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SoKo – I'll Kill Her Lyrics 9 years ago
Oh, and another thing.
"She'll dump your arse for a model called Brendan"
Favourite bit in the song, just because she says it with such conviction.

Armand Van Helden – NYC Beat Lyrics 9 years ago
Why hasn't anyone else commented on this song?
It's a pretty simple and repetitive song, but I love it. Great party song.

I think it means exactly what it says.

Daft Punk – Aerodynamic Lyrics 9 years ago
hi five frojabotta :D

this song actually does make you feel like you're in a different place, if you close your eyes and just forget everything

Céline Dion – My Heart Will Go On Lyrics 9 years ago
They shouldn't use electrocution as a method of execution,
They should use this song.

Green Day – Waiting Lyrics 9 years ago
there's just something about the chord changes in this song,
especially at the start of the song
something regretful, almost as if you're regretting something, but the anticipation of something else is kind of cancelling that out
sorry, i'm not being very articulate
i can't explain it properly.

The Rumble Strips – Girls And Boys In Love Lyrics 9 years ago
I love this song!
I think about this is about boys and girls in 'love'
not necessarily about true love, but maybe the kind of young love that feels like real love
but when you look back on it it's kind of like a pale imitation of the real thing
"move to the city, lose all ur heart, she wernt that pretty, you ain't too smart"
I think this is about chasing and chasing someone (or something) because it sounds so amazing and brilliant, but doesn't turn out to be all it's meant to be.
"and aint it a shame, oh wo oh oh wo oh"
I think that means it's a shame that they have to go through the heartbreak of losing your first love.

The Maccabees – Toothpaste Kisses Lyrics 9 years ago
"heart-shaped bruises?"
I think that's loving someone else so much that it hurts.

I love this song

Blink-182 – Adam's Song Lyrics 9 years ago
indicasunshine, that's an interesting way of looking at it, and i think it certainly could apply with this song.
"I never conquered, rarely came
Tomorrow just holds such better days
Days when I can still feel alive
When I cant wait to get outside "
i think the last verse is when he's realising that there's more than one way to stop feeling like this.

because it's the little things that keep you holding on, isn't it?

Metronomy – Heartbreaker Lyrics 9 years ago
I think that you're right. Especially the bit where he goes
"but in my eyes she's done US wrong"

The Cure – Friday I'm in Love Lyrics 10 years ago
I think it's just about love.

I don't think the "It's such a gorgeous sight
To see you eat in the middle of the night" bit has any sexual connotations, I think it's just about seeing and loving someone for who they really are, habits, traits and all.

The Cure – The Lovecats Lyrics 10 years ago
This is a brilliant song, whatever the meaning is.
There's something about Robert Smith's voice, and how it mixes in with the music, which has a kind of sultry feel.
This video's a bit different than the recorded version. But the trumpets have a kind of edgy, untuned sound to them, which is awesome.

I don't know if this song is about suicide, but if it is then the words clash brilliantly with the music!

Great song.

The Cure – Jumping Someone Else's Train Lyrics 10 years ago
I think this is a brilliant song, because it's so simple.
I think this song is mostly about conforming, and just trying to fit in. Because sometimes it's harder to be yourself than to conform and just be a sheep and do what everyone else does.
I think the line "Don't say what you mean, you might spoil your face" refers to how speaking your real opinion when you are trying to fit in can completely ruin your newly established reputation as whatever you're trying to be.
"If you walk in the crowd, you won't leave any trace" - I'm not quite sure what this means, but I think it might be a sarcastic statement saying that if you 'walk in the crowd' with everybody else then you won't be recognised as an individual. Which is quite ironic, seeing as though many people who choose to fake it and be part of a subculture just to be 'in' aren't seen as individuals, just as trend-followers.
"It's always the same, you're jumping someone else's train" -I think this is pretty self-explanatory. Jumping someone else's train means cramping someone else's/a subculture's style, and following and imitating them.
"It won't take you long to learn the new smile / You have to adapt,or you'll be out of style" - Some followers try so incredibly hard to fit in and want to belong so badly, that they'll do anything to fit in. And if you don't adapt to what's cool, you're a loser.
If you pick up on it quick you can say you were there" - If you're one of those extremee followers always on the lookout for the next big trend, then you'll take a chance and 'adapt' quickly just so you can say you were part of the original creation of that trend.
"It's the latest wave that you've been craving for, the old ideal was getting such a bore" - The followers eventually get bored of being 'cool' in their current trend, so they look for a new one, just for a lifestyle change.
"Now you're back in line, going not quite quite as far but in half the time" - Not quite sure what this means. I think it might refer to being a new, but less popular trend, not being as 'cool' as before but still being a follower.
"Everyone's happy, they're finally all the same / Because everyone's jumping everybody else's train" - Some people are happy as long as they fit in with everyone else.
I don't mean to offend anyone with my interpretation.
If you are an individual in a subculture, then good on you. But I think staying true to yourself is very important.
A few people have mentioned conforming in high schools. I think this song really applies to that, too.
Sorry if I've overanalysed. But this is a BRILLIANT SONG!
The riff may be simple, but the words mean a lot.

