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Opeth – By the Pain I See In Others Lyrics 12 years ago
I actually dont see any sex in this... and nothing about god or whatever.
In my opinion this is about a demonic posession or the fight for sanity. It is about a man who is ruled by his dark deeds and his inner demon who took control of him. At first he fights him but then finally accepts his fate and agrees to it. He himself feels superior about the other humans around him. The most important thing in this song is the difference in the two or three voices that are used. But I'll point that out:

The Inner Demon:
"Let me taste
Let me feel
I need to know what you keep inside
No need to speak
Just let it be
Carry out this wish for me let nothing interfere "
-He gives the orders and commands the guy to do as he says with no interferance. He knows all the inner deeds and wishes of the guy and represents all the bad things that we keep in mind that eventuall consume us.

The Guy:
"Rise to submission
I'm still beneath in the soil "
-He fights for sanity, clinging to the false believe that this inner demon is no part of him. He says, that it is still him who is doing all the things and that he is not commanded by the demon.

The Inner Demon:
"Discard your clothes
Let loose you hair
We're intertwined forever and have always been"
-Discarding the clothes means to reveal what the guy has beneath the sings you see from the outside. He orders the man to look at himself and take away all that hides his dark wishes and needs. The demon says that they - the guy and the demon - are one and the same person, just parts of his personality that he kept hidden.
"Say the word
And I'll depart
Upon your lips dwells nothing but the meaning of my cause "
-The demon says that he will leave if the guy wishes to, only to show him that the man actually does not want the demon to go away. With everything the man says he confirms the claims of the demon, that both are the same person.

The Inner Demon:
"And so comes the dark
Vibrant as ever before
Flowers already withered
In this endless winter of souls "
-The man has accepted his fate, his dark sides and seems to welcome him. For him and his sanity, or his humanity, the endless winter of souls has come to consume the warmth. "Vibrant as ever before" actually says that he, the demon, has always been there and will always be.

The Man:
"Outside in the park
The days move along
And nothing ever changes
They have nothing on us
And we've always knew
That nothing ever changes "
-The man who has now accepted his fate walks around and watches the other humans, looking down on them. Everything is as it should be, as it always has been

The Man and the demon:
"Rise to submission
I'm still beneath in the soil
This is ours alone
Feeding of the warmth
Lured out from inside
Depending on the life blood"
-Despite his knowledge he still clings to the believe that it is actually him which is, if you dont count the splitted personality, indeed true. Still the demon commands him to spill blood - see it metaphorically if you want to - because that's exactly what they both need. This dark deeds then have lured the demon out from the inside.

The rest explains itself I think...
The song and the album is actually not about a serial killer but about the crack in human minds. It is about dark deeds and splitted personalities, about all the failure in men which is already pointed out in Blackwater Park and then is continued in Ghost Reveries. Akerfeldt himself said in the end of an interview, that he always wanted to do something about demonic possession and how this refers to the personality of men, just like he explained in this song.
The key to the song is in my opinion the changes of voices that stand for the man and his demon. The part with the clean vocals represents the unity between those two faction and how he has accepted his inner demon.
This interpretation goes very well with the titel of the song, at least in my opinion...

Over all I really love the song if you dont count the inversed part in the end of it.

Opeth – In Mist She Was Standing Lyrics 12 years ago
I dont think that Opeth would write or sing about someone who fucks a corpse...

It's rather about a guy who lost his love some time ago (not sure how long ago it is actually) and is now travelling while thinking of her. I'll quote some stuff to show what i mean;

"Seven milestones...
Under a watching autumn eye
Contorted trees are spreading forth"
-After the death of his beloved girl everything seems twisted and wrong and he's following a path that is actually leading nowhere. The "Seven milestones" somehow reminds me of heroin and what people say about "chasing the dragon perpetually". It could be kind of the same...

"With frozen hands I rode with the stars

With anger the wind blew
Giving wings to my stallion
Clouds gathered across the moon
Blazing the white light"
-He is twisted in the inside aswell. On one side everything on the inside of him has died, his heart and everything is frozen. On the other hand he is filled with hopeless rage that is veiling his mind, like the clouds do with the moon.

"Passing the lake I know so well
I am near, yet so far away"
-He can't stop thinking of her and though she is close to him in his minds she is in fact very far away, as far away as anyone can be => death

I saw her shadow (standing) in the darkness
Awaiting me like the night
Awaits the day
Standing silent smiling at my presence
A black candle holds the only light"
-He is thinking back of the time when she died. Though I'm a bit confused why he wrote "standing" - maybe lying in a coffin can be count as standing - I'm sure that he is watching her dead body, maybe at the funeral or right the moment after she died. It is actually the "silent smiling at my presence"-part that leads me to this since the dead always seem to smile, peaceful as they are in death. The black candle is the only light - you can see this metaphorically - that shines in this moment for him cause she, his beloved girl, is dead.

"Darkness encloses
And the candle seem to expire
In her cold, cold hand
And as a forlorn soul
It will fade away"
-Not even the candle can now enlight him and the last human parts of him die. The candle is representive for him in this case, who fades away in the presence of her dead body. He actually is the forlorn soul who has lost everything

"Touching her flesh in this night
My blood froze forever
Embraced before the dawn
A kiss brought total eclipse"
-He touches her for a last time, giving her a kiss and a tender embrace. In my opinion the is actually nothing in it that leads to the point of sex. Instead this last kiss brough total eclipse over his life, veiling the last light that might have been there until then.

"And she spoke
Once and forever
I am so cold
In mist enrobed the twilight
She was standing... "
-Thinking of her last words gives him shivers and lets his heart freeze. And still he is aware of her presence, still so close but yet far away. Her presence is following his path like his shadow.

At all I must agree that this song actually says nothing. But it is full of beautiful emotions that are carried through the whole song. Ands it's full of the same sadness that you can find in later pieces like the ones from My Arms Your Hearse.

Opeth – Deliverance Lyrics 12 years ago
I think Ddadutta is quite right about the guy who kills someone else driven by the insanity given by Satan without even knowing what he was doing. But i have to disagree in the fact that the guy is a killer. He rather is as normal as we are and he never really intended to kill her. Her? Yep, I have to agree with jonas87 on that point. The "from nothing to a life code" is taken from his point of view so you can say that his girl got pregnant without having sex with him. Therefore he thinks that she had with someone else. This fact drove him into his insanity.

Anyway, to me it's one of the best songs ever written by Opeth. So sad and yet so powerful with an incredible instrumental part at the end. I never thought that they could play the song live as good as they did in the album version but I was mistaken. Live it's even more breathtaking...

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