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Basement Jaxx – Bingo Bango Lyrics 14 years ago
For once we won't have here christians fighting gays, no! wait, we already have now. I mean Bang o... Bingo, you know how ends it all.

David Bowie – Five Years Lyrics 14 years ago
I love the way people finds an inch to put their own thoughts in Jesus' mouth.

Billy Joel – Vienna Lyrics 14 years ago
This is one of the most-loved jewels in Billy Joel's "advise-you collection" crown. I always loved it over the Stranger -many-top-numbers. And I always thought that Vienna is not a pretty sight. Vienna is yourself getting old, or it could even be death. Vienna waits for you, is -again- CARPE DIEM. Live your moment and do it now: don't waste time cause it won't come again.

You got so much to do and only so many hours in a day

Billy Joel – Everybody Has A Dream Lyrics 14 years ago
These lines are some of the laziest, warmest, sunday in the sun lines I've ever heard:

"So let me lie and let me go on sleeping
And I will lose myself in palaces of sand
And all the fantasies that I have been keeping
Will make the empty hours ...easier to stand ..."

In my dreams they are both naked btw, and "easier easier to stand" feels like climax.

Billy Joel – Easy Money Lyrics 14 years ago
One of the most outstanding breaks-in in BJ's history. This number is so good, that I think it needs time to be vindicated. The exceptional vocals here by Billy win over the lyrics. I keep "I want the good times I never had" as the strongest point of no return" Magnificent and ignored.

Billy Joel – Big Man On Mulberry Street Lyrics 14 years ago
Billy Joel's voice was never so beautifully displayed. This song reminds me of course, of Monlightning.

But also some American guys living in my building in Madrid dared to knock at my door to say hi, just because "Big man on Mulberry St." sounded pretty high in my appartment. They thought: American friendly. And they were right :-)

Billy Joel – Baby Grand Lyrics 14 years ago
They say...
They said...
But only songs like these...

Billy Joel – An Innocent Man Lyrics 14 years ago
These are some of the greatest verses he ever wrote. Of course not suitable for children. Go, go away where you belong to Justin Timberlake or Britney, whatever.

You have to have lived to understand. I love the way he tries to put even the smallest feelings into pieces. This guy is a true psychological troubadour. But you can also feel real pain through those words in the most essential language. As if he wouldn't care to put himself naked in front of the world.

Billy Joel – A Room Of Our Own Lyrics 14 years ago
This song tells me that BJ should have never been married. At least to a woman. I think they put him into terrible distress and fall. And I am not kidding.

Scissor Sisters – Laura Lyrics 14 years ago
I don't worth a d what the cd booklet says, that is not the bible you know. Lyrics say:

I'm gonna need your love.
Don't you give me your love?
Don't you give me your.. Chamown Chamown

Think badd and then you got it. No it's not c'mon and it's not Motown. It's just... her chamown, you know, her sweet chamown.

Chic – Good Times Lyrics 14 years ago
This song has a strong will to be THE optimistic anthem. CARPE DIEM. They Rodgers and Edwards knew they held a big one between hands, and wouldn't lose the chance of exporting a positive and eternal message of: let yourself LIVE. Drop the attitude and bad moods. This song is full of good advises, that your old man could give you anytime:

"Leave your cares behind
Happy days are here again
The time is right for makin' friends
Let's get together
Live the sporting life
Time marches on, just can't wait
The clock keeps turning, why hesitate
Want the best
Don't be a drag, participate

Can't see other meaning to this gorgeous megasong,

Chic – Le Freak Lyrics 14 years ago
It makes sense since the bottom line of the song wants to make the dance floor universal and drag away the wannabe poshness clientele in Studio 54.

"Big fun, to be had by everyone It's up to you, it surely can be done Young and old are doing it, I'm told "

To review as well Amanda Lear's "Fashion pack (Studio 54)"
- "who is in? who is out? c'mon tell me! tell me! tell me!

Blondie – Atomic Lyrics 14 years ago
Uh- huh- make- me- tonight
Tonight -make- it- right
Oh tonight

Yes nuclear holocaust between her legs

Blondie – Picture This Lyrics 14 years ago
Agree completely.

