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Mazzy Star – Free Lyrics 7 years ago
I hear the lyrics a bit differently.

I fell asleep in the silence
before the stream fights the fire
free in the world that you've given
lay in the sand
the water still calls
still calms

(My take in this verse is that someone has left her. She's free because this person has given her a world without him or her in it. She's alone - fell asleep before the tides came in to douse the campfire - OR if metaphorical - before the tears washed away her passion or anger. She's resting on the beach because the sound of the waves sooth her.)

Afraid of the dark that surrounds you
hiding the dirt from the ground
breathe the wind that surrounds me
I'm not afraid to sleep in the night
not afraid to sleep in the night

(Either she is free of guilt that would otherwise keep someone awake OR after taking a deep breath of fresh air, she's no longer afraid of being alone.)

Free like a bird with no holders
holding the weight of the sun
I know the road that you send me
I know the way it leads to one

(No one holds the bird in captivity, but it is not free. It is encumbered by the weight of the sun - the light, the truth. The truth is his or her road does not include Hope or only provides one option as Havenspear noted.)

Real like the bones in my body
real like the flesh that covers the grape
it's real like the flesh that covers the grape

(She knows it to be true. By the way: "real like the flesh that covers the grave" only makes sense if the bodies are fresh and technically, it wouldn't COVER the grave.)

Wait for the guards that you send me
before i will show you myself
wait for the storm that comes to me
maybe i'll just change my mind

(So she won't speak to him or her until she hears from one of his friends - perhaps overprotective friends. Or until she's so angry, she has no choice but to confront him/her - but then again, maybe she'll just say, 'forget it.')

Plea for the will of forgiveness
I'm not afraid to say I was wrong
I was wrong
maybe I was
so wrong
so wrong

(Still, either shes wishes to forgive him/her or is pleading for her/him to forgive her. She may have been the problem. It seems as if she is directing the "I'm not afraid to say I was wrong" line to the person in question, then it shifts inward so she is speaking to herself: "Maybe I was so wrong." There's doubt there.)

As for the title, she is as physically free as a bird, but emotionally she is not. She's carrying the weight of the sun - the recognition of her role in whatever falling out she sings about.

Matchbox Twenty – Back 2 Good Lyrics 7 years ago
This is a really good interpretation.

Massive Attack – Paradise Circus Lyrics 7 years ago
When I listed to the Kaan Alkan remix, it sounds as if Hope is singing:

It's unfortunate that when we feel the STUFF.

Massive Attack – Paradise Circus Lyrics 7 years ago
When I listed to the Kaan Alkan remix, it sounds as if Hope is singing:

It's unfortunate that when we feel the STUFF.

Smog – River Guard Lyrics 7 years ago
If you are correct, that changes the meaning of the verse. How can the narrator enjoy his freedom when he's aware others do not have theirs.

Bauhaus – Crowds Lyrics 7 years ago
My reading is Jews created the conditions that lead to Jesus's murder, but they didn't crucify him. Thus, they absolve themselves of guilt because hey, they didn't actually kill the guy.

So when the Judas howl arises - the upcoming betrayal - he'll still be around. Those who behave like Jesus Jews won't succeed in silencing him even though they plant seeds to do so.

Bauhaus – All We Ever Wanted Was Everything Lyrics 7 years ago
I believe the second line is: "All we ever got was coal."

Greg Brown – In the Dark With You Lyrics 9 years ago
Maybe I'm reading too much into this album, but it seems that Greg Brown was dating a dark-skinned woman at the time.

In "I Slept All Night By My Lover," he mentions touching her dark hand.

In "Who Do You Think You're Fooling," he sings:

Ain't gonna blow it up, ain't gonna mess it up
There ain't no little babies gonna be born have a real hard time for the color of their skin
Where they were born, why they were born
Ain't gonna blow it up, ain't gonna mess it up

Crass – Banned From The Roxy Lyrics 9 years ago
"Gandhi maintains that a victory for Justice is a victory for everyone involved, though at first the oppressor might not view it as such. A pacifist, then, sees the interconnectedness of life and asserts that he/she must remove themselves from the circle of action; the nonviolent Satyagrahi sees the interconnectedness and realizes that he/she must impact Justice for the good of the world."

