torment to the point of going batshit insane. While songs in general are open for interpretation, there's really no mention of necrophilia.

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