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Nirvana – Polly Lyrics 7 years ago
This is incorrect... or at least your explanation is misleading. I have not heard/read anything about Kurt raping anyone, though I suppose I haven't heard anything saying that he hasn't either. Do you have any sources to say that?

Nirvana – Polly Lyrics 7 years ago
The song was written in 1989, I believe although I have also read that it was written sometime in '88 under a different name and was changed to Polly in 1989 (The song was left off of Bleach because it did not fit the sound of the rest of the album but was obviously included on Nevermind in 1991). The incident you are talking about happened in 1993.

Karnivool – Set Fire To The Hive Lyrics 8 years ago
I really do not think that this song has much to do with religion, definitely not anything to do with the sexual abuse that has come from priests... Definitely a political statement; that the masses blindly follow political leaders without questioning their lies. This is obviously why they get elected in the first place... "Your pretty-boy, pretty-face dolled up again A star for us to adore" cant help but bring about thoughts in my mind of Obama, as he has spent more time becoming the worlds biggest celebrity and sweet talking the masses to convince them that what he is doing is whats good for them. This is the political "game" I think; getting elected. However he ought to be doing more as his decisions arent just a game to the people who are effected by them.

Basically I think its asking the masses to wake up, similar to Goliath, and realize the system that they are perpetrating but do not seem to see even though its staring them in the face.

Disturbed – Overburdened Lyrics 10 years ago
Going along with the soldeir theory, does anyone think that this could be at least partly about terrorists? the only reason why I say that is because of the lines,

It's the closing of the curtain
In the play that was my life
Now this chapter's left all open tragedies inside
I was fighting for a reason
Holy blessed homicide
Seems I have committed treason
All I've sacrificed

I'm closing the curtain in the play that way my life-suicide bombing
Fighting for holy blessed homicide- dieing believing that they are doing God's will
but they find that they are wrong and because of it are going to Hell, not Heaven as they expected, despite what they bevlieve to have sacrificed, which would be their life.

anyway, thats what i was thinking

Dream Theater – Prophets of War Lyrics 10 years ago
Also, to back up the fact that LaBrie is very unbiased, his lines
The only thing
That I believe
Will help us see this through is faith
Pray they will forgive
Forgive our arrogance
So we can make it right
Right what they have wronged
can be interpreted in many ways. Many Dissenters believe that it is our fault and that we are arrogant to go over their and police the world or whatever other naive thoughts, while many others realize that this is an extension of the war on terrorism, and when researched, realize that Saddam Huessein harbored terrorists in his country, where accodring to US intelligence, some 8,000 terrorists were trained. Also, although Bin Laden was at the time in Afghanistan, Al Quaida had many terrorist camps in Iraq. this is where the line "right what they have wronged" comes in. at least thats what I thought, and it makes sense.

Dream Theater – Prophets of War Lyrics 10 years ago
I have to say that this song is pretty unbiased, and because everything is a metaphor, it all depends on the listener's interpretation. For example, profit doesn't necessarily mean money or power, but perhaps will the ends justify the means. So one could say instead of "are we profiting from war?" "Is the world safer with these tyrants out of power" like I took it to be "is the world profiting from the war."

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