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The Mars Volta – Empty Vessels Make The Loudest Sound Lyrics 10 years ago
I seems to me like it's someone who's giving up their dreams and desires because of the weight on them to do something else.

The Mars Volta – Aegis Lyrics 10 years ago
It sounds like the narrator of the song is facing down a terrible fate, and has opted for death instead. There's no way of him or her escaping whatever that fate should be, and the only option they have left is to accept whatever fate they have or die.

Also I'm pretty sure the last line of the song is "I am running away", which makes it even more poignant I guess. The person is prepared to go take one for the team, not running away from their death, but in the end they're not brave enough take the bullet.

Rush – Cygnus X-1 Book I: The Voyage Lyrics 10 years ago
I think this song was somewhat diminished by its connection with the next portion on hemispheres. Before hemispheres, it was just about someone going out on an adventure for no reason other than curiosity. He dared brave the vastness of the cosmos for the sake of adventure, to follow his dreams of discovery. With Hemispheres, we find out that he was going to find the Gods. His adventure is no longer for the sake of adventure, but is instead a desperate call for help. I don't know why, but it just seems like the song had more in it when it was just one man on a mission for himself.

Iron Maiden – The Talisman Lyrics 11 years ago
This song reminds me of "'49" by Queen lyrically and thematically.

Iron Maiden – These Colours Don't Run Lyrics 11 years ago
Such an epic song! The chorus is so powerful that I don't mind hearing it over and over again. I think it's about how soldiers go to war seeking glory or fortune or for the romantic sentiments attached to it, and although they find out once they are shipped off that it isn't so easy, they still stand their ground, and never retreat.

Iron Maiden – Remember Tomorrow Lyrics 11 years ago
The unmistakable Tolkien references do make sense, as Tolkien was influenced by his time in the first world war. Although Diano was writing about the second world war, I think the references still coincide.

Rush – The Fountain Of Lamneth Lyrics 11 years ago
The opening and closing lines are some of my favourite lyrics from any song ever.

Rush – The Necromancer Lyrics 11 years ago
There's one part of the guitar solo before act 3 that sounds like Child In Time by Deep Purple.

All in all, it is a ridiculously powerful piece of music. It definitely showcases Lifeson above everyone else, making everyone know his glorious and terrible power.

Iron Maiden – Blood Brothers Lyrics 11 years ago
When they did this in concert this summer, I was with my three best friends. I had never heard the song before, so when the chorus hit, I was completely overwhelmed; me and my buddies are blood brothers. Though I recognise that it's about Steve Harris' dad, it strikes me personally as a reminder that, although the world's going to hell in a handbasket, good friends will be there for you no matter what. It was also cool that in that concert they dedicated the song to Dio.

Tenacious D – Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown) Lyrics 11 years ago
In the movie, JB says "let's fight his music with our music." On the CD, he says "Bring the Thunder!"

Both are awesome.

David Bowie – Rock 'n' Roll Suicide Lyrics 11 years ago
Guys, this isn't about Ziggy. This song is kind of a shoutout to anyone who's down. The first verses describe an apathetic, nihilistic person who believes he or she has reached the end of their rope. Bowie's trying to say that they haven't, that people care about them. It's as much about the prevention of suicide than anything.

Radiohead – True Love Waits Lyrics 11 years ago
It's obviously about a guy trying to get someone to stay with them, trying to convince her that he'll do whatever it takes, trying to convince her that their love doesn't have to be some expensive and glamourous affair, but that it just has to be.

Pink Floyd – Echoes Lyrics 11 years ago
This song seems to me to talk of intuition, or choices made without thought. The first verse speaks of how life first found its way onto land, not because of conscious choice, but because of a subconscious intuition.

The next verse tries to examine a world where we are not burdened by the conscious thought and mind, as two strangers meet in a passing glance. In regular circumstances, the glance would be momentary, but in this world, the two strangers are not forced apart by their conscious mind which tells them to avert their eyes, but are allowed to gaze at eachother and discover themselves.

In the final verse a person awakes in the morning. It is my thought that the narrator has been dreaming for the whole song, dreaming of this subconscious crawl towards the land, and of an existence in which he or she can open himself to a complete stranger without the conscious mind getting in the way. So, awakening to the bright rays of dawn (A million bright ambassadors of morning - amazing metaphor) the narrato embraces the subconscious and calls to this other person from his dream through the collective unconscious.