The line
" If it weren't for your job at the garage... If you could only, oohh, oh ... Picture this"
It's just orgasmic.
"Picture this a sky full of thunder
Picture this my telephone number"
Oh yeah, I think I'll have another listening right now quite loud.

Billy Joel – Turn Around Lyrics 14 years ago
I love the refrain of this song. I always tend to forget about the rest of the verses so that I can fit well in my own version.

I'd love he said these words to a complete stranger he's fall in love with at first sight cause she's so precious, and he tries hard with his mind (and a little bit o' luck) that she'll turn around and look at his eyes even a single moment. And he, in return, would sing this song for her.

So, turn around
Oh, turn around
And I will sing for you a song
I don't know where you been
But you been gone too long

Billy Joel – Stop In Nevada Lyrics 14 years ago
A whole movie in 3 minutes.

Soft music: She tried for years to be a good wife.

Then she heads a different future apart her boring life and then "she's headin' out to California" and music seems to go crazy and cheerful.

But she left a little letter said she's gonna make a
"stop in Nevada". This is the door she leaves open if he really wants her to get back. And make things change. With some money in her pocket, she's a rocket on the Fourth of July

My end of the story, if we have to believe what music says, a long walk to the soft theme of the beginning, tells us that he must have met her in Nevada, probably promised her the moon, and she never could reach California.

But sometimes I prefer to think she escaped and he remained alone in his boring life thinking of her, and what they could have done together if he only cared...

Billy Joel – When In Rome Lyrics 14 years ago
When I listen to a song by Billy Joel, I always know he is a magician, he distracts you with clever tricks, he gives the people what they want, but you always must read between the lines and look at the hidden hand, cause there is the truth about he wants to say actually.

I think that "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" is just fireworks to keep you entertained, but the important lines are:

- Well it's alright if you're tired when your day is done
You can see when you look at me, you're not the only one

- It's a fact of life, now a man and wife
Work full time to just get by

- I don't mind masquerading with all those other fools I don't mind the games I'm playing,
Because I've learned the rules

- And when times are tough, I've got just enough
If you're standing right by my side.

Somebody, should have paid serious attention to those words cause now sounds like premonition.

Billy Joel – You Look So Good To Me Lyrics 14 years ago
Won't bring my review of "You can make me free" word for word, but it fits perfectly here as well. The feeling of romantic softness, plain optimistic that makes you feel almost naïve, a complete fool in love.
I like much the sentence: "And who knows what your next move will be"

Billy Joel – You Can Make Me Free Lyrics 14 years ago
An all time favourite, I don't care if the whole sounds too quick or not, as I've read somewhere.

Bright BJ with the purest of hearts, sweetest of voices -in a male- he put the most elegant soundtrack in my nights of passion.

And this I remember too well, cause while we kissed, Billy Joel was singing the bottom line: "You can melt the ice that chills my body, You can dry my ev'ry tear" and there comes the beautiful thing: my partner -ignorant- didn't catch a single word of English. But felt passionate about this young man's voice though, and said so. From then on, every time I listen to this song, some small part of my mind recalls those nights. At once, like an open perfume.

Billy Joel – The Siegfried Line Lyrics 14 years ago
They say the war will be over soon

Soon, soon, they say the war will be over
Home, home, we will come home in the summer

And we hold on to each other Like brother to brother
We've promised our mothers we'll write
And we would all go down together,
Soon, soon, they say the war will be over

Billy Joel – Code Of Silence Lyrics 14 years ago
When you become a SUPERSTAR, and everybody recognizes you; When they dig in your dirt to find out who knows what, there is still a small private garden they can't step on. This very tiny intimate part no one can put their hands on, needs a code of silence.

He speaks of anger, of danger, of madness, of mistakes you had to pay for. No man can live like this.

To be a public person must be tough to live with, that's the reason why Stars live in fortresses surrounded by electrified walls, or worse -> they lose ilussion, say their famous last words and leave away.

