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Old Crow Medicine Show – Trials & Troubles Lyrics 12 years ago
this is my favorite song by old crow. It think it's pretty apparent what the song's about. his girl was "a ramblin gal bound to leave her home" and she set out walking down the railroad track. she got her foot stuck in a hole (possibly breaking her ankle or something). The train was coming too fast around a bend (Round the bend at 40 miles) so it came upon her suddenly, and it couldn't stop quickly enough (20 tons of loaded frieght a-comin' on) and she was stuck on the tracks and got run over by the train. so now he's decided to "ride that line Till I see that black train come" - meaning he's going to be a hobo, ride the train lines, until he dies. He's going to "buy them all
Cigarettes and chewing tobacco" when he can instead of saving up his money because he now sees how close death is and is not too concerned about the future. As to the brown skin part, maybe she was an african american. It doesnt have to mean she was a slave.

by the way, chapel hill is chapel hill, North Carolina, one of the most beautiful towns in the nation. So by making that reference he's giving the idea of how far the train travels.

Brewer & Shipley – One Toke Over The Line Lyrics 13 years ago
He's saying he's been out in the world, he's "felt the joy" and "learned about the pain", he's "met all the girls" and loved a few of them, he's smoked just a bit too much weed - - - in other words, he's experienced all the excesses of life, and everything he's been through has "opened up" his eyes. He's changed a lot, and the change is probably obvious to everyone. Now he's returning home after having "been away a country mile" (meaning, been a long way off) a different person.

Procol Harum – A Whiter Shade of Pale Lyrics 13 years ago
meaningless lyrics, not even a good song - just blandness.

T. Rex – Ride A White Swan Lyrics 13 years ago
definitely saying something about witchcraft - or using witchcraft to say something about a woman.

Jackson Browne – Doctor My Eyes Lyrics 13 years ago
"Doctor, my eyes have seen the years
And the slow parade of fears without crying
Now I want to understand"
He's old enough to have experience, he's been around, and he's seen what the world is like; now he wants to understand why.

"I have done all that I could
To see the evil and the good without hiding"
He tries to see both the good and bad in people, and to be truthful to himself.

"Tell me what is wrong
Was I unwise to leave them open for so long"
He wonders now if those sort of people who deliberately blind themselves to the harsh truth arent happier afterall.

"Cause I have wandered through this world
And as each moment has unfurled
I've been waiting to awaken from these dreams"
He keeps waiting for things to improve.

"People go just where they will
I never noticed them until I got this feeling
That it's later than it seems"
I'm not sure about this part.

"I hear their cries
Just say if it's too late for me"
he's been hardened to the horrible things in the world, and wonders if it's too late to retrieve his previous innocence.

"Doctor, my eyes
Cannot see the sky
Is this the prize for having learned how not to cry"
he's been hardened to the horrible aspects of life, and can't now see the good or beautiful aspects.

Led Zeppelin – That's the Way Lyrics 13 years ago
It's a summer song (like Tangerine), but unlike most summer songs which are really light and happy and pop-sounding, this song (again like Tangerine) includes a feeling of great sadness along with the sentimentality. My favorite lines are
"But now's the time to look and look again at what you see,
Is that the way it ought to stay?"
Incredible maturity and artistry from 'just' a rock-n-roll band.

Anyway, what does it mean? I don't think it has any certain meaning; the lyrics sound very stream-of-conciousness to me. I think it's more about a general feeling: that life is both happy and sad, beautiful and ugly, glorious and wretched. And I have a feeling that, at some point when he was very young, his mama told him so.

Jefferson Airplane – Eskimo Blue Day Lyrics 13 years ago
most of it doesnt seem to have much meaning, but some parts definitely have an environmental message. The sound at the end of the song is a big tree falling (apparently after being chopped down).

Stevie Nicks – Leather and Lace Lyrics 13 years ago
One of the best love songs ever. The lyrics are sensitive and touching without being the least bit sappy. The two voices are perfect for the song, and the music is beautiful in it's own right.

Anyway, the lyrics seem to deal mostly with the fragile nature of the two people's personalities. The title Leather and Lace says it all. His love is like leather, thick and tough, masculine - like men themselves (hard muscles, hard.......elsewhere). Her love is like lace, soft and delicate, feminine - like women (soft skin, softer facial features and again, soft elsewhere).
"Give to me your leather
take from me my lace"
Yet he shows quite a bit of sensitivity and lack of confidence ("Sometimes I'm a strong man, Sometimes cold and scared, And sometimes I cry") but knows that her love can help him get by. Whereas she seems to be of very strong character, and says so herself (I have my own life, and I am stronger Than you know"). She seems to appreciate his sensitive and fragile nature.

they're not in love yet, but she can tell with an almost prophetic sense that they will be shortly - and will be forever.

