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Built to Spill – Untrustable/Pt. 2 (About Someone Else) Lyrics 4 years ago
This is how I hear these lines:

"When you feel the darkness shining through
What are you gonna do?"

"When" instead of "Can" makes a huge difference here. I see this song about someone who does not believe in a god and is talking in a realistic (and possibly sarcastic) manner to someone who believes. So, at the end of the song he's asking this person: "when your life is ending, and you see that there is no light to come to take you away to the afterlife, there is only the darkness of the void... what are you going to do?"

Mineral – Rubber Legs Lyrics 4 years ago
Nope, Matthew is his brother.

Sun Kil Moon – I Can't Live Without My Mother's Love Lyrics 4 years ago
"I can live with growing old alone..."
"...I'll break down and BAWL"
"...My mother providing her LIGHT"

Minus the Bear – Animal Backwards Lyrics 5 years ago
Nah man, I'm definitely with you on that. Especially the newest, Infinity Overhead.

The Gloria Record – I Was Born in Omaha Lyrics 5 years ago
The word should be "cord", not "chord". It's a newborn baby who is just flailing its arms and hands around, it would be tugging at the umbilical cord.

The first TGR song I ever heard, simply gorgeous.

The Silver Jews – My Pillow Is the Threshold Lyrics 5 years ago
To me, this song is about someone who has died and left the narrator behind in life. The only way they can be reunited is in sleep, in dreams. At the end, it seems as if the narrator may commit suicide to join the other person in the afterlife: "now the next move's up to me". They lay their head down on the pillow once again, this time for good, hoping to see the lost person again.

Future Islands – Vireo's Eyes Lyrics 6 years ago
"In spite of all the rose's thorns, and hopeless words, these hopeless words"

Only change I would make, along with correcting the misspelling of "daisies". Just an utterly amazing song.

Arab Strap – Amor Veneris Lyrics 7 years ago
Aidan was lying or joking. "Amor Veneris" means the love/sweetness of Venus, which is what an Italian lecturer in the 1500s called the clitoris.

Aloha – all the wars Lyrics 7 years ago
"thanks to a strange chain of events that started with the death of ever saying yes"

Elvis? Really?

Eagle Seagull – Last Song Lyrics 7 years ago
this is so painful to listen to, so emotional

Gregor Samsa – Young and Old Lyrics 7 years ago
I'm pretty sure they say:

"remember days when we were so young and blue"

Maybe not both times, but definitely the second.

Gregor Samsa – Lessening Lyrics 7 years ago
"Holds my hands out
Cuts at the wrists"

Love this song.

Fireside – The Last V8 Lyrics 7 years ago
All the "hole" should be "whole", but yeah, this song rules.

Fireside – Not In My Palace Lyrics 7 years ago
This song specifically might be their best. So amazing.

Efterklang – Antitech Lyrics 7 years ago
This is what I hear:

"Now it feels like my body is allowed to react
When someone upstanding tells it to act"

Efterklang – Swarming Lyrics 7 years ago
I have always heard it as "Such a sweet and painful sound"

You can definitely hear it clearer when they're singing it toward the end.

Gregor Samsa – Rendered Yards Lyrics 9 years ago
I read it as more of a deceased friend or family member.

Hum – Suicide Machine Lyrics 9 years ago
Oh really. I'd love to see some proof.

Hum – The Scientists Lyrics 9 years ago
You guys need to remember that the theme here is science, hence: "I said, 'what on earth are all these AMPOULES for'"

Also, "I piloted my distance to the ground"

"I made some new connection to extend them all"

"Systems back down slow, watch the dust cloud rescind"

Tiger Lou – Sam, as in Samantha Lyrics 9 years ago
I think people are reading too deeply into these lyrics. He's just saying that he has a girl that he's madly in love with and every time he has to leave to go to work he's pissed because he'd rather be home with her (and his job sucks).

A Perfect Circle – The Nurse Who Loved Me (Failure cover) Lyrics 10 years ago

Seriously, anyone who knows anything about Ken Andrews will tell you that (of course, many people actually think Maynard wrote this song, which is just depressing). Everyone needs to read Lupi's comments, learn them, and stop trying to read and hear what isn't there.

Jets to Brazil – King Medicine Lyrics 10 years ago
anyone who thinks this song is about anything other than heroin is poorly misguided and deluded

"there are a lot of puzzleing lines like "tell me how you do that crazy trick where you walk around asleep" and "now you're selling off the house so you can buy the farm""

first line he's talking about the person under the influence, second line is referring to how heroin addicts will do anything to get money to buy a fix

TV on the Radio – Wolf Like Me Lyrics 10 years ago
bootboot13, timduh, jermz... are you all retarded? i mean seriously. it's a goddamned metaphor, don't break it down line for line.

"My mind's aflame
(probably imagining doing it)"

you should be ashamed of yourself.

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