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Lowest of the Low – Black Monday Lyrics 12 years ago
I've been wondering about this song for years. Here is my humble opinion. Black Monday refers to a stock market crash. Several Black Mondays have taken place like in 1929, 1987, and 2001 the first Monday after 9/11. Mondays are often dreaded because people have had time to speculate and panic about stocks over the weekend. They are often occur one week after another. I believe that this song refers to the crash of 1987 which started in South Eastern Asian Markets and then rode the time zones like a tidal wave until it hit the US in the morning. Charlie Don't Surf refers to a line in the movie Apocolypse Now when a character mentions that Charlie (the vietcong) doesn't surf on a beach they are looking to take. That's what makes me think of the 87 crash. Also, crashes like in 29 have been partially caused by frivolous spending habits/ buying on credit, etc. hence the I knew a man who couldn't see past his fingertips portion. "To reach out and touch it was just too much like he needs it" He has barbed wire hands because he is starved and his hands have become a maze of veins interrupted by the knuckles, resembling barbed wire. His internal worries and struggle is only compounded by the fact that he is afraid of losing his wife, possibly Kate. He is practicing what to say in order to convince her that he will always find a way to take care of her. Just some food for thought.

Bruce Springsteen – Johnny 99 Lyrics 12 years ago
I heard Bruce at a concert talking about how Reagan used Born in the USA as a campaign song for re-election in '84 without his permission. He said that if the president thinks that his songs are pro government, than he obviously hadn't listened to the Nebraska album. This song, Highway Patrolman, and Used Cars are some of the greatest blue collar songs out there.

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