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KT Tunstall – Black Horse and the Cherry Tree Lyrics 13 years ago
i'd lve to see the vid for this...
i agree wit someone i read on page 1;
its between right and wrong blacjk horse and the cherry tree. and she chooses the one thats is 'right' although its not exactly what she wanted. and she knows she took the 'right' decision but she cant help remembering the black horse, and now realises, maybe the cherry tree wasnt the best one, maybe she was just so afraid of the black horse she choose the cherry tree out of comfort and its stability; and now she regrets it, she regrets being afraid and going with the 'right'; choie in ther mind rather thn the one her heart wanted.

plus, black horse; wild free untamed.
cherry tree; stable un moving sfae etc.
maybe she picked the safe option, just becasue it was safe, and now she regrets being so scared, cos the black horse option was the oe she really wanted.

thoughts? xxxx

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama Lyrics 13 years ago
this song is so full of history :)
but i dont get the relevance of watergate... is it another like 'yeaheverywhere has a pst does it bother you cos it dont bother me'?
p.s. LOVE THIS SONG jus the beginning riff is so recognisable

The Animals – We Gotta Get Out Of This Place Lyrics 13 years ago
do you think he is dating the girl he is singing about? i mean it is WE gotta get out of this place, but he could be talking about its little sister or somethig tbh.
idk whady reckon? xxx

The Fratellis – Flathead Lyrics 13 years ago
thanks for clearing that up, whoever wrote the whole song out :)
tho... why flathead?

im so impressed by the fratellis... if that is what they really mean this islike POETRY hah

The Rolling Stones – Start Me Up Lyrics 13 years ago
sorry but it is obviously about sex.
yeah! i mean come on look at the lyrics! how is a bloody car/motorcycle WHATEVER gona make a gron an cry?
i think and have always thought this song is about a guy who is lusting after a woman but she is so hot she hasnt noticed him 'i cant compete'
'my eyes dilate';what happenes when you really want someone
'you got be ticking gon blow my top'
she playing with him; he really wants her but he cant have her

The Rolling Stones – Brown Sugar Lyrics 13 years ago
i thought this song was about a girll...
though i can see the slave trade resmblance, but if that was the case wouldnt we all know it for sure? like itd be a 'thing' about it cos its so unconventional.

still love the son, think all the theories are interestingxx

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