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Pixies – There Goes My Gun Lyrics 11 years ago
Here's what I think... and I think its a pretty damn solid take on the song, especially given Charles' habits of using sound, volume, effects and inflection to add description or reference to whatever story he was telling:

The song is a story about an abstracted encounter with and shooting of a hostile stranger...

1st verse: "Yoo-hoo" Charles is shouting out loud to get the attention of someone far away from him

2nd verse: "Look at me" Charles is shouting with increasing volume from an echoy distance, in another attempt to get the unknown's attention.

3rd verse: "Friend or foe?" Charles starts out with shouting, and with each repetition, it gets quieter and less echoy... the person is getting closer, until finally we are right there with Charles whispering to us.

This is where "There goes my gun" comes in as the conclusion- the chorus of the song that we've been listening to. The unknown is in fact a foe, and Charles' gun goes off.

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