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Muse – Exo-Politics Lyrics 8 years ago
Zeta is the 6th letter in the Greek alphabet which has a numerical value of 7 - and it is also where we get our English letter Z from. What I believe he is saying is that when the 7's fill our skies. Or if we refer to the letter Z of our alphabet - when the 7's (the end) fills the skies - will our leaders tell us why. We all know about the rapture and most people consider 777 nowadays to be the number of the "saved" people.

In one part of the song Matt says "it's just our leaders in disguise" therefore still sticking to the fact that everything our government feeds us is a lie - including the things that seem to be confirmed by Revelation.

It's a mystery ;]

Camera Obscura – I Need All the Friends I Can Get Lyrics 8 years ago
i was that guy today :[

The Myriad – Stuck In A Glass Elevator Lyrics 8 years ago
love this song.

we're all in glass elevators. They're designed to go wherever we want them to go, the choice is completely up to us - up to heaven or down to you know.

"is it just me
or is it getting hotter in this place"

you know what this means, don't act like you don't

we want to break out and run away sometimes cuz we know where our glass elevators are headed - and alot of kids do (suicide [so so sad]), but they forgot all it takes is to look at the "panel" and press the up button or pick the emergency phone and call for help. - yep, it's THAT simple.

feeling "hot" where you are? just call a friend for help. don't try to break out on your own, the glass will break on its own in the end - and we will be, where we will be.

The Myriad – Braver Than The Rest Lyrics 8 years ago
we seem to always want to have the solution to everyone's problems when we have the worst problems of our own and people try to help us we think - "pfft, i've been doing this for years - they've just begin - who are they to teach me."

we think everyone around us should be doing all the work all the time, if you think you know the right things to do - then do them? Oi wait, - "if you're asking me, no it won't be me" - we seem to always back out of what we ourselves try to teach others. Hard isn't it?

The Myriad – Polar Bears And Shark Fins Lyrics 8 years ago
we pretend like everything and everyone out there ISN'T out there to hurt our souls. Yet, indeed the majority are. The devil comes as an angel of light, it's true - so appealing to the eye. The things that can hurt us most are the things we trust, all it would take is to read the signs and run away, but we roll on as if we don't see the "sharks" and "polar bears" running throughout our towns.

Then comes the point - maybe we're just wanting to ignore the signs and break the rules? Yes - that's usually the issue. We're not programmed to ignore signs, but it's so easy to pretend that they're not there. This song can be referring to any aspect of Christians but i think it's specifically speaking about people who go about trying to "fall in love and break rules for just one day." (if you know what i mean).

The Myriad – Holiest Of Thieves Lyrics 8 years ago
some people understand love more than others, but for some reason the ones who seem to actually understand love are the ones who seem to be wrong. the ones who actually love don't usually put a fight unless it REALLY becomes a necessity, they're usually the giving, accepting, understanding, peaceful ones - yet in the song the ones who seem to be trying to do all the "fixing" are the "holy thieves." They seem to always have a need to break and fix everything - notice it wasn't broken to begin with.

The ones with love offer everything in the end to try to show love to the holy thieves, even down to the last bit, offering them to cut off their shaking fists, (burn a hole right through us with a kiss [possibly a reference to Judas Iscariot]) and in the end - giving up their very lives. The whole time all they were doing was trying to show love. I could go on forever. Great song. Album slightly confusing - which saddens me. Seems like they slightly gave in to being the "intricate" band and their lyrics seem to get lost in that a little. I'd rather head a song and get the point and find a deeper meaning later than listen to it - read the lyrics - and then be like what? And waste my time like a grandfather clock.

The Myriad – A Clean Shot Lyrics 8 years ago
sad sad people. almost every song nowadays has a double meaning nowadays to please both sides of the spectrum - the ones who don't want it to be about Christianity - and the ones who do. THE SONG PLEASES BOTH OF YOU - The Myriad achieved that goal - congratulate them, theyre a great bunch. Considered Christian? Go on their myspace and read about their drummer dying from cancer - they talk about their Savior Jesus Christ. I don't think they "consider" themselves Christian, they are.