This is by far my favourite song ever made, and if I could only listen to one song `til my dying day, it would have to be echoes. no other song even comes close to this in emotional power and intensity while still being so relaxing and calm at times.

Iron Maiden – The Wicker Man Lyrics 11 years ago
The whole thing seems to be about making your own way through the world, regardless of what anyone tells you. The person the song is about seems to have died, but he won't conform to the normal 'pay the ferryman' gig. In doing so he becomes a man beyond time and death.

What I think the song is saying is that we'll all have moments inwhich we will have the choice to what everyone else does, or do what we decide. That is why the chorus says you're time will come. The question is, what will you do when your time for greatness comes? Will you follow the pack, or will you follow yourself?

Metric – Front Row Lyrics 11 years ago
Spitting on the front row
Chronic confrontation

Sounds like Roger Waters!

Pink Floyd – Jugband Blues Lyrics 12 years ago
True to your name, aren't you?

Radiohead – On the Beach Lyrics 12 years ago
I think it's more about someone who has gone past the crowning moments of his life, and everything he's ever done is slipping away from him.

Rush – Subdivisions Lyrics 12 years ago
Yeah, seriously. Why don`t we all just live on farms in the country as nature intended? Or why not just create a utopian society where everyone is exceptional and no one is left out? Why don't we just quit this overrated 'living together' phenomenon and abolish currency? That way, everyone will be happy.

Iron Maiden – Rime of the Ancient Mariner Lyrics 12 years ago
Although this may be a really really stupid question, is this the whole of the poem, or did Miaden shave off a bit of it?

Iron Maiden – The Wicker Man Lyrics 12 years ago
It seems to me like the song is about a guy sticking to the man, the man being in this case Death itself. The first verse is evident; The piper at the gates of dawn (I'm thinking either an angel or devil or Syd Barret) is calling the guy to paradise. There he will see time and space flash by in an instant, watching things revive and be destroyed endlessly. And then comes the refrain: your time wll come. Basically, the guy is being told that he too will eventually be destroyed and renewed. But then in the next verse, this guy shows us that he'll have none of this destroyed tripe. He shafts the boatman on the Styx (the guy who's supposed to bring him across the the river into oblivion and the afterlife) and decides to make his own way, come to the place on his own time. But then the chorus comes back: your time will come.

Jet – Timothy Lyrics 12 years ago
I know that the song is definitely about the guitarist's brother who died as a baby, but when i first heard the song it struck me in a diferent way:

I always thought that it was some guy who married his friend's girlfriend after the friend died in a war. The narrator took his friend's place in the world beyond the war, and believes his friend wasn't thinking when he joined the army and that he wasted his life.

Now, the narrator is feeling regret for having taken over that space in society.

Of course, now that I've heard the actual meaning, it makes alot more sense than mine.

Nine Inch Nails – In This Twilight Lyrics 12 years ago
I like what everyone was going on about with the last day on earth and the nuke thing, but I think everyone's failing right after that.

Everyone assumes that the narrator actually accepts what he's saying. I think he's giving false hope to someone else.

I'd say otherwise if it weren't for the defeating sound of the song. By this I mean the way the music just slowly and sadly breathes along.

Led Zeppelin – Going to California Lyrics 12 years ago
Sorry to tell you this guys, but LOTR is pretty damn good.

However, tps12 obviously has little to no knowledge of what happens in these books.

Bobby Darin – Beyond the Sea Lyrics 12 years ago
I don't know, it seems like a depressing song.

It's a guy who will give up everything for his woman, even his love for the sea.

The guy sacrifices his happiest pass-time for love.

Poor guy...

Them Crooked Vultures – Bandoliers Lyrics 12 years ago
This sounds so awesome

When I first heard it, all I thought about was a bank robbery.

I thought it was kind of like a couple go in to rob a bank or some kidnapping crime, but one of them backs out when the other gets over zealous.

The one who backed out still loves her even though he's staring down the barrel of a revolver. I thought it was just that guy saying, "I can't go through with this. I'm out. You want to pull a gun on me? Fine. Go ahead. I won't try to fight you; I love you too much for that."

At this point, a classic movie point, the enraged person is stuck threatening someone who will not threaten them back, making the kill a lot harder. And no matter how much she clicks the gun or pushes it further in the guy's face, she can't make the guy draw his gun on her.

However, we're left with an open ending, so what happened to the guy is up to the interpreter.

Personally, I think the guy gets his head blown out, and turns the whole thing into a murder suicide, but that's my imagination getting the better of me...

