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David Cook – Bar-Ba-Sol Lyrics 12 years ago
I think the speaker has gotten completely drunk the night before (among other things...) and probably the night before that in a conscious attempt to forget all his problems and mistakes. He knows that what he's feeling today is the consequences of 'forgetting', but will likely do the same thing over and over, because he doesn't want the memories.

In reference to the title, Barbasol is a brand of shaving cream, but the brand is also on body wash and aftershave. General clean up items. He knows he should shape up and clean up his life(style) but again does not want the memories of past problems/mistakes. There are other songs that use this brand to imply the same meaning.

James Blunt – Out Of My Mind Lyrics 13 years ago
Well, I partially agree with some of the comments here, but here's what I think.

I believe this is about how James thinks of what he's doing at that time in his life. He is playing into the world of glamour and fame, to get his name out there, to spread his thoughts and music, but he knows he must be careful not to be consumed by it. It's easy for a real artist to be bastardized by the world they get caught up in.

The first two lines (and the repetition of them in the second verse) are indicative of how the world today works - everything comes down to how people view you in the world, and that modern civilization worships outer beauty above all else. If you're not defined by your beauty you're not defined at all generally.

The phrase 'monkey on my shoulder' (usually 'monkey on my back') refers to an addiction or an obsessive need. Definitely something that wants to consume you or overtake you.
But James knows the story here - he knows the monkey is there, and he knows how the world works. They will take anything they can and leave him barren and empty. And still he knows he must move forward, and so he will make no excuses, he will do what he must. Even if it means bending to the will of the world. He must play the part of the puppet and do as others say for the time being. But as he states in the second verse "I won't be your concubine - I'm a puppet not a whore", he won't let it go farther than that. They can tell him where to sing and when perhaps, but they can't change who he is or the message he has to tell.

The final two lines of both verses are James' plea to the public to hear his music and understand what he is trying to do here. His music is his heart and that is what he's trying to share.

The whole song is tied together with the line "I'm out of my mind".
James doesn't like these games anymore than anyone else does, but it is the way the world works.

Breaking Benjamin – The Diary of Jane Lyrics 13 years ago
Well, in terms of music vids...a lot of the time the artists are not the ones writing or directing the videos. With that in mind there may be very little coalition between what Breaking Benjamin are trying to say with this song and what the director of the video is trying to say with this video.

I've skimmed through the comments here and there's one thing that I have always thought that no one else seems to have commented on.
For the most part the names Jane and John are representative of their gender as a whole - ie. Jane Doe or John Doe, or even Dear John letters.

Quite literally I always felt this song was about the struggle of one sex/gender trying to understand the motives of another. Men and women alike tend to talk of genders as a whole - women are crazy, and men are pigs, for example.

The fact that the speaker is trying to find his place in the 'diary of Jane' (among other lines), makes me think that the speaker is ready for a real relationship, but is not having any success and he's trying to understand why. It can be fairly frustrating looking for the right person and time and time again failing for reasons you don't quite comprehend.

My two cents.


Black Label Society – Spoke In The Wheel Lyrics 13 years ago
Well, whether this song was written in reference to a particular time or space, it can be taken in many different ways.

I always thought this song was about someone very close to him - his father perhaps, or a former best friend. Someone he has realized will never be the person he needs them to be.
But I don't know that much about Zakk Wylde. This was just how I interpreted the tone of the song.

Pink – Oh My God (feat. Peaches) Lyrics 13 years ago
People can sing songs about things that they don't necessarily do or believe in. That said...I'm fairly certain Pink has said in many interviews that she has dated women (as laydee already pointed out).

This song has always sounded like it's about sex between women to me. No doubt about it. Very hot tune.

Pink – Unwind Lyrics 13 years ago
I'm pretty sure the lyrics are:

"Somebody comfort me
S-s-southern comfort me
Somebody comfort me"

This makes sense in the song too.
The song is about indulging in vices to escape the world or to make yourself feel better. In this case alcoholism.

"a bottle made of silver" - this is a flask...and Southern Comfort is a whiskey.

Amanda Marshall – Last Exit to Eden Lyrics 13 years ago
As this is one of my most favourite songs ever, forgive me if I go a little overboard.

The premise of this song is simple: someone (the speaker) has just walked out on a relationship, and this is the moment of her doubt.

The song uses the imagery of the motel room and the sensory perception of the speaker to nail home the feeling of loneliness and the fear that there may never be anything more than what there was. Traditionally in religious views, thoughts of fear and doubt are seeded by the devil, or absolute evil - which is represented here by the drunk upstairs (Johnny Walker Red is a premium whiskey). The fact that he is 'upstairs' is no coincidence either - most often people listen to their fears and doubts and take it to be truth, like the word of God. But the devil, after all, is the trickster.