Blue Foundation – Eyes on Fire Lyrics 10 years ago
Like a lot of you, I think that the vocals at the start of this song are amazing. I think they are soothing to the point of a little eerie.
I think this song is about a sudden reversal of power, about having been scared of someone for a long time and realising that you have power over them.
"I'll seek you out, flay you alive. One more word and you won't survive." Someone is at your mercy, if they make a wrong move or say the wrong thing you have the power to destroy them.
"And I'm not scared of your stolen power. I see right through you any hour." In defence of your newfound power, the other person defends themself by pretending they are still as powerful as they were before. But you can see right through them; you can see that they're just putting on an act.
"I won't soothe your pain
I won't ease your strain
You've been waiting in vain
I've got nothing for you to gain" The other person begs for forgiveness, for comfort. But you deny them that. They ask for their power back, they only want a little share, but you give them nothing, because they are at your mercy.
"I'm taking it slow
Feeding my flame
Shuffling the cards of your game
And just in time
In the right place
Suddenly I will play my ace" This is about waiting for the perfect time to strike. You know you have the resources to destroy someone, you just want to wait for the optimum moment, because timing is everything. You'll have the best chance of destrotying them if you wait, and playing along with their little act will ultimately be the best way of destroying them in the end. I thinking "Playing my ace" refers to the final act of devastation, when you finally unleash that last bit of power that will vanquish the other person. Power is an illusion, a mind game.

Muscles – Ice Cream Lyrics 10 years ago
I'm not sure whether the line "ice cream is gonna save the day" is sarcastic or not. But I'm starting to think it is.
That line is brilliant, because it can be applied to so many different situations. People are always wanting a quick fix to their problems, whether it be a cocaine habit, or a little kid falling in the dirt. But there are some things that can't be fixed instantaneously, because everything takes time.
"He could have a knife,
Stab me in the gut,
Bleeding on the floor
Should'a kept my mouth shut"
I think this line refers to the spontaneity of our lives, and whether we should stand up for what we believe in and make a fuss, or just sit back and take life as it goes.

But that's just my opinion.
Maybe I think too much.

The Dandy Warhols – Sleep Lyrics 10 years ago
I think this song is about being aware.
It's so much easier to sleep, because you don't feel. You're just... numb.
Especially if you've got a broken heart. I don't know if the Dandy Warhols are referring to sleep as in, the actual form of sleep; I think sleep can also be applied to the feeling of numbness, where you can just lose yourself in nothingness.
"Well I could sleep forever, but it's of her I'd dream."
Sometimes the memory of the people that we love the most haunt us, even in our sleep.

Operator Please – Get What You Want Lyrics 10 years ago
I think this song is about being who you aren't and pretending to be someone else just for the hell of it.

The Panics – Don't Fight It Lyrics 10 years ago
I think this song is about the unknown, and how we never want things to change, and will go to heaps of effort to keep things as they are.
I think this song is just telling you to go with the flow, and don't try and fight against what's happening, because it's inevitable.

SoKo – I'll Kill Her Lyrics 10 years ago
I think this is about a relationship where you feel like you could spend the rest of your life with another person, only to break up with that person and find that a month later that they've gotten with another person. Then you feel immediate hate and resentment towards that person, and you think you would have made a much better girlfriend or boyfriend. One minute you feel like you mean the world to one person, the next your out of the picture and a new replacement is there. Awesome song.

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