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Tarnation – Little Black Egg Lyrics 12 years ago
I remember this song from high school in the late 60's, in Ohio. I live in Georgia now and no one my age ever heard of it, or even believes there was such a weird song. Anyone out there remember this song? From what part of the country? Wonder if it was regional or national. I always thought it was about a white guy who got a black girl pregnant. Gotta be. And back in the 60's they really would have been stretching their necks.

Steve Martin – King Tut Lyrics 12 years ago
Just went to the King Tut exhibit in Atlanta. Didn't see the donkey! Everybody at the exhibit was saying "King Tut" just like in the song, but no one could remember the words. Wish I'd looked them up before I went to the exhibit.

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