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Snow Patrol – Run Lyrics 11 years ago
The song is about hope!

Leona Lewis covered this song...but I kinda prefer the original!

The Airborne Toxic Event – Sometime Around Midnight Lyrics 11 years ago
absolutely amazing song.
Love the lyrics, but I always believe that it's the melodies that evoke emotion and support the feeling behind the words...

The song begins in a mellow way with less instrumentation, his voice is gentle and it seems like he is keeping it together. But his true feelings slowly start to surface...

He thinks that she is intentionally trying to hurt him while being aloof by flaunting her smile and reminding him of her perfume.

"and so there's a change"...

The memories come rushing and emotions consume him to the point of feeling hopeless and homeless...

As she leaves, it's the breaking point.
"gut boiling" and friends noting that he "looks like a ghost"
By now all of the instruments are being included, with the full sound you can feel the emotions running high and overwhelming him...
His voice is louder now too, as he screams...

Walking after her and making a drunken spectacle of himself doesn't even matter,
He just has to see her.

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