According to Matthew Webster's article, "The Difference between the Dalai Lama and a Satyagrahi" there is a distinction between the two.

Crass – Banned From The Roxy Lyrics 9 years ago
It's like they are saying: compared to the other problems in the world, being banned from the Roxy is insignificant. And the Roxy management getting upset over misbehaving boys when this whole other crap exists in the outside world just speaks of misplaced priorities.

Greg Brown – Who Woulda Thunk It? Lyrics 9 years ago
Ah. A song about aging and how we've changed because of it. We want good food, comfort, and a good wine. Who woulda thunk it? We'd turn out to be exactly like the adults we never thought we'd become.

Greg Brown – Canned Goods Lyrics 9 years ago
Correction. Grandma is alive when the song is written, but we all know grandmas are not immortal.

Greg Brown – Canned Goods Lyrics 9 years ago
A snapshot of rural America during childhood - a way of life that is more than likely disappearing and has disappeared for the singer. It's a memory - however treasured - it's confined to memory.Grandma is probably no longer alive. And that deep sense of belonging is probably no longer felt.

Massive Attack – Paradise Circus Lyrics 9 years ago
I also hear:

Oh well, the devil makes us sin
But we like it when we're spinning in his grin

Grin makes more sense since it rhymes with sin.

My first interpretation of the song (prior to reading amyerin's post) was that it's unfortunate that people ignore their sexual desires. The stone (or the stirring one feels) makes us uncomfortable and we roll over - the way a partner would roll away from his or her partner while they are in bed because he or she is no longer interested in sleeping with the partner.

But the urge is too strong - not because one loves the person, but because it's a necessary biological release - that he/she does it anyway. And when the person does, the devil - ever the voyuer - watches the couple as they writhe under his gaze knowing full well that the union is not heavenly, but carnal for at least one partner. The partner who is aware that the other is not in love, resigns himself or herself (Oh well), They both enjoy it nonetheless.

The next few lines makes me think that the woman is the one with the desire (and the control). She is the one with the flame in her eye. That to me is not love, but lust. It's fire. It's passion. And it's just wrong for the poor man to love her as much as he does. The woman loves him for the moment. Once her desire is fulfilled, she will - like a fly - leave as quickly as she arrived and never return.

Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions – For The Rest Of Your Life Lyrics 9 years ago
I hear: Oooh, gonna pay that big price (Oooh gonna pay that fair price)
Oooh, 'cause your momma let you go (Oooh would your mama let you go?)
Oooh, what will be the scene that you show? (Oooh would she let you show?)

Never let your hand shake when you're firm on your blade (Never let your hand shake when you fall on your blade)

Oooh, 'cause you'll never be here twice (Oooh those will never be here twice)
Oooh, 'cause your momma's in your face (Oooh does your mama dream your face?)
Oooh, gonna pay that big price (Oooh gonna play that new game)

Oooh, with the needles in your eyes (Oooh with the needles in your ice)
Oooh, 'cause your momma let you go (Oooh does your mama let you down?)
Oooh, what will be the scene that you show? (Oooh doesn't really seem like you showered)

Tori Amos – Honey Lyrics 9 years ago
Because the song indicates a he and she (if she was the better girl)

Tori Amos – Honey Lyrics 9 years ago
Taking into consideration all the comments above, my interpretation is this:

Woman meets man; man enthralled by woman; woman pleases man (he liked my shoes, I kept them on)

Man gets used to the woman's body, her wetness, her feel (you're just too used to my honey); man likes and enjoys other women (he skip-to-loo), perhaps younger (you always liked your babies tight)

Woman aware of man's roaming ways; knows the relationship is over, but desperately tries to deny that it is - DON"T PUT THE FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN!!! (so when we die, I try to bribe the undertaker). Perhaps man denies what he's doing to which she states: and you know what you're doin' - so don't even.SAVE IT, BROTHER!

Man is like a cowboy - a loner, individualistic roamer whereas women are more like Indians - they value people, respect traditions, understand the boundaries between right and wrong

She moved on. The passion is gone, over, spent. He just got too used to her honey.

