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Holly Brook – Like Blood Like Honey Lyrics 12 years ago
I agree with CrypticDreamer.
Musicmason11, you asked how something so meaningful and deep as love could not be perfect.

Well, nothing in life is perfect. Relationships are not perfectly smooth, just as a flower's petals are not perfectally straight and glass is not perfectly smooth. (There are millions of bumps and indents, amazingly.)

I think "perfection" is a term that humans came up with because we are hardly ever satisfied, and it's really just a faraway thought. Besides, anything that was ever perfect would be incredibly dull, don't you think? LIVING is not doing everything right, it's making mistake after mistake and learning and growing.
Perfection does not exist, and the real beauty of everything lies in it's flaws. Why is love so amazing if it is not perfect? You could look at it this way: Love is amazing BECAUSE it is not perfect. Because it can be strong enough to fill those voids and embrace those imperfections. Because love is powerful enough to overcome mistakes and flaws.

Metric – Grow Up and Blow Away Lyrics 12 years ago
I was listening to the song the other day while riding in the car...
And I never quite got the "blue to grey, grow up and blow away" part. I understood it's meaning, and I was pretty sure on the choice of wording. Blue is alive and bright, and grey is faded and old.
But we passed a cemetery as soon as the words "blue to grey" were sung, and it sent chills down my spine. Because the sky was so bright and blue, and then far below were the old grey headstones.
So I wonder if she was thinking of that same image when she wrote the song. Maybe I'm just silly for pointing this out. I had just never made the connection between "grey" and headstones before.

Holly Brook – Still Love Lyrics 12 years ago
I think this is about a girl who meets a guy at a bar. He gets her drunk and they end up having sex, and it's not like it was rape or anything... "It carried on just fine"... but it really wasn't okay with her at all. I figure she was in a bad place before all of this took place. I think she was already in love with someone, and it wasn't going well between them.
"Every rain makes it's way into somebody's song." That means that all of the bad or scary things always end up being important to someone. We learn from them, and we change because of them.
"This one is calling me out of my shelter to face the truth." This event is her "rain"-- it was something bad that happened, and it's leading her to think that there isn't as much good in the world as she once thought there was. Maybe she's trying to convince herself that this, spending nights with strangers, is the closest thing to love there really is.
"But I still love."
Because even though she's feeling jaded, her heart continues to love. Even when her reasoning tells it to do otherwise.
"More than one time, this color has been mine." She specifies the color blue in the next line, so I'm guessing that "blue" (meaning sadness, hopelessness) is not a stranger to her. But she desperately wants to cover up all of those sad feelings, and she wants to stop loving the person she does.
"But still the morning sun will leak into my window when I'm done."
I think this means that even when she's almost convinced herself to give up on love, that little spark of hope will grow once again inside of her, even if she doesn't want it to.
"Searching for my intuition, even though I recognize myself in these silver walls. But as I stare they all break me down."
It's a never-ending war between reason and feeling. She sees herself in the mirror and sees that this is her. This person who has given up on something so precious, and has become sad and jaded.
But, of course... she still loves.

I love this song because, for me, it shows the resiliency of the heart. And Holly's voice is absolutely beautiful. :]

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