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Tori Amos – Mary Jane Lyrics 10 years ago
I like both your interpretations... the correspondences/mirroring/masquing between human behavior and 'objects/props' happens a lot in art-- and worse in the nightmare of life:)

Tori Amos – Police Me Lyrics 10 years ago
(Also liking the song has very separate stanza 'moods' (3 'voices...' [or v2.5?]) - but each could be looped infinitely (like police sirens... flashing lights... authoritative and intentionally annoying.)

R.E.M. – Wendell Gee Lyrics 10 years ago
Saturnine lyrics. Liking the tune...

R.E.M. – Good Advices Lyrics 10 years ago
Invoking loneliness. Good craftsmanship if you're into that.

R.E.M. – Auctioneer (Another Engine) Lyrics 10 years ago
Auctioning engines?> A weird thought. Juxtaposing.
Value creates money. Debt machines, I suppose.

R.E.M. – Kohoutec Lyrics 10 years ago
3 stages... I like the part about the monkey.

R.E.M. – Can't Get There From Here Lyrics 10 years ago
As Machine above so machine below...

Robyn Hitchcock – Sometimes I Wish I Was a Pretty Girl Lyrics 10 years ago
Goes beyond skin-riding into a fantasy of possessing a human for suicide? Quite popular and all irony intended I'm sure... (Yes, it's scary.) I wondered about the word choice 'wreck.' #?

Robyn Hitchcock – Glass Lyrics 10 years ago
"No one else can see your dreams..."
Hence the hissing...

Robyn Hitchcock – The Man with the Lightbulb Head Lyrics 10 years ago
He: Promethean.
She: (Wank)
He: Me too.

Robyn Hitchcock – I'm Only You Lyrics 10 years ago
Loitering spook in a nook. Nice tunes though... catch-y (if only one could macro the algorithms...)

Robyn Hitchcock – Another Bubble Lyrics 10 years ago
anthropomorphizing abstract angles accounting about air.

Nirvana – School Lyrics 10 years ago
We quit having recess about junior high. About the same time all the talk became about sex.

Elvis Costello – Watching the Detectives Lyrics 10 years ago
I wonder if there was any correspondences with the Twin Peaks series/Fire Walk with Me (made much later)... and all the distancing from empathy.

Tori Amos – Strong Black Vine Lyrics 10 years ago
Oil? Military/intelligenciaterms.
Very lustful sounding. One of those songs where she grinds her piano seat, I suppose..;>

Tori Amos – Lady in Blue Lyrics 10 years ago
Great ending.
[Nicotine/night shading towards banishment. Opposite day language in effect. Manors v. Manners.]
The swirling smoky tendrils of music at the end of the album seem beautiful to me.

Tori Amos – Mary Jane Lyrics 10 years ago
Something about keeping the feminine part of the plant separate...

Tori Amos – 500 Miles Lyrics 10 years ago
Or the opposite. "Well, since I'm going 500 miles... might as well get a little, too." A fantasy. Or 500 other interpretations (best part of Tori's music.)

Tori Amos – Abnormally Attracted to Sin Lyrics 10 years ago
Curious about the choice of instruments- between synth/abyss and sharp-live strings for different 'planes of being?' They resonate abrasively to some ears. A feminine tubular bells?

Tori Amos – That Guy Lyrics 10 years ago
The music has passion I hardly hear anymore.

Tori Amos – Police Me Lyrics 10 years ago
Perhaps the answer to the question
Lies in the question.

Buzz killers. Philosophical tricks that seem like mind control.

Tori Amos – Fire To Your Plain Lyrics 10 years ago
Sounds beautiful to me. I like the pilot/navigator references in the video. Cat fights. vs. Dog fighting.

Tori Amos – Not Dying Today Lyrics 10 years ago
The best! Anti-angst passions. A conquering song.

Robyn Hitchcock – Furry Green Atom Bowl Lyrics 10 years ago
Something about toilet humor and golf. Black bile? Promethean or Oedipal logic inversely proportionate to Dionysian Law and Order?

Robyn Hitchcock – Brenda's Iron Sledge Lyrics 10 years ago
I like the part about Reg.

Robyn Hitchcock – Wax Doll Lyrics 10 years ago
It could be about the pain of holding a fart in out of politeness. Mirrors/whales/sonar-breakers/military 'intelligence.'/Updike's witches... etc.

Robyn Hitchcock – Madonna of the Wasps Lyrics 10 years ago
Thank you squaresun. Robyn's Logorrhoea is legendary and sometimes well crafted.

Tori Amos – Sister Janet Lyrics 10 years ago
Is there some relationship between ceremonial magic and "JANET" the Area 51 transport?

