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Atlas Sound – Ativan Lyrics 10 years ago
My favorite off the first album. "Ativan" is a drug that Bradford talked about taking alot on his blog.

Atlas Sound – Activation Lyrics 10 years ago
This might be the best song Bradford Cox has written thusfar. And that's saying alot.

Deerhunter – Wash Off Lyrics 10 years ago
Bradford mentions part of this song being about a time in high school when he bought fake acid off of some hippie. When he confronted the hippie telling him it was fake and that he wanted his money back, the hippie said something to the effect of "It's real, you're just not opening your mind up enough to let it work".

That said, I think this song is about the point in adolescence when the naivete of childhood clashes with the scumminess of the real world. It's the polar opposite of another song that I tie close together to "Wash Off", "Hazel St.", which is a fantasy about being a 'normal' 16 year old. "Wash Off" tells an alternate story of someone who is not only screwed out of his money, but then chastized for even suggesting so. This and "Hazel St." ar two of my favorite Deerhunter songs lyrically.

Deerhunter – Hazel St. Lyrics 10 years ago
Bradford says this song is like a fantasy of what he wishes his life was like when he was 16, seeing as his actual time spent when sixteen was in a childrens hospital, missing out on his youth. I find this song and the song "Wash Off" closely tied together. Both of them repeat "I was 16" over and over again, the difference being "Wash Off" suggests a sort of dystopian realistic version of his teenagedom, rather than this hollywood-esque scene painted in the lyrics to "Hazel St."

Deerhunter – Operation Lyrics 10 years ago
How did you know
It was so easy
to destroy me

I'm pretty sure.

This song seems to be another about Bradfords summer spent in the childrens hospital.

Deerhunter – Nothing Ever Happened Lyrics 10 years ago
Bradford said that when he wrote this song he had in mind a woman who has kids, gets left by her husband, raises the kids as best she can, they grow to resent her and dont talk to her, she works a crappy job at wal-mart, and one day gets hit by a mack truck and dies. Hence, "Nothing ever happened to me".

of Montreal – Feminine Effects Lyrics 10 years ago
No comments??? This is one of my favorite Of Montreal songs, sound COMPLETELY different from all their other songs.

I saw Kevin do this acoustic last year, and he said he, "Imagined a young girl living in Wyoming singing this".

No Age – Eraser Lyrics 10 years ago
If you go to this video on or youtube, everyone HATES No Age. All showing this on MTV did was bring out the retarted opinions of...people who usually watch MTV! They say stuff like, "The drums are too loud...they should fire their producer." Its really funny, I reccomend taking a look.

No Age – Boy Void Lyrics 10 years ago
This is my favorite No Age song.

Noooooo clue as to the meaning however.

Pere Ubu – Final Solution Lyrics 10 years ago
Its really odd that Pere Ubu originally did "Sonic Reducer", since Ubu has their own wierd post-punk sound, while "Sonic Reducer" is a straightforward punk song.

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