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Incubus – Nice To Know You Lyrics 13 years ago
my translation may be as:

Better than watching Geller bending silver spoons
Better than witnessing newborn nebulas in bloom
She who sees from up high smiles and surely sings
Prospective pries her once weighty eyes and it gives you wings
// maybe it says: if you're on top, you get to see a bird's eye view; and helps you to be watchful. and it's good than watching magic and illusions (geller bending silver spoons); or watching celebrities or "new-born stars" ("nebula's in bloom") and you feel like flying

Deeper than the deepest Coustou would ever go
Higher than the heights of what we often think we know
// he's comparing the idea as deeper as Coustou's views, or anyone's views

Blessed she who clearly sees the wood for the trees
To obtain a birds eye is to turn a blizzard to a breeze
// it's like good for those who can see clear of who ppl are (sees the wood for the trees).
you can get a better view or perspective, is when an unfortunate or catastrophic event like that of a blizzard. and to take it on a different angle or higher up. and see it 'like a breeze',- it's cold can freeze you yet it's cool, it can give you that good feeling.

"blizzard to a breeze": that an unfortunate event is not that bad at all..
"see the woods for the trees": seeing things what they really are (pertains to situations or people); or see the whole picture of the details;

I haven’t felt the way, I feel today
In so long it’s hard for me to specify
I’m beginning to notice
How much this feels like a waking limb
Pins and needles, nice to know you
Good-bye, Nice to Know You
To know...You
// that his feeling different ever before, and he couldn't explain it well.
that he was like sleeping, but now he was "awake" and the pains he has to get rid of it..
it's like good riddance for something or some kind. and he's thankful to know these pains or 'numbness' or inability to move.
it's like he has finally over it. and that he has "woke up".

the song tells us about taking things to perspective, seeing in a different angle.
to see things what they really are.
and also that, it's still nice "to know" people and anyone.

Creed – Higher Lyrics 13 years ago
the song may mean he's trying to escape the harsh realities he's experiencing at that moment... like a nightmare in a sleep. that, everyday he thinks about escape, to elevate somewhere better than his situation.. he rather dream than to live in that place..

// So let's go there
Let's make our escape...
...Can you take me higher?
To the place where blind men see //
so he decided to take action. inviting his friends, or like the band; trying to make their dreams a reality. an elevation.. or "higher than the ground", a feeling that can make him(or them) feel better than they're at. he is asking someone (maybe, like the fans) who can help him, where his visions can be real.

although his present place is unfortunate, he still appreciates it, coz without it, he might not become what he is now. or he might not been able to realize that he has to do something. but he always feels the pain and hate. which reminds him, to accomplish this, he has to do,--love than hate.

he is wanting to stay with the "elevated place"..
for he felt alive. when he is above, accomplishing something great for him, he might have taken "these dreams", and claim it to be his; or his victory.

i dont know, but that's what i understand the song..

Gorillaz – M1 A1 Lyrics 13 years ago
it's like war..

The Smashing Pumpkins – The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning Lyrics 13 years ago
Send a heartbeat to the void that cries through you
Relive the pictures that have come to pass
For now we stand alone
The world is lost and blown
And we are flesh and blood disintigrate
With no more to hate
// after being destroyed to nothingness... remember the things in the past, feel the life.. we have to stand up.. and were able to beat death.. and that the past world is gone, and we can hate no longer.. it was left behind and destroyed..

And we are flesh and blood disintigrate
With no more to hate
//or he meant, our body is meant for decay..
with no more to hate= no more to pain..

Delivered from the blast
The last of a line of lasts
The pale princess of a palace cracked
And now the kingdom comes
Crashing down undone
And I am a master of a nothing place
Of recoil and grace
// it may mean something about being saved...
** i'm not really sure what this means especially the princess part... hehe ***

Time has stopped before us
The sky cannot ignore us
No one can separate us
For we are all that is left
The echo bounces off me
The shadow lost beside me
There's no more need to pretend
Cause now I can begin again
// when you start again, everything pauses and start to change.. and start a new life.. you don't need to pretend.

