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Pink Floyd – Keep Talking Lyrics 12 years ago
this is one of my favorite songs, from one of my favorite albums.
I have every album that has the name "Pink Floyd" on it, and I've listened to all of their music at least 10 times over.
This album, and always ALWAYS this song is one that I have to play.

This song is great. All we have to do is make sure, we keep talking *face melting guitar*
My question is, how can anyone NOT like that?

Fleetwood Mac – Bleed To Love Her Lyrics 12 years ago
Stevie never sang this song... Unless there is a copy of it other than the one from The Dance and Say You Will...

This song is so beautiful.
It captures the essence of love. he would do anything to stay in love with her, despite everyone laughing at him for being in love. True love can withstand this, and he knows his love will continue forever. Sweet song.

Fleetwood Mac – Steal Your Heart Away Lyrics 12 years ago
I love this song!
It's such a sad love song.
He is basically saying "We are suffering without each other, lets be in love and everything will be so much better"

Jethro Tull – Cup Of Wonder Lyrics 12 years ago
This song references one religion.
Beltane and May Day are the same thing, from the Celts.
The green man is a Celtic thing.
Anything ancient that is in Britain is Celtic.
They are singing about their real roots and how they want to learn more about it :D

Jethro Tull – Ring Out, Solstice Bells Lyrics 12 years ago
Not Christmas.
The Celtic holiday Yule!

Jethro Tull – Jack-In-The-Green Lyrics 12 years ago
Actually, Krendall, the Green Man is a ancient Celtic (aka pagan) deity. A good god to them.
After the Christians either killed off or converted the Celts, the Green Man became an alias for Saint George. Christians stole it and called it their own.

Jethro Tull – The Whistler Lyrics 12 years ago
omfg this song is not about god!
You all should know that Ian Anderson isn't christian. He is a panthiest for gods sake!
He doesn't believe in the creation MYTH.

This delightful song is about a whistler falling in love with a girl, and how he convinced her to come and travel with him in love. It is my favorite Tull song. It's so sweet

Jethro Tull – Songs From The Wood Lyrics 12 years ago
This song kicks major ass! What are you guys talking about?!
This whole album was amazing. Certainly a lot better than most other Tull albums..

Jethro Tull – Beltane Lyrics 12 years ago
Quite obviously, this song is about the Celtic holiday of Beltane. AKA May Day.
In their tradition, May Day was the start of the new year, hence
"Have you ever stood in the April wood
and called the new year in?"
It's the end of April, and they are ready to call in the new year on Beltane.
This song is so joyful, and come next Beltane... This song will be playing at my party :D

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