Eagles – Peaceful Easy Feeling Lyrics 13 years ago
i don't think its about the end of the relationship - I think its about the beginning. he just met her, so he "may never see her again" but he thinks it's more likely that she will end up as "a lover and a friend", and that she won't let him down - hence the "peaceful easy feeling".
"What a woman can do to your soul" doesn't necessarily mean she's going to do treat him badly - I think he means simply the power she can exert over a man that loves her.

anyway, its a beautiful song full of emotion and mental images. The Eagle's best. I recently saw them in concert, and they put on a great show.

The Guess Who – Share The Land Lyrics 13 years ago
obviously about commune lifestyle. the singer hopes that at some time in the future, everybody will live together - everybody will care about each other (what happens to you in a year from now) and give land away free, without possesion or private property: the hippie dream. he says MAYBE he'll be there because he isn't sure how long this transformation of society will take.
great soulful song.

The Beatles – Magical Mystery Tour Lyrics 13 years ago
only the Beatles could write a song with basically only two lines of lyric (these two lines being "roll up for the mystery tour" and "the magical mystery tour is waiting to take you away") and make it famous. Probably completely meaningless lyrics, too - its the feeling, the mood, the ATMOSPHERE thats important in this song. It gives the sense of a sort of wide-eyed, child-like amazement; wonder through innocence(and the circus-themed cover art for the album enforces this feel).

Spencer Davis Group – Gimme Some Lovin' Lyrics 13 years ago
as far as i can tell, it's not about much. I guess just that he's glad they made it through some difficult times and now they can have a good time and relax. such a great song, probably one of the best of the british invasion.

Fleetwood Mac – Gypsy Lyrics 13 years ago
okay, canda is way over-interpreting.

Tom Petty – Mary Jane's Last Dance Lyrics 13 years ago
Nah, i think this really is about a girl, not pot.

Warren Zevon – Werewolves of London Lyrics 13 years ago
the whole 'punk culture' idea doesn't make sense. The descriptions of the London werewolves give an image of them being very cultured:
he's a hairy-handed GENT (gentleman)
he's got a good tailor
he drinks pina coladas
his hair is perfect
none of these things describe punk rockers, infact, for the most part they describe a sort of person completely opposite: a sophisticated, fashionable, cultured man; a 'metro', or dandy.

If Zevon meant the werewolves of London to be a symbol for something else, he did it so subtly that i cant see what that 'something else' is supposed to be. Maybe he's just saying that some peole arent what they seem to be.

Simon and Garfunkel – America Lyrics 13 years ago
this song cronicles simply and perfectly two young people's progression from hope to disillusionment. the very best line is where he tells her he feels lost even though he knows shes sleeping - because he wants to tell some one about how he feels, but neither of them want to admit to the other that their dreams failed, so he tells her while she's sleeping. This song, more than any blues or honkytonk song, captures the loneliness of the road.

Black Sabbath – Planet Caravan Lyrics 13 years ago
i think the lyrics should read,

the moon in silver streams,
shine down in beams

Kansas – Dust In The Wind Lyrics 13 years ago
one of the greatest songs ever.
one of the most gorgeous songs ever.
one of the most profoundly moving songs ever.

the first line says it all.

Buffalo Springfield – Bluebird Lyrics 13 years ago
forget the guitar, the climax is the clawhammer banjo solo!

such an incredible song. its a shame buffalo sprinfield is remembered only for "For What its Worth".

The Doors – The End Lyrics 13 years ago
hey, want to know how you fool people into thinking a song youve written is really "deep"? its simple, just write a lot of nonsense that sounds symbolic, that sounds like it has a meaning behind it, and then cite some psychological or mythological ideas as 'meanings'.

serioiusly, a few lines sound like they may have to do with the oedipus complex, but most of it simply sounds like drivel. in fact, it IS drivel, as it's lines were randomly cobbled together from various DIFFERENT poems morrison had written in streams-of-conciousness. Wikipedia confirms this.

most of the doors' songs were disgustingly commercial pop anyway (touch me, love me two times, light my fire - the titles of these songs say it all. commercial, commercial, commercial.)

Traffic – John Barleycorn Lyrics 13 years ago
if youre interested in the song, read Robert Burn's poetic version of the lyrics.

The Zombies – Time Of The Season Lyrics 13 years ago
free love. straightforward free love.

such a unique song. once youve heard it, you'll never forget it. the bass line, the organ solos, the smooth but groovy feel, the singers haunting voice (and the equally haunting backup singers) and, most important, the "ah"s.
the whole song is very catchy without being annoying or pop-ish.

