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Bon Iver – Roslyn Lyrics 8 years ago
You realise it wasn't written for Twilight right? ;)

Bon Iver – Roslyn Lyrics 8 years ago
It doesn't half make me sad when artists as mesmerising as Bon Iver and St. Vincent get caught up with literary dribble like Twilight. I guess you should look at the soundtrack as a separately entity from the film as, let's face it, it's incredible.

A fantastic song, isolation is such an awful feeling and I think this captures it with such heart. Totally mellows my mood.

Owl City – Fireflies Lyrics 9 years ago
Nice catchy song but the lyrics are borderline dreadful. Unless he's high they make very little sense as a whole.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Young Adult Friction Lyrics 9 years ago
I love this song so much. Reminds me of that special someone.

"in your worn sweatshirt
and your mothers old skirt
its enough to turn my studies down"

Love all the library related play on words as well, so clever. :)

Lily Allen – Fuck You Lyrics 9 years ago
I immediately thought of the BNP when I heard these lyrics, simple lyrics but pretty much sums up the whole UK attitude towards the racist wankers. Good job Lily!

Apparently it was originalyl written about the BNP but decided the song could be relevant to anything. Remember, go green and hate hate!

Operator Please – Other Song Lyrics 10 years ago
This song reminds me about myself, def. my favourite on the album. I love "My eyes into the light,
You blind yourself so logic disappears". I usually find the songs that are more unquestionabley interpretated are easiest to relate to.

Amanda Palmer – Astronaut: A Short History of Nearly Nothing Lyrics 10 years ago
I love this explanation, it's pretty much what I interpretated it as, only one of the many meaning the song could have. I was just wondering if

"but you are, my love, the astronaut
flying in the face of science
i will gladly stay an afterthought
just bring back some nice reminders"

would rather mean that the narrator is proud of her 'astronaut' but she would enjoy some attention rather than be ignored for the 'astronaut's' studies.
What are your thoughts?

Amanda Palmer – Astronaut: A Short History of Nearly Nothing Lyrics 10 years ago
Hahaha. I totally see where you're coming from.

Rose silently loving and admiring the doctor but the Doctor just not, openly, feeling the same way and just treats her as a mate. Roses longing for the Doctor so works!

Geek ftw.

Amanda Palmer – Blake Says Lyrics 10 years ago
I love how every single song of Amanda's generates so many different interpratations. I've known my mate since he was little and this song seems to fit him in so many details.

"He breaks their hearts
By saying it's not permanent"
He's done this numerous times, he's a handsome guy but when he gets into a relationship he always acts so casual about it because he understands it's not the makings of a life long relationship, and make that apparent with whoever he's dating, always upsetting them but he doesn't understand why.

"Blake makes friends but only for a minute
He prefers the things he orders from the internet"
He loses his friends really quite often by saying careless things that most people take as being rude but he's really just saying things as they are and not meaning any harm.

"He takes his pills
But never takes his medicine"
He refuses to take any medicine apart from his anti-depresents for some reason not even I understand.

"Blake says he is sorry he got through to me
If it's ok he'll call right back and talk to the machine "
This really got me, my friend always leaves me messages on msn when I'm offline and rings me when I know I'm in class when he wants to discuss something to he can gather his thoughts on my answer machine, he finds it hard to cope with someone talking quickly on the phone because he can't read peoples tone of voice.

Finally "We'll all go to Alaska when we die"
My mate comes from quite a religeous Christian family and he can't believe that there is anything outside Scientific fact.

I know I've got into a lot of detail but this song really got to me. My mate is the onlu person I know with quite a serious case of Autism, I was wondering if this is around the same lines you were thinking of?

Amanda Palmer – Strength Through Music Lyrics 10 years ago
I saw her play this last night. One of the members of the Danger Ensemble read out the names of the victims from Virginia Tech. The guy was proper breaking up, I couldn't have read it.

This song is so powerful, even with so few words. We live in a messed up world.

Amanda Palmer – Blake Says Lyrics 10 years ago
This song reminds me my mate who suffers from autism, he's always scepitcal of his parent's love for him and always tell things as they are, sometimes losing him friends and stuff.

However, does anyone think the line, "Blake thinks angels grow when you plant angel dust" could reference William Blake at all? William Blake always said he saw angels all through his life.

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