Now for the song meanings (watch the music video on youtube). I'm just gonna look at the Christian point of view, go ahead and condemn me for this, you might figure out the meaning of the song by doing this.

Lyrically i believe this song is talking about how God calls out for us and tries to reach us no matter where we are or what we're going through in our lives, but when someone falls away from God alot of "Christians" go and condemn those people as if they were never in that position themselves. Notice in the music video the little creatures talking about the "monster" in their woods are little monsters themselves - also living in the woods where no one will see them. They think just because someone looks or acts a little different than they do they're monstrocious and need to be rid of.

We're all little monsters and we all mess up - that's the whole mystery of this world. NO ONE IS PERFECT - if we were perfect or achieved anything on our own we wouldn't need Jesus. Some people think they're so holy that all they do is look at others in disgust. We're all fallen, and we all need God, and he watches ALL of us - and not just SOMETIMES when we're living the best part of our lives - but even when we're doing disgusting things in secret. He sees all our deeds, not just how we're living RIGHT NOW, but ALL the time. He calls to us no matter which part of life we're going through.

Would you say so if you thought of Him? (or reject Him?) Would it crush you if saw Him on the cross? (or do you not need Jesus right now?) Would you "dance" the same if you knew he was watching? (ALL THE TIME) Do you love Him the same in return? (That's all He wants from us) After-all, everyone knows it takes two to tango

Anberlin – Impossible Lyrics 8 years ago
Seeing as they're a Christian band the song's, let's say "christian" reference is quite deep.

our TRUE relationship with God starts with giving everything away and we get worn out by this process of giving things away yet at the same time we're actually wearing God out - cuz it's so hard for some reason to let go of everything that we have chosen to love - well actually lust after - that's why it's so hard to give up some things for God's sake.

eventually we reach a certain point of giving that instead of pleasing God with obedience we TRY to please and TRY to win His love, but that's not how it works. We have to learn to give things away when he asks us to - whether it be our time (to do something for someone), our money (seriously), certain friends (you know what im talking about), certain lifestyles ( name a few).

One of the biggest things is forgiving people, we hold so much against people, mostly we become so full of pride that we ourselves start to think we've reached some sort of authority level with God, when in reality all that's happened is that we've realized how close HE has stayed with us even when we chose to try to run away from Him - and all it took was to give up some things that were clouding our vision to see Him, right there, in front of us, with open arms.

God loves us - amen.

The Myriad – The Last Time Lyrics 8 years ago
people always look at the world and say it is dim fallen and strained - well- we're part of this whole mess.

or are we?

no. we can make a difference - through Christ.
let's be the city shining on a hill and spark a myriad of lights!

The Myriad – 10,000 X 10,000 Lyrics 8 years ago

The Myriad – When Fire Falls Lyrics 8 years ago
i wrote some lyrics that are eerily similar to this.

simply put - it's a reflection of the battle going on inside the writer of the song. directly speaking to "the fallen one." at the time i was still struggling with problems - and from what I see they're @ that stage as well. will be praying for these guys. we writers write, yes we write - about ourselves.

You're a lost cause now
So you drag me down
But your grip is loosening

Stand up for yourself
I'm tired of you
You're forbidden to touch
The most holy of fruits

Your story is written from the very start
When you chose to grieve - your first Lover's heart.

You're a lost cause now
So you grab at me
But we're separated by a Love so deep

Underoath – Too Bright to See, Too Loud to Hear Lyrics 10 years ago
Ok ima take a go at this, (watch a live video of it or go to their show).

Good God, if your song leaves our lips
If your work leaves our hands
Then we will be wonders and vagabonds
They will stare and say how empty we are, (&) how the freedom we had turned us up as dead men
==[if we turn from our faith people will look and say how empty we are and how our freedom actually got us to death [hell] instead of life (but in a secular world doing sin doesnt get u to death (hell) u just die and that's it)]

Let us be cold, make us weak
Let us, because we all have ears
Let us, because we all have eyes
[Romans 1:20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse. - If someone has eyes they can see God's nature in everything around them, if we have ears, we have most likely heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ therefore we should just be telling God to let us be cold because we're so ashamed/excuseless for sinning]

How they knew that this would happen
[how they (world/anyone) knew we would stumble/sin/lose our way]

We�re so run down
Good God! Can you still get us home
[we're so messed up can you still get such sinners into heaven?]