Eagles – Hotel California Lyrics 13 years ago
i dont think its about drugs; i thinks its about how people can get trapped into shallow, materialistic lifestyles. a fancy hotel, mercedes benz, partying in the courtyard all night, wine and pink champagne on ice, mirrors on the cieling, the narrator gets used to these things, but by the time he realizes their emptiness he cant do without them - he can check out (stop wanting these things) but cant leave (give them up).

Eagles – Witchy Woman Lyrics 13 years ago
its about a seductive woman who sleeps around, has apparently killed one of her boy toys, and is addicted to heroine. and it IS about heroine, what other meaning could the line "and she drove herself to madness with a silver spoon" mean? and, "see how high she flies" meaning, see how high she gets.

anyway, its got great lyrics, and the song itself is incredible for setting a mood - eerie and sleazy. its energizing but very smooth sounding at the same time.

i think the lyrics should actually read "I know you want to love her" not "I know you want a lover".

Bad Company – Burnin' Sky Lyrics 13 years ago
i think its acually "waiting for the van to arrive."

Steve Miller Band – The Joker Lyrics 13 years ago
pompitous? i always thought he said 'properties' of love.

ZZ Top – Cheap Sunglasses Lyrics 13 years ago
not aviators, dude - wayfarers! you know, big square bluesmasters-type shades with thick black plastic rims. just look at the type the guys in ZZ Top wear.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Woodstock Lyrics 13 years ago
by the way,

And I don't know who I am but life is for learning

is such an incredibly great line, especially the way he sings it.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Woodstock Lyrics 13 years ago
I am continually amazed at how many anthemic-type songs CS&N have sang.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Teach Your Children Lyrics 13 years ago
vipergt says it well; and youve got to understand that, in the late 60's early 70's, that generation gap was even wider than it is now, and certainly far wider than i had ever been before that time.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Deja Vu Lyrics 13 years ago
so jazzy, so trippy.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Helpless Lyrics 13 years ago
possibly the most emotional song ive ever heard. if any song makes me break down and cry, its this one.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Helplessly Hoping Lyrics 13 years ago
but now that i think of it,

'They are one person
They are two alone
They are three together
They are for each other'

could well be CS&N describing themselves, one (musical) person, two alone (meaning incomplete with all three not present) and three together, obviously. i love how they make it seem like theyre singing 'four', then with the next word you realize it was 'for'.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Helplessly Hoping Lyrics 13 years ago
i always thought this part:

'They are one person
They are two alone
They are three together
They are for each other'

could be about the holy trinity idea of christianity. not that i necessarily think it IS about that, just could be.

i think the song is mostly stream-of-conciousness and doesnt mean anything in particular, although it does seem to vaguely describe a pair of lovers growing apart.

Def Leppard – Pour Some Sugar On Me Lyrics 13 years ago
odd that nobody so far has actually commented on the lyrics of the song. anyway, i have two takes on the meaning of these lyrics.
one, the phrase "Pour some sugar on me" i think might mean, "Give me all your affection" (affection being sweet like sugar) but in an extreme way - POUR it on me.
second, he might mean it literally, as a kinky sex thing, like where she might put chocolate syrup on him then lick it off ("Take a bottle, shake it up " being the bottle of chocolate syrup).

Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven Lyrics 13 years ago
honestly, i think the lyrics are just stream-of-conciousness nonsense. yes, they start out being about a shallow, materialistic woman, but quickly disintigrate into randomness.

Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song Lyrics 13 years ago
and guys dont compare the lyrics in this song too harshly with the historical facts of the viking invasions. yes, the mentions of 'hordes' and 'ruins' dont exactly fit in with north america, and yes, it's iceland that's famous for hot springs, not mainland scandinavia - but remember these were rockstars writing the lyrics, not history or geography professors.

Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song Lyrics 13 years ago
definitely about vikings. theyre from scandinavia (We come from the land of the ice and snow, From the midnight sun where the hot springs blow). they feel compelled to keep sailing further and plundering progressively distant lands (The hammer of the gods will drive our ships to new lands) until finally they reach the east coasts of north america (On we sweep with threshing oar, Our only goal will be the western shore). robert plant's shrieking at the beginning (AHHHHH-AH!) is suposed to be the viking's war cry.

i nominate this song as the most hard-driving, high-energy hard rock song ever. and its all the more powerful because its so short and abrupt.

