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Des'ree – Kissing You Lyrics 8 years ago
Really beautiful, tender song. Des'Ree's voice is amazing so goes hand in hand with the song and lyrics. I, however, prefer the instrumental version. It takes you away to somewhere else; let's you interpret the music in which ever way you want. It's really powerful and poignant. You should try it. Full blast in the ears and I promise you you will feel the true beauty of it. Though be prepared for some raw emotion and memories to come to you.

Jackson Browne – Sky Blue and Black Lyrics 8 years ago
Also - I could never see how you doubted me when I'd let go of your hand. Jackson Browne is so amazing at what he does.

Jackson Browne – Sky Blue and Black Lyrics 8 years ago
My favourite line in this song 'I'd have bought the world for you, if I thought that you wanted me to.'

Such a powerful song. My favourite of Mr Browne's.

Bee Gees – For Whom The Bell Tolls Lyrics 8 years ago
Genuinely shocked at the lack of comments in this song.
Great love song.

Todd Rundgren – I Saw The Light Lyrics 8 years ago
Looking in somebodys eyes and it hitting you that you love them; priceless.

Chicago – You're The Inspiration Lyrics 8 years ago
Great song.

Makes you think of that one person; fantastic Cetera.

Eagles – Waiting in the Weeds Lyrics 9 years ago
I'm absolutely astounded by the lack of comments on this song. Clearly one of the best Mr Henley has ever written. To me it shows how everything can change in a split second, it doesn't have to be a big event, but it can change your life forever. "There was no final scene, no frozen frame. I just watched it slowly fade away."

I also see it as somebody who has been hurt in love, and simply cannot move on. It's hard when you're on the receivng end and even though the other person has moved on, you're stuck in the rut. And how you're probably never going to lvoe anybody like you've loved that person. How it hurts seeing them with anybody else other than you.

Don Henley has created a masterpiece with this. This and Jackson Browne's 'Sky Blue and Black' are two of the most haunting songs ever.

Michael Bublé – Lost Lyrics 9 years ago
This song can be interpretted in so many ways.

For me it's about people who are no longer IN love, but his love for her will always stay even if it is in a purely platonic sense.

I split up with my long-term boyfriend in March 2007; and I'm beginning to see the light now, though I have had a fair few months of being down. This song helped me through it; the words made me see there would be a light at the end of the tunnel - The light I'm beginning to see now.

Absolutely amazing song that's open to so much intepretation.

I know people who believe it's about a loved one dying and how even though they're physically not there anymore, they'll always be with the person spiritually.

As I've said before; amazing song.

Well done, Mr Bublé.

A1 – Like A Rose Lyrics 9 years ago
The lyrics to this song basically show how you flourish and develop when you have somebody by your side loving you.

Bryan Adams – Please Forgive Me Lyrics 9 years ago
Have you ever loved somebody so much that you're overwhelmed by it and thus push the other person away because you can't handle what you feel for them?

I think this is what our Bryan is trying to convey.

Bryan Adams – Broken Wings Lyrics 9 years ago
Shocked nobody has commented on this. I think the lyrics are gorgeous.

For me it's about how somebody can help you, guide and inspire you without even doing anything. It just shows how strong love can be, and what it can do.

I'd rate this as one of Bryan's best. Fantastic.

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