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August Burns Red – Indonesia Lyrics 10 years ago
Love the meaning behind the song. Matt said it in a recent interview.

Disciple – Savior Lyrics 10 years ago
Amazing Song.

Becoming the Archetype – Self Existent Lyrics 10 years ago
Amazing song, this is. I guess it would mean how this person was either literally or metaphorically at Jesus' cross as He died. Either way, this song is an amazing story of how this person came to know Jesus. All I have to say, I guess, is that this is a powerful song of testimony. I love it!

Becoming the Archetype – How Great Thou Art Lyrics 10 years ago
Well, this song is pretty self-explanitory. It's a heavy metal remake of the hymn, and dang, did they do an amazing job of it.

Buckethead – Botnus Lyrics 10 years ago
This song is so....awesome! Lemme think of a good meaning later, but I think that it's "I've got on last request before I live
Kill me somebody, Tear me limb from limb" I dunno for sure, but that's how it sounds to me.

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