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Deerhunter – Nothing Ever Happened Lyrics 11 years ago
I hear "Eliminate what you can't repair" not the lemonade thing.

Antioch Arrow – Date With Destiny Lyrics 11 years ago
It's "love was the curse put on me" not cuspid, this isn't holy molar for christ sake

Wolf Parade – California Dreamer Lyrics 11 years ago
For the sake of making this easier to read, the boy will be the person who is speaking, and the girl will be the one who left, not being sexist just trying to make this easier to understand.

Anyways the girl left the boy, he was faithful and loved her but she left anyways. Not to be an actress, or even to move to California, I think that Krug is trying to convey the behavior of the girl by using the California state of mind metaphor. She doesn't want to stay with him, maybe she is afraid of commitment and wants to live her life without putting any effort, she wants everything to be easy. The boy was a faithful lover but gets torn apart by the girl because he feels she left him in order to escape the responsibility that comes with being in a serious relationship.

Also I believe the boy is almost politely vilifying the girl. He's telling her she won't find any true happiness because she left their relationship in a hurtful and dishonest way, and will repeat the same mistakes over and over, living without being honest to herself or future lovers.

The girl is obsessive over youth and living it up, and uses this to convince herself out of committing herself into a meaningful relationship just because the growing relationship won't always be easy. This really hurts the boy because he realizes that he was practically used in the relationship, a boyfriend when she wanted one, and thrown away when not needed.

"Do the young stay pretty, do the pretty stay quick?
You know, but you never surrender
The city doesn't belong to you anymore
California dreamer
I'll be around, I'll be around, I'll be around
Like a teenager in town
With all the other young lovers their mothers may have found
California dreamer "
to me this is the most important part of the song when defining its meaning. The boy is asking questions as a way of stating answers. "You won't always be young, and you won't always have your looks, I was with you for genuine reasons and some day you will realize that. And it will be painful because you threw away our relationship for the idea that you could live out some sense of youth that doesn't truly exist, and if it did...that feeling will have been long gone by the time you realize what you have wasted. So she may think she's in control, but she does not own the city, and the city will eventually break her. The boy knows this, but it doesn't comfort him, that's why he doesn't call her out on it. After all at one point and time they were lovers so he chooses to respect that.

For me the simple meaning of the song is "I respect the relationship we once had but live your life with the mistakes you have made and I will live mine missing the old you."

Interpol – Rest My Chemistry Lyrics 11 years ago
First I would like to say that this is in my opinion the only great song on olta.

Anyways to me this song has nothing to do with drugs. The speaker has been devastated by a girl and "resting his chemistry" is referring to coming to terms with the ending of his relationship. He has to finally rest the "chemistry" with that significant other. I believe that the "lines" being referred to is just a way of stating that many of his friends come to aid him in his state. And yeah it helps, but the only thing that can truly set him free is realizing it's over. Also, after being in a break up we all can attest to sweating, staying up all night, missing that person who was the daisy in our eyes.

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