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Covenant – Call the Ships to Port Lyrics 12 years ago
The sailors: A metaphor for the daring, brave the ones that would venture out to sea before the earth was known to be round. They have light of logic and science, there are no dreamers anywhere but in the stories. I think that's exactly what the line "The line becomes a circle" means. The flat earth became round thanks to discovery. But one of Covenant resounding themes is seeming to ask the question of "Where are the ones that will stand up and make a difference?" I think the same theme is present in "Brave New World". I could be wrong, but that's my take.

Covenant – Still Life Lyrics 12 years ago
I don't know if this is a personal message, perhaps to a former friend/musician. Johnny Walker Wisdom? I'm guessing the false sense of intelligence one gets from intoxication. Seems like the writer made it big -- My ambition took me further than I ever dreamt, I don't even need a mirror anymore. Obviously he sees himself everywhere now. He misses his friend, wonders if he's okay, wonders if he still watches the sun rise. So little percussion save for the end, this song is incredibly surreal and powerful. Brings tears to my eyes each time.

Covenant – Bullet Lyrics 12 years ago
Nailed it Kitsune...This song means just that to me. There was this friend of mine, we would all go out to the industrial club. She had cystic fibrosis (sp), but she would dance her heart out. I know this song held that meaning for her. Sometimes we would all just gather in a circle in this song, drunk on the adrenaline, and enjoy our time on earth. Rest peacefully Lisa.

Funker Vogt – Shaven Lyrics 12 years ago
LOL FV and Wumpscut should get together and make an album chock full of stuff like this (in english).

Front 242 – Masterhit Lyrics 12 years ago
I keep wanting to think this is more of a S&M song...but no...conclusion has been drawn; beastiality

VNV Nation – Rubicon Lyrics 12 years ago
Then it is settled...there IS a message behind the song, but how it makes you feel is important too.

Skinny Puppy – Knowhere? Lyrics 12 years ago
The last part sums it up. When it is done, you will have no one to run to. Eventually, this person's permiscuisity (is that a word?) will leave her alone and forgotten. She must have been beautiful, but she misused her gift

The Mission – Hands Across The Ocean Lyrics 12 years ago
Very interesting take. I never thought of that -- Though this sounds more endearing, and I don't think Wayne would ever write anything but mockery about Eldritch (I think they should just get along). I was thinking along the lines of Edgar Allen Poe of water being a barrier between life and death. A song to a loved one who is still alive from someone who has gone to heaven...Kindof a sweet way of saying that he's in heaven, has all of these wonderful things, but he will always hold her dear because "there's not enough heaven here".

The Sisters of Mercy – Poison Door Lyrics 12 years ago
Alright, since no one else will. This was one of my favorites...I was in high school, and got my first CD burner. Somehow this song always made it on my mixes, no matter what. Seriously, I even went through this stupid 80's revival, and you could bet this song was on there too. Oh, the meaning? No clue; Eldrich was a genius, and I could spend hours pulling this one apart. Drug induced paranoi? Maybe; this seems to go along with a really horrifying recurrent state of mind I've had...I remember watching a door, not wondering, but actually preparing for the most horrifying sight to emerge. Paranoia...delusion...that seems to be a mainstay with Andrew.

"And the shadows smile" -- makes me think paranoia as well. Cruel, and mockingly

"We sit in silence waiting" "We search the still hours looking for a place to hide" -- The still hours refer to communion with God right?

"Kiss your memory goodbye" -- ehhh..i don't know, that's the one that gets me. Alright, I'm giving up now.

The Killers – Mr. Brightside Lyrics 12 years ago
"And I'm falling asleep, and she's calling a cab" -- "And it's all in my head but..."

Someone haunted by fears and vivid images of his beloved cheating on him. It's all just a dream...but what a terrible dream. I else would he be in a position where he could witness the guy taking off her dress unless he's a peeping tom...pervert.

He's we all are in our dreams...and that sucks in this case.

The Sisters of Mercy – Some Kind Of Stranger Lyrics 12 years ago
Call me an optimist trying to find optimism in a Sisters of Mercy song, but I think there is a ray of hope in this one. "Some kind of angel let me look into your eyes"... such a tender line. Maybe he doesn't want to be promised anything, and doesn't what vows to be said that are doomed to be broken...maybe he just wants to remain in silent, mysterious, love with her.

Mesh – Firefly Lyrics 12 years ago
So poetically wonderful though!!! Little firefly...what an endearing name for your lighter. I think this truly encompasses the writer's ability to write from the position of someone so deranged (or he truly is insane). It's beautiful... his lighter, his only friends, it seems.

Mesh – The Trouble We're In Lyrics 12 years ago
Why the hell are there no comments about this? Such an amazing song, even by Mesh's standards. What does it mean? I feel it's the story of two who are in a sour relationship, not because of a loss of love, but because of compiling and unresolved feelings between the two. They fight and fight, but when they can forget about the pain, their love is all that matters. So beautiful.

Depeche Mode – Rush Lyrics 12 years ago
I would have to say this is about a guy who has truly got his heart in his relationship, but falls short of expectation, doing things that hurts his loved one. It's a song largely surrounding the fact that he isn't perfect, but when it all comes down to it, his devotion is with this person. "See the tears in my eyes, I'm not proud of what I do. When I come up, when I rush, I rush for you."

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