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Massive Attack – Teardrop Lyrics 7 years ago
Out of all these posts, yours is probably the best, and most appropriate.

Well done.

Aeon Spoke – Silence Lyrics 8 years ago
Very well played.

Cynic – King of Those Who Know Lyrics 8 years ago
To me, this song has always been about transition from life, through death, into beyond.

There are many allusions to this I feel, and if you keep that thought in mind, it's fairly dominant.

A couple of my favorite lines within the song though are :

"Save me from hope that I'll be saved."
"We raise the vibratory level so high, that all untruth will fall of it's own dead weight."

Just a couple nuances within it I suppose. All in all, it's my second favorite song on the album.

Frost – Black Light Machine Lyrics 8 years ago
I could not agree more. I like the Chemical Plant-esque funk that takes place.

Absolutely fantastic!

Fair to Midland – Musical Chairs Lyrics 9 years ago
I have to disagree with the song having a strong basis on or about Christianity. (No offense of course)

I believe that verse just to be a generality. Something in which people can know of, and hold reference to.

I personally feel this song is about living, and the choices there in. The fact that we have limitless options before us. We all have a vast array of options in this life, without the "definite" answer.

There are many of these which attempt to influence us in one direction or another, when truly others are just as well in the dark as ourselves. It seems he also expresses the curiosity in possibilities, and the ease of getting lost when you essentially have so many paths before you.

In the end though, he expresses the "Stick in the mud" symbolism. Implying maybe that he has security in his own position.

All in all I feel this song is about making your decisions in life and sticking to them; while not forgetting that your own path is not the only one. To not follow sway to whispers of others, but to go where your heart leads you.

To find your own truths, for yourself.

Symphony X – Through the Looking Glass (Part I, II, III) Lyrics 9 years ago
A truly, truly amazing song.

I think my personal view of the song is that the story "Through The Looking Glass" is only an example used to express ideals. The ability to find not only the strength you need to find in yourself, but to overcome many imposed illusions one might encounter in life. To find the truth for yourself, not matter how "twisted" things may be around you.

By far, one of the most intrepid songs I've ever had the pleasure of listening to.

Fair to Midland – (Tibet) Dance of the Manatee Lyrics 10 years ago


Not to be a stickler or anything, but some of these lyrics are incorrect as some have pointed out. :\

Personally I feel this song is about staying true no matter the circumstances or what is thrown to divert you.

My opinion of course, simply put.

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