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Los Campesinos! – Sweet Dreams Sweet Cheeks Lyrics 10 years ago
The, "We've paid off the judges and we're taking advantage, pleading our defence in binary and smiley apology montage. Like dignity is equal to desperation and self-effacement. We're holding on to our own grandeur with careful compliment placement" part, I think is in the background and it is the girl singing it. You kind of have to listen closely as the only word I can really make out is "montage."

Dr. Dog – Hang On Lyrics 10 years ago
Agreed. (With Murphchasm)

Dr. Dog – Worst Trip Lyrics 10 years ago
Me neither, lol.

Dr. Dog – My Old Ways Lyrics 10 years ago
I agree with artslut on this one; after a long time spent decrypting and decoding these riddled and metaphorical lyrics, I have come to the conclusion that he doesn't want to go back.

Stars – Take Me to the Riot Lyrics 10 years ago
I haven't read all of the comments but I'm sort of torn between thinking it is about prostitution or just associating yourself with an ex-lover.
The prostitution theory fits with the line "I love when you tell me not to speak"
As in the guy just wants her to shut up and get on with the task, but she is fooling herself into believing that there is something more than just a client relationship. Also with the "I serve them" and telling lies.

Meh. I'm writing this from my iPod so I don't lose my train of thought but that's my take.

Windmill – Plastic Pre Flight Seats Lyrics 10 years ago
Yes.. it is amazing. But what is it about?

Athlete – Le Casio Lyrics 10 years ago
Really this song's meaning is somewhat clear.
The narrator regrets doing something, and just wants to get away from everything to clear his head, no?

Stars Hide Fire – An Eye for an Eye Lyrics 10 years ago
No comments. This is one of my favourite songs, because really,
How common is it to regret going out with someone or something of that nature?

The lyrics are a little off though

Volunteer Pioneer – Separate Planes Lyrics 10 years ago
I know there are some errors, I was just writing it by ear.
So, lemme know!

The Fastest Kid Alive – Singin' Along Lyrics 10 years ago
Thanks, haha.

The Fastest Kid Alive – Dance With A Match Lyrics 10 years ago
Thanks - lol I wasn't sure, I was just writing it by ear.

Pop Unknown – Head In The Sand Lyrics 10 years ago
Hi I hate you :(

Electric President – Lullaby Lyrics 10 years ago

Frightened Rabbit – Backwards Walk Lyrics 10 years ago
Where do I find this song? :( I have fallen in love with solely the lyrics and I must end this infatuation frustration!

Frightened Rabbit – Poke Lyrics 10 years ago
This is my favourite song of theirs.

Miniature Tigers – Last Night's Fake Blood Lyrics 10 years ago
Mixologies is dumb anyways......... and you won't find it online! >:)

Miniature Tigers – Annie Oakley Lyrics 10 years ago
hands down, pilgrim?

The Terrordactyls – Fall Lyrics 10 years ago
Favourite song, it sounds so happy

Bishop Allen – Middle Management Lyrics 10 years ago
This song is really catchy, lol.

Miniature Tigers – The Wolf Lyrics 10 years ago
I was wondering what Lothario was. Thanks. :)

Vampire Weekend – Ottoman Lyrics 10 years ago
Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, for the win!

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