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Pearl Jam – Jeremy Lyrics 9 years ago
Someone had a lot of fun typing up these lyrics.

Pearl Jam – Why Go Lyrics 9 years ago
What's the deal with adding all the oh, ahs and yeahs into the lyrics? It's too silly.

Songs: Ohia – Cabwaylingo Lyrics 9 years ago
Cabwaylingo as sung on Mi Sei Apparso Come un Fantasma:

they're coming sorry for our second vanquisher
to have so much to pretend
ourselves not so against
though overtaken
this we'll survive, surviving those

against the smell of rope, through pulley sing
there are fewer greater losses known
we have our affect we have our ransom
this we'll survive, surviving those

I see your teeth are robed in crimson
from your biting back the pain
and if I had the strength for smiling
you'd see my pain looks the same

and I must walk these roads to freedom
'cause I can hear them call my name
in due time I shall return
and my first words will be your name

you're all I think, this thing set troublin'
it will not end without brevity
against the smell of hope, through measuring
there are fewer greater former ghosts
we have our affect we have our ransom
this we'll survive, surviving those

Heatmiser – Why Did I Decide to Stay? Lyrics 9 years ago
Before Gust sings "A spent bullet, it brought me down", I believe he sings "Was I just generous, because I'm lonely".

Elliott Smith – Coast to Coast Lyrics 10 years ago
I hear Smith sing "pulling feathers out your hat", "I belong in the zoo", and "being him just wasn't that much fun".

Autolux – Sugarless Lyrics 10 years ago
This person seems to have lost his lust for life.

Heatmiser – Low-Flying Jets Lyrics 10 years ago
I think he sings "I've been dreaming of low-flying jets that sweep down and knock my head", "lean back like a sinking boat", "the places that you go when my head slips off your shoulder", and "I keep dreaming I'm lost in space".

Heatmiser – Blackout Lyrics 10 years ago
"Got your rejection, denied" sounds to me like "Got your attention, didn't I". If that's right, the first line would be "Asked your permission, didn't I?"

I also hear "But you're afraid of everything" and "Dead on the sofa".

Elliott Smith – Can't Make a Sound Lyrics 10 years ago
It's about shutting yourself off from the world.

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