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Kate Voegele – Where The Sidewalk Cracks Lyrics 9 years ago
So I've had this song for a while but the meaning just really hit home with me today. It's definitely about falling for a guy who wasn't willing to catch you and realizing that you're the one who's got to pick yourself off of the ground in order to make things change. It's also about not going back to the way things were just because of old hopes or old comfort. Sometimes it makes you a little gunshy about starting a new relationship, but at least you've got your eyes open going in so you don't repeat a negative history. It's really good advice and a wonderful song.

Tegan and Sara – Nineteen Lyrics 10 years ago
There's something about this song, especially the end when she's asking if she was "yours" that is full of desperation. Mostly I think that it's about the protagonist feeling more for the person, and the other person doesn't feel the same way at all. The protagonist felt something for the person right away, something just clicked, but it was recipricated and now the protagonist just doesn't know what to do.

These lyrics, the haunting voices, are just incredible.

Taylor Swift – Forever and Always Lyrics 10 years ago
I think that the lines "it rains when you're here and it rains when you're gone" is basically saying that the situation sucks in general, and when he's there lying to her and when he's gone after, it doesn't change a thing, or maybe it just doesn't matter either way to her anymore.

Bethany Joy Lenz – Ophelia Lyrics 10 years ago
Someone has a video where she's talking to Joy about this song and she said that it's a break up video...

"Everybody loves a fool, Everybody walks away"
"This has been such a sad affair"

And I think she was also alluding to Hamlet with the use of the name "Ophelia"

Beautiful song :)

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