Tori Amos – Marys of the Sea Lyrics 10 years ago
In Non-denominational character: "It's like in every song she's throwing a golden apple around! Why isn't anyone shutting her up?!?!?!" All kidding aside, I think this is one of Ms. Amos' most passionate songs.

Tori Amos – Secret Spell Lyrics 10 years ago
I agree.
Yet, the album seems based on Tarot.
Jumps at 3 = Empress. Tears at 13 = Death. 18(life)Wheels(10 of fortune). 'Turns' on heels at 18 (Moon) Life. Sold a dream at 23 (Illumination). Her characters are pagan archetypes so... I think she's fascinating.
Not that I should care.

Tool – Faaip de Oiad Lyrics 10 years ago
This shit happened 'whilst' I was at U.S. Navy Nuke school in the late 90's.
So many guys were getting drunk and fucking stealing credit cards, carjacking and running wild and hope-ing the world will end.
It was impossible not to interpret badly!
We were poor and raised in the cold war!
All we knew was alien!
Sounds like my E-3 voice!
Genocide is nature!
Hell is nature!
"Keep comin' back 'y'all.'
"Marvin = I hate and despise you all."
jk... kinda...hehe

Nirvana – Rape Me Lyrics 10 years ago

Nirvana – Serve the Servants Lyrics 10 years ago
'Serve the servants - oh no.
That legendary devise is such a bore.'

In the liner notes it's 'divorce' not 'devise'. If the punnery was intended (there are know accidents). So it could be about how the invisible heirarchy tries to split families up like splitting atoms or a persons mind.

The Beatles – Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) Lyrics 10 years ago
I liked that pun "Knowing she would = Norwegien Wood." It's interesting that sum forces WOOD goe for fyr rather than lightning. (misspelling intentional). Always so tricky.

Tool – The Gaping Lotus Experience Lyrics 10 years ago
Rodney Dangerfield had a joke:
"How do I my make my wife scream when I'm having sex with her?
I wipe my dick on her curtains."

The Beatles – She Came In Through the Bathroom Window Lyrics 10 years ago

People might not like that, but it's plausable. "She" was "out" but because "she's" got the Silver Spoon "she" can get back "in?" Secret policeman jokes and key changes, etc...

The Beatles – Sun King Lyrics 10 years ago
Doesn't gold tarnish/oxidize turn green in the sun, eventually? Spirit trumps Matter perhaps, i.e. eat your gold. Also this might be an homage to the beat-nik/Will Burroughs idea of cut and pasting poems together. (Rome is an Appolonian city and the language is Italian, not French but 'commoners' with high IQ's like playing mind games with 'Royalists' who don't know what country they're trying to rule.)

The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Lyrics 10 years ago
I like "My friend brenn"'s idea : "but Billy Shears = Will Shakespeare, would be a cool reference, just an idea"
It goes with the B.Illuminati ideas.
(Or as the hairdressers in the 37th stage play say):



The Beatles – Maxwell's Silver Hammer Lyrics 10 years ago
Maxwell's Demon is a 2nd Law of Themodynamics idea by James Clark Maxwell. q.v. entropy (death) never has to happen.
The Silver Hammer was USAF Nuclear launch cryptography code. (Obsolete by album release)
Joan D'Ark is Area51 code for some plane they put Vegas 'whales' on when they get "lucky."
These James Bond assholes were getting all kinds of CIA stuff for 'free' along with all that rock pussy.
"Am I kidding?"

The Beatles – When I'm Sixty-Four Lyrics 10 years ago
Numerologically Vera (as in Vera Lynn or Pynchon's novel _V._ perhaps...) is 22, Chuck 3, Dave 4. 1922 March 4 British calandar. If the trip-e-lets were bouncing about that time the 64 year old singer would have been born in 1858. In March 1858 Hyman Lipman patents a pencil with an attached eraser. (Pen mighter than sword pencil mightier than pen because of erasability! U.S.Patent 19,783) Lipman sold the patent to Joseph Rickendorfer who is a little bit related to Adolf Rickenbacker (as in the 325c64 Rickenbacker John Lennon owned. 64 again. 4001c64 and 4001c64s Rickenbackers were owned by Paul McCartney. 64's. A 12 string prototype was given to George Harrison by F.C.Hall.etc... wiki it. There are lots of 64's and Christmas 1964 events...tbc.

The Beatles – Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! Lyrics 10 years ago
Sinister sounding song, I agree. (I'm suprised no one goes on about the drug subtext.) The time changes are nice though.

The Beatles – When I'm Sixty-Four Lyrics 10 years ago
Besides the obvious (BTO?): 64 pieces on a chess board. Secret society death threats. Vera, Chuck and Dave are cryptography names used for arms and drug deals etc...

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