Radiohead – A Punchup at a Wedding (No No No No No No No No) Lyrics 12 years ago
I think this is kind of a train of thought continuing from I will. The guy, who has now decided to rebel or resist, is speaking against the opportunism of the agressing state, saying that they're calling the kettle black, among other things. But the general populace of both societies are not hearing any of this.

Radiohead – I Will. (No Man's Land.) Lyrics 12 years ago
This is kind of like an average person's credo when his country is invaded. I'm thinking places like Iraq and Afgahnistan, but I'm not sure that this was supposed to be anti-america or not. Anyways, an average joe must rise up against foreign invaders, probably powerful capatalist ones. By fighting them off, he's trying to make sure his children will live in a world without threat of war.

Radiohead – Myxomatosis. (Judge, Jury, & Executioner.) Lyrics 12 years ago
This kind of seems to be a continuation of I will...

What I mean is that I think between I will and scatterbrain (I'm not sure about Punchup at a wedding) their is a story going on.

This part is talking about, I think, the debauchery that goes on in war.

It's about a guy in an occupied country (I was thinking Middle-Eastern but I'm not sure) who catches some soldiers talking about all the horrible stuff they've done in an uncaring fashion. He's hiding in a cupboard, and gets all this on film. He then sends it straight away to the press. It does not suit the press at this time, however, to have such a story published, so they scrap the recording and mess it up, ruining the one guy's plans. He's so shocked at the callous way that such an important story was simply scrapped, he believes he's going crazy. He becomes completely brainwashed to accept the foreign soldiers as they are represented by the press.

Radiohead – Scatterbrain. (As Dead as Leaves.) Lyrics 12 years ago
I think this song runs kind of in the vein of 'I will', in that it's kind of talking about taking up arms against foreign oppressors. In 'I will', the parent is taking matters into his own hands, dealing with the oppression. Scatterbrain seems to be through the eyes of a child, innocent sounding. It compares a war-torn village/country to a hurricane. As yesterday's rebels are scatterbrained (either dead or shell-shocked or something) it is time for the child to take up arms, light the fuse, fight the war.

Radiohead – Scatterbrain. (As Dead as Leaves.) Lyrics 12 years ago

Radiohead – Banana Co. Lyrics 12 years ago
I was thinking somewhere along the lines of consumerism, in which Banana Co. stands for the consumerism that we have today.

Everyone is sucked into this and loves it, needs it.

but there's a glimmer of hope, as we know that itisn't really what we want, how ever much we'd love to believe it.

All these truths have been buried by the companies, but to regain some kind of release from the consumerism, we've got to dig up the truth: we don't need all this material crap.

The next verse brings us a true brain-wash-ee. This girl says she'd love to join in with the tearing down of consumerism and all, but she is dependant on this consumerism: she must conform to everyone else.
And so once again, we've got to dig for the truth we need.

But it seems as though she's convinced us. Our 'rebellion' against consumerism has burned down. We've got to put out the fire and get back on track, but if everything is burning down, than it's a bit too late to salvage.
But why salvage when you can just go to banana co. to solve all your materialistic needs?

End of song.
End of interpretation.

Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton – Our Hell Lyrics 12 years ago
Anybody read 1984?

Check it out and think about this song while you do. It's awesome.

Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton – Winning Lyrics 12 years ago
I think everyone has a good take on this, but here's something I thought about.

I thought it was about the society 'accepting' a new member, who ends up being just like everyone else, which is what the society wants. It talks about how the new member has something missing in his life, and society says "Oh, we can fix that. Just give us your soul and you can be on your merry way." The new member joins society and has the personality, the heart, ripped out of hime and becomes another wolf in the pack. The knives that don't have your back are the other outcasys out there, the lone wolves who stand out and are always being weapons against the society. But society is triumphant in breaking the newcomers' soul and a happy story makes its end right there.

Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton – Doctor Blind Lyrics 12 years ago
I think the song's about a) our over-dependancy on doctors to solve emotional problems that they can't solve, and b) society's constant need for a quick-fix, from Tylenol to coffee.

Rush – Subdivisions Lyrics 12 years ago
It's kind of funny how everyone is coming up and saying how awesome they are on the inside for sticking to their guns and not following the social trends. Everyone's acting like they're some super-heroes or something. While you guys are blowing your own horns, you seem to be missing the greatest irony.

