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Bad Religion – Against the Grain Lyrics 11 years ago
You need all that the other has, it's your right to seize the day
But in all your acquisitions you will soon be swept away

We are being drilled in consuming so that the economy will roll on and on, and people will compete in a series of "that, a lawnmower? look at mine!" And this mindset and way of living will mean that the bubble will burst and the rug pulled from under us (see wall street today and the 700G Bush plan)

It sings 'leave your cares behind you, just grab tenaciously,'
This lulling sense of purpose will destroy us rapidly

Don't worry bout a thing, just follow us and live your life the we say with blind confidence and have faith and never let go of your patriotism, we are right.

Some paragraphs could refer to the environment and how free enterprise and blind consumption will lead to its destruction, when nature will take back its place with great vengeance;ie natural disasters. Still actual after 20 years.

Bad Religion – Adam's Atoms Lyrics 11 years ago
This song is about Adam Smith (Graffin says so on New Maps Deluxe), "Father of modern economics" and a Darwin inspiration. He was believed to be a Deist, someone who believes in a higher being as a creator, but not that it intervenes in natural causes of nature or events nor affects humankind.

It may refer to Smith's being part of the Scottish Enlightenment that led to the first major current of atheism and deism that can be pined in history, and how it left an imprint in today's theories.

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