How can we still get home
[i guess we will find out in the next two lines! :D]

Im not dreaming
[yep: this is not a dream folks\

We�re forgetting our forgiveness
[that's how God can get us, such sinners bak into his grace and into heaven]

Thrice – Silver Wings Lyrics 11 years ago
DISGUISTIPATED I think u need to calm down bro, just take it as the persons opinion and u have ur opinion. thats it, just agree to disagree and lets live in peace

and for all u RELIGIOUS PEOPLE out there i think u need to calm down also, state ur beliefs how u like but dont reply to every single post by restating that u think it's God/Christ, people get the point, when u keep restating that it means ur trying to PROVE something not "STATE UR OPINION" ok

case closed lets live in peace

Thrice – Child of Dust Lyrics 11 years ago
This is my own interpretation of the song, accept it or not, it will not change my belief unless it comes from the mouth of dustin, thnx

Okay first and foremost "I beleive" each verse is from a different POV

First Verse: Earth
Second Verse: God
Third Verse (6 lines not four): Cain

Three things first, i think in this song earth is portrayed as a "mother" in first verse because everything comes from earth just as a mother bears a child but for that child to even be there someone had to put it there so the other part of the song is "God" and the third part of the song is the creation "cain." I can clearly see this by reading the first sentence of every verse

Earth "bore" a child
God gave it "love"
Cain killed his brother: "A child of dust to mother now return;"

IF U WANT TO UNDERSTAND A SINGLE THING I WILL BE TALKING ABOUT u can read the bible passage, it's rather interesting to read :D
Genesis 4:1-15 (im not forcing anyone to read the bible but if u want to understand wut in the world im talking about u will want to read in on it)

Okay so here's my interpretation:

"Dear prodigal, you are my son and I
Supplied you not your spirit, but your shape."

(he's just establishing from whose point of view this verse is from)

"All Eden's weath arrayed before your eyes;
I fathomed not you wanted to escape."

okay the lyrics are WRONG 100% sure of it
it's supposed to say "All Eden's WEALTH"
Weath isn't even a stinkin word... anyways lol

Since earth grows the plants and stuff it (earth) talks about showing the people the glory it made in the garden of "eden"; since its supposedly one of the most beautiful places ever on earth and earth is saying how it can't fathom how someoen would want to leave a place like that because adam and eve knew they would die (leave eden) if they broke God's law

"And though I only ever gave you love,
like every child you’ve chosen to rebel;"

as i already said i think this verse is already from God's POV

"uprooted flowers and filled the holes with blood;"

this line to me is God talking about CAIN (adam and eve's son) from the bible, he was a person that dealt with earth and stuff and killed his brother (able) in a field (READ THE BIBLE PASSAGE AND U WILL SEE WHY I THINK THIS AND THAT IM NOT JUST TRYING TO STICK MY BELIEFS IN THIS WONDERFUL FORUM)

"ask for not whom they toll the solemn bells."

Gods disgust at how cain tried to cover up his wrong doing by saying to God that he doesnt know where his brother abel is and then asking God a rhetorical question "am i my brother's keeper?" (simply disgusting)

"A child of dust to mother now return;
for every seed must die before it grows.
and though above the world may toil and turn,
no prying spade will find you here below.
Now safe beneath their wisdom and their feet,
Here i will teach you truly how to sleep."

from cains point of view like killing his brother in the field to make sure no one finds him in the ground "no prying spade will find you here below." like thinking that no one knows, but the thing is that it doesnt matter that no one knew, God still knew what he did

So what do I think the song means?
Basically to cherish everything we have here on earth and just being happy with what we have and definitely a lot of other stuff but i dont want to get into it, ill keep it to myself :) sorry that it's so long

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