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Dave Matthews Band – Kit Kat Jam Lyrics 21 years ago
hahahahahaa i watched it on july 23rd also!!!!!!!! hahaha. thi song is awesome and has a ton of energy. very very cool. i dunno why they would've done it without lyrics. maybe didn't have time to finish writing them or somtehing? no clue. but good nonetheless. =)

Dave Matthews Band – Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away? Lyrics 21 years ago
a fitting song for any person who broke up and managed to have a chat with their previously loved one a while later. i can say this to my exes and my exes can all say this to me too. haha...

Simple Plan – Perfect Lyrics 21 years ago
the song really really hits home for me...cuz it really makes me think about how my dad always wants me to work hard, get straight a's, go to some top 10 college and stuff. but instead, i play guitar to de-stress from too much work and all i get are verbal assaults night after night....not working hard enough, music won't get me anywhere....yeah. these guys know how to write lyrics. obviously a group that writes songs for a reason.

Simple Plan – God Must Hate Me Lyrics 21 years ago
haha yeah the i'm stuck in hell/i wanna go home line is awesome. it's like metaphoric and extreme

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