The garden of Eden was supposed to be a place without fear or unhappiness. In this case Eden, as her destination, is ultimate love.
The speaker reveals that she fears that by listening to her instincts and walking out of this relationship she has lost her only hope of ever finding love.

Judas is the betrayer of Jesus. Therefore in this image her heart is Judas, listening to it like his kiss, damned her to her current situation. Sealed her fate, if you will.

I adore this song. I love fierce finality of it. I wouldn't change a single thing about it.

Amanda Marshall – Let It Rain Lyrics 13 years ago
I don't necessarily think that this song has much to do with a failed relationship.

I think this is about a person who feels the need to change their life. They are stuck somewhere with no chance of moving forward and now must make the choice to force that change by doing something drastic.

The lines 'let it rain' are their wish to be cleansed of their past and their fears and their so-called-sins, and be given the courage to do what they must do.

While I agree that there is an element of the speaker having stayed where she is because of someone else (someone she felt strongly about), I don't think that is the only thing that she needs to change. I think it's her life, in total.

Amanda Marshall – Beautiful Goodbye Lyrics 13 years ago
I agree with the above.

This song makes me want to sit back with a glass of wine and reminisce.

Emm Gryner – Yellow Lyrics 13 years ago
I love this song. No matter how many times I listen to it I get something different out of it every single time.

It sounds so sadly listless. Like the realization that you've been living in a dreamworld and everything you've wanted has been slipping through your fingers while you were day dreaming.

I'd love to hear someone else's thoughts on this song.

Emm Gryner – Half Sorry Lyrics 13 years ago
I'm surprised that no one else has commented on this song.

I think this song is about realizing much too late that you've been in love with someone. And they're already gone. You've missed your chance and all you have left is yourself.

The Fray – Trust Me Lyrics 13 years ago
My thoughts on this song are very similar to other posts already made.

I think this song is the musings of someone who's realized that there is no certainties in this life. People come and go from your life so fast and most of the time without reason. It hurts when they're gone, but that's the way life is.

Your soul grows older by leaps and bounds, with every day that passes and with every person you meet and lose. The older you get the more you are able to understand that there is nothing concrete - no one to trust (not trust in the traditional sense but, trust as in to depend on to never betray or leave you).

Abra Moore – Trip On Love Lyrics 13 years ago
I don't necessarily think this song is about rejection...I think it's more about enjoying a relationship without defining it. Once it's been analyzed and defined then there are rules and expectations.

A lot of the time people feel the need to attach a deep meaning to events in life and they over-think everything to the point that they're not living those moments.

Alison Krauss – In The Palm Of Your Hand Lyrics 13 years ago
I am not a religious person, and I don't necessarily believe in a god, but I understand this song.

It's about perfect faith and how important it is to have something to believe in. Spirituality in any form is essential to living.

Alison Krauss – New Favorite Lyrics 13 years ago
Very, very sad song. I love the tone set by the music itself.

This song is the final realization that your relationship is over. I think it's about losing not only a lover, but a best friend (old standby, your right-hand guy is nothing new). For most people it's very hard to move on from something like that. Especially when you don't understand the reasons why.

There are similar themes in many of Krauss' songs (The Lucky One, It Doesn't Matter, That Kind Of Love, etc), but this song captures it the best in my opinion.

Alison Krauss – It Doesn't Matter Lyrics 13 years ago
It's about loving enough to let go, no matter how much you want to hand on.

Alison Krauss – The Lucky One Lyrics 13 years ago
I have always liked this song, for very personal reasons.

I agree with amm4sf and maymyheart.
From my perspective it's about being left.
There are people who love too much and stay, and there are people who are satisfied with a one-night stand and the excitement of moving on from there to someone new.

I am one of those who stays and holds on, and I know far too many of the lucky ones who can quickly move on and leave behind.

Alison Krauss – Forget About It Lyrics 13 years ago
I can't really believe that no one has commented on this song.

This is one of those beautifully simplistic songs.
To me it represents that time and space when you realize that what you're losing really isn't something that was good for you anyway. You may love someone forever, but you can still move on without them.

Damien Rice – The Blower's Daughter Lyrics 13 years ago
My view of this song has never changed.
To me this song has never been about a relationship, and therefore not a break up.
She never loved him. He was infatuated with her, but could never have her.
This song is about what it feels like to be so close and yet so far.
Watching the music video for this song only makes me believe that more. Damien standing on that beach behind Lisa....he's staring at her while she's dreaming of the world ahead of her, completely oblivious to him.

And he knows she'll never think of him the way he does her. And he knows he must move on.

The Corrs – What Can I Do Lyrics 13 years ago
I loved this song the moment I first heard it.

The lyrics are simple, so is the song.
But in it's simplicity it conveys a complicated situation. Loving someone who will possibly never love you back.

