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Gavin DeGraw – Cop Stop Lyrics 13 years ago
Great song.

In the first verse, he describes this poor, jaded girl. She has made mistakes and he is ready to fix them. My interpretation for the chorus is that this girl makes wishes, and relies on luck to get anywhere in life, meanwhile Gavin is explaining to her that you have to work for something like love, you can't just hope it comes to you.
He assures her that she will like him with the more time she spends with him. She's already "disarmed" which means they have reached a point of security and comfort that she rarely lets happen, but he wants more.

In the bridge, he let's her know that the choice is still hers to make, and he is not forcing her into anything, but still has that confidence that he is right for her. He makes sure she knows that he is a better choice than other guys.

Gavin DeGraw – I Have You To Thank Lyrics 13 years ago
This is probably one of the most simple songs Gavin has ever written, there's really not much of an explanation that it needs. He has found a girl that really sets a precedent for dating in his life. "I have you to thank for making me so hard to place because you treated me so good". He warns her that he has flaws, but he assures her he will do his best. He feels so good that he just thinks she deserves a thanks for it.

Gavin DeGraw – Cheated On Me Lyrics 13 years ago
This is a really deep song.
You can tell by the heavy chords dragging in the beginning that he's "lovesick" -- it gives an idea of unrest.
In the first verse he is just presenting the idea, that he knows she is unfaithful. He's putting it all on the table.

The second verse I really love. I loved it the first time I heard it because I took it as a real self-defense mechanism that Gavin used.
"I've been this lovesick before
I've felt just like this before
There was another just like you
I loved it for so long"
He is making sure she knows that she isn't the first one to break his heart, but he isn't trying to be emo about it, he's trying to assure her that just as he found a replacement for the last relationship he had, he can find a replacement for her. He is capable of doing it -- so to present the threat, it gives him a little power. It is kind of a typical male trait that I think is really interesting in the song.

Perhaps in the bridge he is suggesting that he suspected her of cheating before, but he "left an open door" by not acting on it. He also doubts himself, because, remember - throughout the whole song he is merely pointing fingers, "i THINK you cheated on me"...he is never really blaming her, but presenting the idea so she can admit it herself. By the beginning of the song, til the end, he makes this transition from blaming her to blaming himself, "I drove you off and into someone else's arms".

Gavin DeGraw – Next to Me (Wait a Minute Sister) Lyrics 13 years ago
I agree alot with the last entry. I don't think its that ominous though, I think it's a cute fluffly song...they are on the verge of getting together, and he rights a funny little song that assures her that he is interested. I'm sure whoever this song is written for laughed about it, and if she had any questions, they were answered.

Gavin DeGraw – In Love with a Girl Lyrics 13 years ago
In the first verse, Gavin is kinda selling himself to the girl, reminding her of all he has done for her. While the chorus explains itself, literally he found a girl for him. Going into the relationship he was hesitant, or maybe wasn't that serious, but she let him take his "sweet time" while he was bitter. However, the second verse really presents some symbolism. In my opinion,
"Out the many broken backdoors and windows,
Through the valley of the love of the lost,
Is a hole that is cut through the souls falling down from the thrones without leaving any windows"

this is mocking a past relationship that either he or she had, possibly reffering to a bad-ending love as a "broken backdoor" of the past. Through the valley, is a hole....basically the ruins left from a past relationship that wasn't the "right one". However, he regains himself, assuring that inner peace WAS found for a moment, and it was a happily relationship at one point, but when the "puppy love" stage was over, it proved to be wrong.

The bridge basically just simply says that she says what she means, and it gives the relationship a good foundation and alot of confidence. They have found the right place in eachother.

Aerosmith – Jaded Lyrics 13 years ago
Jaded literally means, in my terms, deeply hurt or negatively affected by any kind of relationship, usually subconsciously. Usually, people realize someone is jaded more than they realize it themselves. Tyler kind of makes a pun, naming an otherwise jaded girl, "Jaded". During the song I believe he is just trying to coax a hurt girl back into love, perhaps a past lover of his. I don't think he's necessarily looking for her to come back to him, but rather for her just to get back into the swing of things, and be happy again.

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