If you guys are all loving each other for triumphs against the monotony of and conformity of society, you fail to realsise that you're subdividing too. You guys are playing right into conformity's hands! By combining over this rush song (it's an awesome song, I'll admit, and I'm not trying to bring them down at all) you guys are creating this 'clique' of 'society survivors'.

Let's face it. It's human nature to conform; we can't stop doing it. It's physically impossible to bash society on forums like this, because you get all these people who agree with you and create the same kind of conformity you've supposedly broken away from.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that there's no need to act all heroic when you say, "I was in a place once where everyone was conforming, but I broke away and suffered because of it", because chances are you'll get a whole bunch of people who'll join this anti-societal society to blow their own horns and make a symphony of arrogance.

C'mon guys! Pull your heads out of the clouds and stop thinking you're so much better than everyone else for being an outcast!

All of that aside, Subdivisions is an awesome song, and rush is one of the only bands I'll actually listen to with synths in it. Lifeson is far too underated as it is, but I think his solo for Limelight is alot better than this one. But you can tell that they've lost some steam since the ridiculous days of 2112, when Getty sang higher than most women, and Lifeson could out-metal Lamb of God with their solos.

Metric – Blindness Lyrics 12 years ago
I think that the narrator of the song is someone defending a group of people and asking for reinforcements. The narrator calls out in the first stanza for some backup. She's been giving the people she's defending false hope, "blind-folding" them from the inevitable defeat that awaits them without backup. She used to be sure of herself (I was the one with the world at my feet) butnow has nothing but grim determination.
The plea from the narrator comes in more desperately in the next stanza, asking not for reinforcements, but for some kind of escape. Once again, she never has any qualms about giving the survivors false hope (tell the survivors help is on the way...I was a blindfold, never complained), and once again, she stands resolute in the face of defeat(got us a battle, leave it up to me)
In this stanza we find out the defender's true feelings. They (maybe the people to whom she's calling for assistance) forced her to take this hopeless cause. She wants to get out of there, but she cannot abandon the survivors, her moral obligation to those people is too much to abandon.
In the final stanza, the defender's grim resolution returns as she prepares to fight for those survivors.

This song kind of reminds me a bit of Helm's Deep, except it seems to be more of a modern kind of song. But the feeling of hopelessness kind of seeps through the music.
At any rate, it's an awesome song, one of my favorite Metric ones.

Metric – Blindness Lyrics 12 years ago
Thank God for Wheel of Time

Iron Maiden – Flight Of Icarus Lyrics 12 years ago
I think that there was an alternate meaning to the song, even though it alludes to the myth.

I'm just tied up with the line: In the name of God my father I fly.

This seems to say that the father is not daedalus but God himself.

This may also mean that Icarus stands for all mankind, endlessly reaching for something more (the sun) but always cut short by a mad and treacherous god.

I think that's what it means, kind of like a Tower of Babel scenario.

Metric – Patriarch on a Vespa Lyrics 13 years ago
I think that the entire CD is about a girl who seems to get the worst out of life.

The girl is ridiculing societies' stereotypes of a perfect person who does everything the media says to do. She is trying desperately to prove to the guy that she loves that she doesn't need to be that kind of person to allow them to have a relationship.

But tradgedy strikes as her patriarch, the on who could pull her out of her misery, is creamed by a truck.

Metric – Monster Hospital Lyrics 13 years ago
I think that the entire CD is about a girl who seems to get the worst out of life.

The girl's mind is torn apart by her love's lack of recognition, and is losing her mind. She's finds that her life is a war, and that no matter how hard she fights this war, life continues to bring her down. Her rebelliousness (personified by Bobby Fuller) is being quelled by societies' conformity, and its stereotypes (Daddy Warbucks), particularily that prostitutes are the lowest and dirtiest people of society.

Metric – Poster of a Girl Lyrics 13 years ago
I think that the entire CD is about a girl who seems to get the worst out of life.

The girl is finding it hard to keep being a prostitute(portrait of a girl), because she has finally felt authentic love, and cannot get back into the groove of regular work. Thinking herself a pro at sex, she avoids the unlearned losers who call on her, waiting for the guy she loves to come back to her.

Metric – Too Little Too Late Lyrics 13 years ago
I think that the entire CD is about a girl who seems to get the worst out of life.

I think that this is the one ray of sunshine this girl recieves. This guy comes into her life, at first just being another job, but she actually feels a connection to him, like something just clicked. She wants to be with him again and again, but he does not feel comfortable being with a prostitute, despite her pleas to him , telling her that what she feels for him is authentic (tie my right hand to the bible: she swears adamantly that she is in love with him).