Neil Young – Heart Of Gold Lyrics 9 years ago
Put it on youtube so the rest of us can enjoy the version.

Death in Vegas – Help Yourself Lyrics 9 years ago
Just a crack at the lyrics:

You can't change without sorrow's shadow / Any time you change, someone is going to miss the old you
'cause then it's gone and you still shine / But once sorrow's shadow passes, you shine in the sun
You can't change to solve somebody's name / You cannot become someone else just to give someone an identity
Don't blink until you're made / Don't think twice until you've become who you want to be

There must have been some tension when Hope decided to work on her own material sans Mazzy Star. She couldn't surpress her creativity for the sake of the band. She had to follow her muse in spite of the sorrow and allow herself to shine independently from Mazzy Star.

The Mazzy Star bit is a stretch, but you can insert any subject into that. It's the best I can come up with.

Santigold – Shove It Lyrics 10 years ago
I'm sure he knows that, but her name is Santi White. Unless you know that, too, and are making a joke.

Mazzy Star – She's My Baby Lyrics 10 years ago
Actually, I don't think Hope wrote the lyrics for many of the early songs. Her male partner - I forgot his name - may have written the lyrics and she just sang them the way he had written them. They both receive credit for lyrics/music, so it is not clear who wrote what.

So, no. I don't think it's about adoption or about a homosexual relationship. I think it's about a guy who fell in love with a woman, but this woman is now with someone else. She's so beautiful that people turn around to look at her as she walks by. He still considers her his love (his baby), but she belongs to another guy he knows and is possibly friends with.

Yeah, yeah. I love her. I still think of her as mine. I still think about her even though she is with you. Sorry, dude.

Leonard Cohen – Waiting For The Miracle Lyrics 10 years ago
That's too funny! I was thinking the same thing. There were no airplanes during biblical times!

Fiona Apple – I Know Lyrics 10 years ago
But it could also work the other way.She may be waiting for him to leave his lover, but she will not bring it up. She'll turn a blind eye: "And I will pretend / That I don't know of your sins / Until you are ready to confess / But all the time, all the time / I'll know."

When he is with her, her response will be: "And you can use my skin / To bury secrets in / And I will settle you down / And at my own suggestion / I will ask no questions / While I do my thing in the background / But all the time, all the time / I'll know"

How many women are aware their boyfriends/husbands are cheating on them, but they have decided to wait it out given that they can't make peace and war at the same time?

Manu Chao – El Viento Lyrics 10 years ago
Illegal immigrants cross the border like the wind; their entries come and go as silently as the wind
The need to feed one's self and one's family is the primary impetus to travel from one's homeland to Babylon be it the U.S. (for Mexicans and Central Americans) or France (for Algerians and other French-speaking countries in Africa - irony there, no? The fact that some Africans speak French suggests that the French once entered without documentation into a foreign country. But their travels were not illegal - they were exploratory because the powerful get to define the context - but colonialism nevertheless produced the conditions of the present.)

Sometimes you get lucky when crossing the border. You survive - make a living - send money home. Other times you do not. There are many bones in the desert in the U.S.side of the Mexican border (read Dead in Their Track for this account or watch the DVD Mojados to get a glimpse of the process and trajedy). There are many who drown in the sea (Africans).

"El hambre viene. El hombre se va. Cuando volvera. Por la carretera" People are left behind when someone decides to leave. Mothers. Grandfathers. Grandmothers. Wives. Children. Their loved one disappears into the wind and when, they must wonder, will they return? What if they die in route and they become the nameless victims of our social and economic policies - will we ever know that they perished? Will we ever know if they made it? Thousands of people disappear into the wind. And those that stay behind to see the person they love walk away for their economic benefit - eventually all they see is empty space and the sound of the wind, which is what we hear at the end of this track.

Only the wind.

Fingers crossed.

Hope in their throats.

But for many, they will never know what became of their loved ones, family, and kin. All they know is that they left por la careterra.

Mazzy Star – Flowers in December Lyrics 10 years ago
Unless of course: "I just want to see you in your eyes" refers to her desire to see his old self again. In other words, I want to see YOU (or who you were) in your eyes again.

