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Sick Puppies – Riptide Lyrics 9 years ago

Chevelle – Highland's Apparition Lyrics 11 years ago
this song is actually about a sort of haunting they had in the first house they bought together. The house was on highland st. hence the name of the song.

Awoke up certain lays a tomb
Her tree holds it
Unbeknownst still sending chills

the body of the previous owners father was buried under a tree in there yard. the line " Unbeknownst still sending chills" refers to how each of them felt like they were being touched while they were sleeping, giving them the chills. they were in an interview thing on Octane, where they explained their album

Vanna – She's A Real Battleaxe Lyrics 12 years ago
We're wrapped inside
Eachother's eyes
In this place that we call home
Lets take our time
And try to find
The things we love to fear the most

Favorite line

Mute Math – Control Lyrics 12 years ago
i dont know much about this band so i could be completely wrong about this, but i dont think that this song is about God. instead, a girl, that he's surrendering to, someone that he doesnt want to be without. good song tho

Adair – The Diamond Ring Lyrics 12 years ago
great song, the first line is the best. Its weird how songs make so much more sense when you listen to them while youre hurting. but yea, the version that was on the taste of chaos album is the best.

The Get Up Kids – Never Be Alone Lyrics 12 years ago
"The bottle won't help you forget this"

favorite line in the song, great album

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