The Smashing Pumpkins – The End Is the Beginning Is the End Lyrics 13 years ago
this song is hard to decode.. its cryptic.. but beautiful.. lyrically and poetically..

but i'll try...

The sewers belch me up
The heavens spit me out
From ethers tragic I am born again
And now I'm with you now
Inside your world of wow!
To move in desires made of deadly pretends
'Till the end times begin
// probably, he meant sewers, the people on top of him. he is seekingly awaits his end, maybe a contract or deals, so he can begin again to be eternal.. to be in the other side(maybe the fans), where he can move freely without pretenses.

Is it bright where you are?
Have the people changed?
Does it make you happy you're so strange?
And in your darkest hour
I hold secrets' flame
You can watch the world devoured in it's pain
// he asked, is it bright where you are?// it maybe means, "are you shining on the other side?? are you happy about it??.." he said, in the dark times of your life, he holds these "secret flames" to shine, and maybe share some of his secrets. you'll see the world is consumed with pain. strangely.

Climb my ribcage to
The replays run for you
Unhook my lights to peek behind the flash
For I am crystal chrome
I am shatter dome
I am kremlin king of angels avenged
To destroy the end
// he is singing his hearts out, to play his music, and his pieces, for he is like a messenger bringing a message that it's not gonna end.. its a beginning...

The zeppelins rain upon us
The guns of love disastrous
A shadow lies amongst you
To defy the future cast...
//if the end times, or simply "the end" is haunting you, that it's like a battle.. to fight it with love(which is powerful that can bring destruction), where each and everyone of us, in our darkest self, that we don't like the end times, and that it's our innate ability not to be destroyed by fate... to fight for it..and defy.

The Smashing Pumpkins – Stand Inside Your Love Lyrics 13 years ago
it's about the one he loves, for sure..
it's like destiny, whom he waited all his life. and he is madly in love with her.. longing for her.. that nobody can separate them.. his girl of his dreams.. to make him complete all his life..

and because he love her so much, that he would do anything for her.. to protect her for she is pure and beautiful.. that he'll do anything for the one he loves.

and for the first time
i feel as though i am reborn in my mind
recast as child and mystic sage
//when the moment he met her, it was the first time he felt young again... yet felt wise like an old man.. about love because he known his love, for she was his wish a long time ago.

for the first time
i'm telling how much i need and bleed for
your every move and waking sound in my time
i'll wrap my wrap my wire around your heart
and your mind, you're mine forever now
//he wants her very much... that he wants to be with her always.. he wont forget her. he felt alive when he's with her... he will love her always/all his time/forever.

The Smashing Pumpkins – The Everlasting Gaze Lyrics 13 years ago
maybe it like a dedication or a song for his fans.. that him and the band still exist.. (machina era)

it's like. if you know someone in the past and you remember that someone, they are not considered dead, they live in our heads.

so like him, if the fans still think about and supports him and the band, they still there playing music.. it's not yet their end..

they stay in the fans' memories but memories are not forgotten.. memories live inside our head. waiting to be remembered. it may consider everlasting coz it doesn't die, unless dies on a cruel death..

Silverchair – Miss You Love Lyrics 13 years ago
** correction...
// he still misses the state of love..
he appreciates how love is and how love is treating him,
but he hates it coz he had to love in return. it's like selfish.
maybe coz he had to.
it's like becoming an obligation.

Silverchair – Miss You Love Lyrics 13 years ago
love is a great mystery, even i myself don't understand it.. it's confusing.. hehe

Silverchair – Miss You Love Lyrics 13 years ago
Millionaire say
Got a big shot deal
And thrown it all away but
But I'm not too sure
How I'm supposed to feel
Or what I'm supposed to say
But I'm not, not sure,
Not too sure how it feels
To handle every day
And I miss you love
// maybe he meant, some person who had the passion (or love), once you have it, you don't want it anymore... he was confuse the idea of love.. he might have been missing real love or love itself. in this stanza, it may state that he doesn't have a clear idea about what love is.