Billy Joel – Running On Ice Lyrics 14 years ago
This song shows Billy Joel's skills to the most, frantic music, electric lyrics, genius in an ambitious piano demo, voice ad hoc. Of course is the perfect show off of part of his Jekyll/Joel/Hyde/Martin personality full of up and downs. He gets so high (I'm a cosmopolitan sophisticate of culture and intelligence the culmination of technology and civilized experience) that you don't want to be around when he is going down.
But such enormous gifted talent is that way. Again: one day will come when Billy Joel will be put to altars. And many will say: I saw him first.

Billy Joel – Streetlife Serenader Lyrics 14 years ago
Never sang on stages
Melody comes easy
Have no obligations
Hold no grand illusions
Need no stimulation
Need no vast arrangement
To do their harmonizing

Trobadours in the ancient times in Europe, Circus people, Blind chanteurs travelling around the villages singing free and easy to earn daily bread, held no grand illusions... but had no obligations. Music... Melody came easy.

To me this is a song about MUSIC. Music is a somebody playing a melody and somebody listening. That's it.
Then comes money and business to complicate things. But Music really is cheap and simple and lives almost anywhere, in the singing lullaby of a mother, in a Mall, where a Shoppin' center hero, Child of Eisenhower is performing live for you, and for daily bread. No sorrow here.

Billy Joel – Last of the Big Time Spenders Lyrics 14 years ago
I bet Rufus Wainwright would love to sing this one if he only ever knew.
"You can call me the Great Pretender
And in a way it might be true...
But I'm the last of the big time spenders
And I've been spendin' time on you..."
Emotionally very rich and complicated and shameless. Love it.

Billy Joel – The Great Suburban Showdown Lyrics 14 years ago
Very underrated, badly forgotten tune, where young Bill's voice reigns supreme. Great Arrangements as well. I think many people dismiss Billy Joel for his great commercial success, and they won't let themselves come across musical jewels like this, but I hope that future generations will be ready to understand the great talent hidden in the least known works of this outstanding musician.

Billy Joel – Los Angelenos Lyrics 14 years ago
At the time I began listening Streetlife Serenader I couldn't speak a word of English, but whenever I came across this words: "Goin' nowhere in the streets
With the Spanish names, makin' love with the natives in their Hollywood places" We used to shout out loud "the Spanish names" part, even though we couldn't catch a word of it.

Billy Joel – Close To The Borderline Lyrics 14 years ago
This very song represents my biggest fears about Billy Joel.

I know his music 30 years ago, he raised me, he went with me to the army, then to the University, he went together with me through two marriages, he left the house with me after two divorces, he assisted when my father died, and first he was a single vinyl, then a cassette, he was in LP vinyl and laser disc. He was a video beta (damn!) and VHS , he's been CD and MP3 now he's in my IPOD. And all through the years I have been expecting some bad news about his up and downs. I knew he had soul problems for this simple song. Nobody can do such lyrics if he or she hasn't been there close to the borderline. Later I've come across some stories about him I don't care about. I won't bring here anymore.

And I always dared to think we both would have been happier if we had ever crossed our ways. I dare to. He's a friend, in fact I know him longer than many of my actual friends...

Billy Joel – Weekend Song Lyrics 14 years ago
I can't put into words what this song means EXACTLY to me cause it's a bit pornographic.
It's Heartbreakin, Heartshakin', Heartachin'. I can't hide in between other's comments, cause my review is the only at the moment. But Billy's voice in this track is particularly exciting to me, has been meaningful all over my life.
The recording of Streetlife Serenader, the whole object, the picture on the cover sitting barefoot with his (strategically broken) pale blue jeans, and that hard voice, offering his money to share and spend the night.... some NYLON CURTAIN'S leit motives are to appear here first.
O dear.... when we'll be leavin we'll just be breaking even, but I would have given something to have such a partner to spend -drunk and happy- the night.

Billy Joel – Honesty Lyrics 14 years ago
I've come across many comments all over this site, in which the poster says "this or that is my favourite song ever" and you sympathize a bit: "Ah, not bad at all, right"
But I find myself now at the moment I must confess: the first ten notes of this song are -to me- the open doors to heaven. Really. So much. Good, great, marvellous are plain dirty rags on the holy skin of a goddess. Then: This is my favourite song ever.