"Every man goes blind in his heart" perhaps is a variation of "Love is blind." If you're a writer, you don't want to repeat cliches.

"Everybody steals somebody's heart away" is not that far fetched. Unrequited love? C'mon. You can't tell me you haven't heard of that.

"Candy wine"? Well, no. But dessert wine is available at fine stores everywhere.

Lyrically, Sandoval is not always strong, but she does have a few gems: ("Take a train on a silver afternoon" from I've Been Let Down) ("There's a world outside my doorstep" from Blue Light.) ("Oh where, oh when, oh well" from Mary of Silence.)

And now that I think about it: "Send me your flowers of your December." Have you seen flowers in December? They're not blooming. They're withered, dry, or dead. Perhaps she is not seeking the best from him - only what he could provide.

Mazzy Star – Unreflected Lyrics 10 years ago
I'm not sure if the lyrics are correct. This is what I hear:

The laugh that cuts cold / Now is in the past
Maybe it's transfixed
On something else to do

Analysis / interpretation
1. Hope Sandoval either isn't keen on grammar or she doesn't care about it ("Among My Swan" is one example. Among is plural; swan is singular. "Unreflected" is also strange because reflect is a verb, but she uses it as an adjective - the adjective form would be reflective or reflecting. Poetic license, I suppose.)

2. For whatever reason this song makes me think of fame, perhaps influenced by a comment a friend of hers once said: some audience members had thrown tomatoes at the band when they first started to play gigs. (The laugh that cuts cold now is in the past; in our memories, we don't have much to say.)

2a. Now that the band has achieved a modicum of fame, she has probably experienced a few hanger-ons (Follow anybody / Is that what you do? / Maybe it transfixed on something else to do) Perhaps the person in question is a follower or maybe he or she just wants to engage in activity, meaningless or otherwise.

2b. But at bottom, the band (and fame) isn't significant. Everyone eventually becomes a speck in the dustbin of history. (Now we know what we'll be in the past / Another story / Another life that's left) Perhaps the last phrase is an incorrect way of stating: another life that HAS left)

2c. Unreflected is anyone's guess, but it could mean that the feeling in question is a realization that one won't shine. Perhaps it's another way of expressing that dull feeling you get when you think of mortality (the unreflected feeling / Of a shortened final soul).

2. Another interpretation is that it involves a death of a friend.

Mazzy Star – Mary of Silence Lyrics 10 years ago
I thought it referred to the Virgin Mary. Most of the statues within Catholic Churches show Virgin Mary with a hint of a smile "Oh Mary of Silence / You pick my heart with a smile."

"Oh sweet Mary / Come inside for a while / Help me get a hold on you / Or I look in the night /
I thought of myself beside you / Take me into your skin" This portion of the song sounds like a plea from a troubled soul. Some pray to Jesus to help them through the tough times, but Catholics sometimes pray to Virgin Mary (and that woman is always silent, no?)

"We have a steady confusion / You're looking at fear" This passage reads like an accusation. You are not there when I most need you; perhaps our wordly problems scare you as they have in the past "It doesn't seem like the first time / You walked out in a hurry" In other words, she abandons us.

"Help me walk with you / To the sky that we see / Shuddering in myself, in-my-self" reads to me as follows: Help me feel what it is like in heaven or more dramatically: I can't take it anymore! Get me off this Earth! It's cold down here!

"Oh where" - Where are you?
"Oh when" - When will you arrive?
"Oh well" - Resignation.

Mazzy Star – Blue Light Lyrics 10 years ago
When I lived near the ocean, I would stare out at the sea at night. Every night, several ships would sail past and each of them had a blue light. They capture your attention given that the sea water is so dark.

Mazzy Star – Bells Ring Lyrics 10 years ago
I think the lyrics above are incorrect; however, given that Mazzy Star never published their lyrics, it's anyone's guess.

Instead of "Hold your throw down together," I believe she sings: "Hold your THRONE down together."
Instead of "He spins inside my soul" I hear "LEAVE SPACE inside my soul"
Instead of "Look up to see the weakness in the sky" I hear "Look up and see YOUR WITNESS in the sky"

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