Led Zeppelin – Tangerine Lyrics 13 years ago
an incredible song. my take on the lyrics:
the singer was very passionately in love with a woman (I was her love, she was my queen), but something went wrong and now it seems to him like the whole thing took place a long time ago (And now a thousand years between). he thinks about her often, (Thinking how it used to be) and he wonders if she ever still things about him (Does she still remember times like these? To think of us again?).
now, why its called tangerine i have no idea. maybe only to rhyme with dream.
the moment right after he sings, "and i do" is incredible. the song is all the more powerful for sparse lyrics.

Led Zeppelin – Kashmir Lyrics 13 years ago
in fact, Wikipedia has a whole article on the song. let me set the facts straight:
the city kashmir IS in india.
led zeppelin WERE in north africa when the song was written.
they HAD NEVER been to the city kashmir when the song was written.
robert plant HAS confessed that he did not know where the city of kashmir was, and did indeed think it was in the desert.
does it matter? of course not. plant was obviously inspired by the desert surroundings of north africa, but used the name kashmir. doesnt matter, its the mood he creates that counts.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Our House Lyrics 13 years ago
the hippie version of the american dream. he and his love have a big old rural house, they spend time picking flowers, playing music and staring in the fire, and just being in love. the singer's been through hard times, but now that he has his love, nothing will ever be hard again - "everything is easy" cause of her.

this song is an irresistable sing-along, and the music, harmony and lyrical message make it absolutely divine.

Black Sabbath – Sabbra Cadabra Lyrics 13 years ago
pretty obvious, its about a woman he loves. but, typical to black sabbath lyrics, he doesnt just love her, he loves her to the point of obcession. dont read too much into it. not every single song from the 70's is about heroine, nor is every single black sabbath song about something sick and twisted like necrophilia. sometimes a song really is about what it sounds like its about.

i love the part of the song right at the end of the line, "Good to know that she's all mine"

Led Zeppelin – Kashmir Lyrics 13 years ago
check Wikipedia, it was indeed written while the band was in northern africa. but this doesnt matter; he can write a song about kashmir, india while being in north africa. the inspiration hit him, thats all.

anyway, about the lyrics - i dont think the lyrics in this particular song are that important (they sound rather stream-of-conciousness to me, rather than carefully thought out) so much as the general mood (i think he was aiming for a 'mystical' feel to the lyrics), and what they (rather vaguely) suggest to the listener.

Black Sabbath – A National Acrobat Lyrics 13 years ago
I think its fairly obvious that the song is sung from the point of view of an unborn child who "Destroyed the empty spaces" by filling up an empty womb [you destroy an empty space by filling it].

the child has gone through many reincarnations (I've lived a thousand times), as will all people (Don't believe the life you have will be the only one).

the line (When little worlds collide I'm trapped inside my embryonic cell) means the 'collision' of the sperm and egg, at which point the soul forgets its past life (And flashing memories are cast into the never ending well). the lines (Curtain of the future falls, the secret stays unknown) simply mean that the soul forgets the previous life with each new life.

the baby tells us that it is necessary to die so that we can move on to our next life (You have to let your body sleep to let your soul live on), and advises us at the very end of the song to love each other, to live our lives fully, and look forward to our next life.

the song has excellent lyrics, really quite positive and inspirational, and even more impressive having come from a heavy metal band.

Black Sabbath – Spiral Architect Lyrics 13 years ago
the only thing i have to add is about the lines,

"Superstitious century, didn't time go slow?
Separating sanity, watching children grow"

the 'superstitious century' i think is supposed to be the medieval era. "didnt time go slow" - things progressed very slowly during the medival era. Furthermore, the medieval era sort of prepared europe for the renaissance (the start of the 'modern' era) - watching children grow, meaning, watching humanity progress, to the point where we now have silver ships.

the meaning of this song isnt as straight forward as, say, national acrobat.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Southern Cross Lyrics 13 years ago
I think it's fairly simple. The singer has made many mistakes in his life (Think about how many times I have fallen) and he's spent most of his life searching for 'the right girl' (I have been around the world, looking for that woman-girl who knows love can endure). I think he was in love with a particular woman in the city (Got out of TOWN on a boat) where she did him wrong in some way a couple times (why twice you ran away), and to have some time to think he sailed for Papeete (and i do think it was a literal voyage - all of the guys in the band sailed, especially Crosby). He tries to call her in the bar, but on a midnight watch he realizes why twice she ran away - because she wasnt 'the right girl' for hi. He loved her and cant forget about her (What heaven brought you and me cannot be forgotten) but she wasnt 'the right girl' - the one he was really looking for. She was keeping him tied down, not free like he wanted to be (And my love is an anchor tied to you, tied with a silver chain) meaning the anchor [love] was holding him down in one place. Music is all he has left. But he trusts that, in the end, he will find 'the right girl' (Somebody fine will come along, make me forget about loving you at the Southern Cross).

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