Metric – Handshakes Lyrics 13 years ago
I think that the entire CD is about a girl who seems to get the worst out of life.

This song is describing this girl's prostitution job. She wants to get in to make some money, but wants to get out because it's not a real life. Unfortunately, she has no chance to get out because she always needs more money to sustain herself, and so she is caught in the trap of a dead-end job.

Metric – Glass Ceiling Lyrics 13 years ago
I think that live it out is about a the life of a girl who seems to get the worst of life.

If you read my interperetation of Empty, then you know that the girl has left her controlling parents.
The story moves on.
The girl has broken free from her parents and shattered the glass ceiling of her childhood(This meaning that the the rules put upon her, although blocking her from the world around her, were not as oppressive as she thought, and were just your regular rules). there's just one problem: the girl has lived so long under the oppressive rule of her parents that she doesn't know what to do with her new-found freedom. She keeps on waiting for someone to save her from her predicament, but no one's coming to save her. Unemployed and on the street, she resorts to the only road open: prostitution.

Metric – Empty Lyrics 13 years ago
I thought this entire CD was kind of the story of girl who ends up making mistakes and falling on her face every time.
This song kind of gives us insight on the girl.
The first stanza is talking about how she is being pushed to be what her family wants her to be. She sees no way out but to give in to their wishes; however, here pride will not let her.
The second stanza tells us how regulated this family is. And where people are so regulated, they sometimes do not see what damage they're doing to their girl, and they don't see her rebellious nature coming.
(Break Down...)
The 'shake your head it's empty' part is the girl calling here parents unimaginitve and is ridiculing there forcefullness. She is happy that she is not one of them, not cold and calculated, an island of emotion in a world of unrelenting anonimity.
The last stanza is about the girl, who has run away from home to try and become something better. By coughing out her heart, this meaning breking away from her family, she doesn't miss them anymore. however, the falsetto part at the end seems like crying, as though she's trying to put on a brave face but can't deny here need for the protection offered by her parents, as stifling as it may have been.

Metric – Live It Out Lyrics 13 years ago
I thought it was about someone who wanted to see the world and share her life with a guy, but then the guy gets killed and she can't do it alone. I think it ties into the last line of Patriarch on a Vespa, in which he is crushed beneath the tires.

Tenacious D – City Hall Lyrics 13 years ago
If you really wanted to, you could stretch out some other meanings...
Like actual, real meanings...
If you were so inclined, you could say that the D was criticising all of those people who always talk about revolution and riots, but don't really know what to do after that.
He's coming up with all these random and unnecesary laws that aren't realistic, and in the end, they both poison eachother, and we see that we need this kind of orfanised society, otherwise people don't really know what to do.

But that's only if you really want to stretch it.

And it's definitely not what the D intended.

Anyways, it's an awesome song.

Radiohead – Everything in Its Right Place Lyrics 13 years ago
For me this song is about someone accepting some miserable circumstances of life.

Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon refers to making a grimiace when you taste something bitter and sour. The person has a taste of life and finds that it's not to his liking.

The two colors represent like white and black, right and wrong. The person has their own distinction between right and wrong, with no grey areas. He knows this so clearly and distinctly what is right and what is wrong that he cannot hear anyone elses opinion (what was that you tried to say?)

Therefore, although he/she does not like the life he/she leads, he/she feels he/she knows what is right and what is wrong and so EVERYTHING'S IN ITS RIGHT PLACE.

Queens of the Stone Age – Mosquito Song Lyrics 13 years ago
I think it's talking about the futility of trying to live a good life. Despite all you may try to do, this world sucks you dry and tears you to pieces. And at the end of it all, you succeed only in feeding the tre worms and the trees. This is by far one of the most hopeless songs I've ever heard. The fact that they add eat you alive is particularily chilling because this I think means that the world tears you apart psycologically before you die and are decomposed.

This song is flawless.

Try listening to the themesong for tristram from the first diablo game after this one. It's really cool.

Pink Floyd – Bike Lyrics 13 years ago
Sorry, this isn't really replying at all(the damn site changed and now I don't know how to write anything without replying to someone's thing)

Surprisingly enough, I see a meaning to this awesome song.

The narrator of the song is offering his girlfriend all these material possesions that he has. These usually have a drawback to them (I'd give it to you if I could, But I borrowed it.).

The whimsical nature of the song notes the childishness of believing that you can make someone love you because of your material possesions.

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