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Blues Image – Ride Captain Ride Lyrics 13 years ago
I though it was about big gay al's big gay boatride

Peter Gabriel – Games Without Frontiers Lyrics 13 years ago
Good points by all, yes in a nutshell, this song compares the silly selfish games that children play to those of adults, who are just as equally silly, only problem is their games have dire consequences for lots of other innocent people..

and yes, Adolf built a bonfire - Hitler was very close to building an atomic weapon, some say in a few months to a year he would have had it- and Enrico (Fermi) plays with it- the manhattan project was partially based on what German research they could get to build the first bomb, hence Enrico gets to play with the bonfire that Adolf started to build

Steppenwolf – Rock Me Lyrics 13 years ago
on the surface, this song may seem like your typical "lover scorned" type song, but reading between the lines, pondering on the underlying meanings, it seems to me to be about mother nature and what we collectively have done to her (in particular the wealthy patriarchical military industrial complex) I'll elaborate :

She asked me maybe
I would share her sorrow
About the men that tried to treat her wrong

it's kind of obvious that mother earth is crying out for our help, so we can share her pain and possibly start to make the environment and the world a better place, and of course "all the men who treated her wrong" is an obvious reference to the white male dominated corporate military indurtrial complex, who everyone knows are the major causers of war, poverty, suffering and of course environmental destruction as of recent decades, including the 60's.

Though just a baby
A waiting her tomorrow

this could be a reference to the fact that life and the
present natural wonder and beauty of our planet is a relatively recent phenomenon in the history of the universe, and awaiting tommorrow, is trying to tell us that its not too late to change our dectructive course..

She needs an answer to her confusion
someone to guide her with tenderness

the earth needs environmentally conscious people to tend to her wounds, is confused on why we would treat the only place we have as a home in such a manner

Don't know where we come from
Don't know where we're going to
But if all of this should have a reason
We would be the last to know

that our future does look grim at the moment, religion and science aside, none of us really know where we came from, and we dont know where we are heading, and of course with our "primitive" intellect, we would be the last to know what our purpose in the greater universe is...

So let's just hope there is a promised land
Hang on till then as best you can

this one is fairly obvious, those of us who want a better future and to protect the environment are in a minority, and we try to survive until this utopia can be a reality


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