Billy Joel – All For Leyna Lyrics 14 years ago
All the above of course, but one day, listening to this song after many years knowing it, I couldn't believe my ears when Billy Joel began to sing "Awful Leyna". I put it on again, shaking my head in true disbelief. Can't be after all these years, but yes, , he keeps on saying it: "Awful, awful Leyna." I suppose he was in head before Michael Jackson deplored his Dirty Diana. I keep my awful Leyna anyway. And if you find out I am true, please remember I told you so first.

Billy Joel – A Matter Of Trust Lyrics 14 years ago
I like all the reviews made before, but I miss one small thing, that the first time I heard this song in 1986 really cracked me up and got all my attention and put me heels over head when I came to know the Billy Joel (much) expected new work: The beginning of the song A MATTER OF TRUST:

"A... one, a... two, a... one two three four...."

I was totally raptured within only five seconds. I was totally won... again. That's mastery. Only the biggest ones can do this. The rest of the song I was so in shock, that even today can't go over that euphorical -whatever- sensation, that those five words in his voice do to me.

Billy Joel – 52nd Street Lyrics 14 years ago
In Spain, in 1979 when I purchased the single vinyl "My life" it had "52nd street" as a B side. I didn't have many records at the time cause I was a child so "My life", "Blame it on the boogie" and "September" (Jacksons and Earth, Wind and fire, resp.) and their B sides sounded on and on and on on my record player.
"52nd street" was not so catchy as "My life", but it taught me that there were some other rhythms, obscure and jazzy, with a lot of smoke and alcoholic odor, that remained from then on forever. I came to discover Ray Charles and Billy Holiday, so I suppose it worthed the listening. And 52nd street and Billy Joel's dark blue voice stood and stays there as a favourite... playing in my teenager room, forever.

Rufus Wainwright – Danny Boy Lyrics 14 years ago
EMOTIONAL: "My smile a trick, tricking me and trying not to scare you"
You smile at her/him trying to look pleasant but not too eager so that she/he could feel annoyed. This is everyday bread for homosexual (again, sorry, too many gay artists I know bla bla) people. You go from being "friendly" to be "detestable". You have to bleed to know.

FORMAL: "The sun in sheets, pouring down those streets to eyes green and blue."
This line is so brilliant that one can wait for really
-HUGE- verses in the future.

FORMAL: "The sun in sheets, pouring down those streets to eyes green and blue."
This line is so brilliant that one can wait for really
-HUGE- verses in the future.

Rufus Wainwright – Foolish Love Lyrics 14 years ago
Men use you.
Men won't last, it doesn't matter if you are a girl or a gay. You twist like a corkscrew - Sweetness rising, you drink from the bottle and you weep in anticipation, cause you know, you perfectly know he won't last.
Cause he feels you are so helpless and -for him-
you lose your senses.
He can't last. He won't last.
They never do.

The Smiths – The Boy with the Thorn in His Side Lyrics 14 years ago
Talking about whinings.
I love to choose a song and then read all the reviews on this site while I'm listening to the track itself. I like when they say "it's about Jesus", then: "don't dare to compare the Smiths with Jesus", "has to do with homoerotic feelings", and: "has nothing to do with gays at all" The only thing that I don't take is a little somebody who dares to write "It's so sad how low the level of discourse is on this site" OK, smart ass: Speak your mind and let the others speak their minds as well. This is democracy. Comments like "we have the incessant whinings... and then we have the teenage literalists[...]" make people fear of saying a word at all, and this is a place where listeners make their own reviews high or low, not some spoon-up-i-know-it-all-snobbish rubbish show as you seem to expect. How hard would Morrisey kick your ass off.

On the opposite, tef I loved your review, and I don't think is stupid at all. And everybody write what you want. Cause I love to read everything you say, wittiest comment or just "I loved this song" stuff. This is simply a small Forum, not University. Not Church.

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