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Eighteen Visions – I Should Tell You... Lyrics 11 years ago
I think it's about second chances

"Don't let her down" He's saying that to himself...

I think there's a possibility that he's relieved and overjoyed that he has received a second chance with this person.

"I watched the falling rain...splash upon your face...I know those aren't your tears..."

I think that means he's thinking "Hey buddy it;s cool. She;s not pissed or STILL got a chance..."

Eighteen Visions – Coma Lyrics 11 years ago
No comments yet, eh?

To me this song is about suffering through a bout of emotional trauma...most commonly brought on by ones-self through a panic attack or some anxiety disorder...

what I'VE been through is sorta similar...I wake up feeling completely dead...not of emotional cause i'm scared, but i feel like I don't exist

BTW it's "I slide away" no "fly away"

Eighteen Visions – I Let Go Lyrics 11 years ago
I think he's telling his girl why he's so unable to feel emotion OR why he doesn't allow certain things to bother him...

"I know it hurts but you don't have to walk away..."

Eighteen Visions – Pretty Suicide Lyrics 11 years ago
It's CARS drive by...not cops

I think this song is about anxiety..and that maybe there is no actual "desert"...the desert is quite possibly a metaphor

Either that or it;s based on actual events where James got lost or something

Anywho my favorite part is where the music stops and it's just James' voice all echoey going: "I'm highway bound for..."

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