Make room for the prey
'cause I'm coming in
With what I wanna say but
It's gonna hurt
And I love the pain
A breeding ground for hate but...
I'm not, not sure,
Not too sure how it feels
To handle everyday
Like the one that just past
In the crowds of all the people
//now, he realizes a bit about what love may be, the truth about love.. though he just realized that love gives sadness and pain. but he's not quite sure how to react when it comes to love in any form for that matter. It's just like it comes and it goes, and hurts you..

Remember today
I've no respect for you
And I miss you love
And I miss you love
//so he didn't like how love behaves. but he still misses love.

at the next stanza, he thought love is kinda cool, yet to be in love or feel love, he doesn't like the attitude of love itself giving him. It's like acting like a young child, in his terms,-- a teenage, where you love and hate. even him still doesn't know how to cope with it.

I love the you love
But I hate the way
I'm supposed to love you back

//he hates how love works.
but he still misses the state of being love.
maybe coz he had to.
he had to love in return. its selfish.
it's like becoming an obligation.

The Smashing Pumpkins – Cherub Rock Lyrics 13 years ago
All those angels with their wings glued on
'cause deep down
THEY are frightened and THEY're scared
If you don't stare

//the angels may represent ppl who live like and act like angels.. and seem to do what angels do. they are like heaven-sent and pure, but they are not really angels. most angels were praised by ppl in high regard. and the ppl praise them..
he said on the lyrics that, deep inside, they(the angels) are afraid if ppl don't give attention, or notice...or for some angels, they cant make money and the "stare thing" out of it. that they can't make more money if you're not glued on to those angels.. it was a risk. coz they really want money out of you, and beyond means, you have to be like "glued",-- to 'stare'. just like what shadefire3 stated.

it was maybe about about billy on his journey to be successful in his music career.. he was told by someone some tips and "secret stuff".. to do this and that.. do what's hip and what ppl want.. what's going on in the industry.. the money, etc.. coz you aint gonna go to the top if you dont do this(insert secret stuff and tips). and he finds it surprisingly true or effective, and he wants to know more about it.. and he has stay cool about it.. and be a puppet for a time..

he wants to stay out of it..

The Smashing Pumpkins – Cherub Rock Lyrics 13 years ago
All those angels with their wings glued on
// maybe means, those angels meant in the song are not actually angels. they just glue their wings on to look like angels.

The Smashing Pumpkins – Cherub Rock Lyrics 13 years ago
We are frightened and we're scared
If you don't stare
// scared of what will happen to the hipsters..

The Smashing Pumpkins – Cherub Rock Lyrics 13 years ago
Freak out
And give in
Doesn't matter what you believe in
Stay cool
And be somebody's fool this year
'cause they know
Who is righteous, What is bold
So I'm told
//may mean just do what the bosses told you to do.. what's right and hip. and just be cool about it.
//coz someone told him that's how the music industry works(like in rock music), that.. it doesnt matters things whats you believe in, as long as it rocks, 'on the edge', out of control (freak-out).

Who wants honey
As long as there's some money
Who wants that honey?
//he was told that, nobody wants a material which is not selling.
//or who would be interested on a material(as sweet as honey) that is not selling??

Hipsters unite
Come align for the big fight to rock for you
But beware
All those angels with their wings glued on
'cause deep down
We are frightened and we're scared
If you don't stare
// so he said, ok.. this is it.. come along, prepare for battle of what the hipsters want..
//but to the hipsters, probably, a bad side effect for hipsters if they don't "look" what's its all about, and wahts going on right in front of them, especially when the "angels spread their wings".
// the angels (cherubs) who will rock for you

Let me out
Let me out
Let me out
Let me out
// may mean, he was living in a cage, that he cant do what he wanted to do..
// let loose

Tell me all of your secrets
Cannot help but believe this is true
Tell me all of your secrets
I know, I know, I know,
Should have listened when I was told
//he wanted to know more of the 'secret' stuff. which most of it was actually true, and he couldnt believe of what he found out. he must have learned these, who was suggested by someone. he had regrets, for maybe, his material didn't make it to the top.. or, he's material was not approved by the big bosses. his work might have rejected.

I'm not sure what about the song meaning, but this is what i understand from the song. *whew*

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