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Okkervil River – The Velocity of Saul at the Time of His Conversion Lyrics 13 years ago

those lyrics are different in an earlier version of the song (stars too small to use version). i didnt see this page before the change had been made but im guessing whoever posted the lyrics posted those.

"And all our best-laid plans, well, they crumbled in our hands;
the Progress of Man.
You held in your breath long after projections of death,
you sat in the waiting gasping and rasped for a fan"

That being said i love this song, one of my fav OR songs. And i like the STSTU version better. You can hear the emotion Will Sheff puts into it alot more bc of the lower production value

Okkervil River – He Passes Number Thirty-Three Lyrics 13 years ago
I have just recently gotten into Okkervil river. they r simply amazing. i own a copy of almost everything they have released but cannot find Stars too Small to Use. its been discontinued. Any ideas where i could get ahold of a copy? or at least find the tracks to download? i would even settle with being able to listen to the tracks online...i havent heard any except for kathy keller and the later versions of For the Captain (another radio song) and Velocity of Saul... Any help would be very appreciated.

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