The speaker knows that the one she loves will never love her. She knows it's useless to try and hope. But part of her always will hope and therefore try. Love does that to you.

The Corrs – Only When I Sleep Lyrics 13 years ago
I agree with copperblue.
This is one of my favourite songs by the Corrs (although there are many favourites).

I always had the impression that the girl speaking in the song is lusting after a fantasy. That the person she wants only exists in those dreams. Very vivid dreams.

Alternatively, it could be about a girl who wants someone who has absolutely no idea SHE exists. Hence she is forced to only have them in her dreams.

It is creepy sounding, but that is what I find so great about this song. It's feverish...that's the only way I can describe it.

Cold – Remedy Lyrics 13 years ago
To me this song isn't a general "I'm so different from everyone else" song.
This is a direct point to someone specific. Or so it sounds to me.

The writer/speaker makes a big deal of pointing out that he is not the same as this person he is talking about. This person seems to have laid back while their life passed them by (losing themselves to alcoholism or drug abuse) and the speaker will not do the same. He will chase his dreams until he dies, he will let life happen and move on when it doesn't go the way he wants - unlike whomever he's talking to.

The 'remedy' is whatever crutch that person was using. Whatever numbed them enough to allow their lost dreams and life to just waste away and die. The speaker doesn't want this 'remedy'. He'd rather fight and feel the pain.

Jesse Cook – Fall At Your Feet Lyrics 13 years ago
This song has been covered a few times, but I find myself returning to this version simply because Cook is an amazing guitarist. I love the way this cover sounds.

I actually take this song very personally. For me it's about being in love with someone who doesn't love you (or can't), but you still hope that they will.
It sounds to me that the song isn't about cheating on someone, it's about being the 'other man' (or woman as the case may be). The person you love belongs with someone already, and they will always go home.

Jann Arden – Unloved Lyrics 13 years ago
I love this song. One of my favourite Jann songs.

The only thing that struck me was the significance of 1962 and being ready for a fight. The Vietnam War was in effect from 1959 until 1975 (I think). But I don't think that's what she was talking about.

Jann herself was born in March of 1962, in Canada. Canada had a very small role in the Vietnam War, and Jann would have been very young while it was waging.

Jann Arden – Sorry For Myself Lyrics 13 years ago
For some reason I always interpreted this song as being tongue-in-cheek.

Or perhaps even she's realized that she's been doing these things, and knows that it's useless. That the world is much larger than her own problems.

Given the other songs on the album (Another Human Being, or Piece Of It All for example...) I'd have to stick with that idea.

Jann Arden – Never Give Up On Me Lyrics 13 years ago
This song, to me, has always been about a relationship between people who are not (necessarily) lovers, but friends. Best friends. Soul mates. The person who, at the end of everything, will still be there for you, no matter what's happened.

I'm led to believe this mostly because of the second verse. One hundred lovers still couldn't compare to the bond between these two.

Jann Arden – Leave Me Now Lyrics 13 years ago
It really is hard enough to love someone who doesn't love you back. If they just can't love you, then they may as well leave you be so you can move on.

Jann Arden – Give Me Back My Heart Lyrics 13 years ago
This is probably one of the most personal songs I've ever heard. The way it's written seems to me like the inner thoughts of the mind, not something stated to someone else. A silent plea.

The lyrics and music are haunting. The sound of desolation.

This song is about the fact that love does not last forever. You can give someone all you have - all you are - and still it ends. And that time is the loneliest time in life. After the anger and the tears, all you're left with is the need to find yourself again - to reclaim the bits of yourself that you have lost. Your happiness, your faith, and your heart.

Jann Arden – Another Human Being Lyrics 13 years ago
I think this song is more than nonsensical. My opinion of course.

Jann's painting an image for the listener about a specific way of life in a specific place. She's then using that image to tell us that 'the world is bigger than me', showing us her self-realization that in this world, we are each insignificant.
That thought is also expressed when she talks about the child running from the elephant and she wishes she 'had the guts to save the day'.
The world (our existence, not the physical earth, but the way we live) being the child, the elephant representing what our population is doing to it, and her just another human being on the planet - feeling as though they themselves can do nothing.

People as a whole forget what the world has given them, and forget that they can give back to it. The world needs love.
I think the first verse is a comment on religion in this sense too. People don't know their own paths, and instead of looking inward to find who they are and what they can do they look to 'the preacher' for guidance. This line is meant as your religion or faith is brought forth from an exterior point, instead of from within.
Later on Jann expands on this thought to say that the preacher tells you to 'run like mad/leave everything you have and follow me'. Most organized religions demand that you follow certain codes or give up certain things. Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of faith?

On our own, we are each insignificant. We find small things to keep up those barriers between us - religion, race, social status, sexuality. But if we could only 'trust another human being on the planet', we could be more than what we are.

That's what this song says to me.

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