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Blur – Young and Lovely Lyrics 12 years ago
Love this song! It captures growing up so well! Going out for the first time, on your own with mates, all dressed up! ahhh...

Blur – Death of a Party Lyrics 12 years ago
I'm agreeing with the wall flower theory. You know that awful air of desperation at a crap party/club? I picture that suspended in time with death of a party blaring.

Blur – Dan Abnormal Lyrics 12 years ago
I think it's a lovely wee insight into the strrrange mind of mr. albarn. What a great man!

Blur – Trimm Trabb Lyrics 12 years ago
Ooo, I love Trimm Trabb. The HIV interpretation is intresting, but I'm not sure if I agree with it. Wasn't trimm trabb a german fitness scheme/a sport label or something like that.

I think Trimm Trabb is about just letting popular culture wash over you, and consequently you are alienated.

Daniel Powter – Lie To Me Lyrics 12 years ago
I'm completely confused about the meaning of this song. The video for it is fantastic! I didn't pick up any creepy tendencies at all...

Sparks – Change Lyrics 13 years ago
A wonderful song!

Weren't these lyrics meant to be a pisstake, making fun of all the 'arty' types?

Franz Ferdinand – Michael Lyrics 13 years ago
Superfantastiche homoerotisism encapsulated in a perfect indie-pop anthem.

Franz Ferdinand – Lynsey Wells Lyrics 13 years ago
I heard somewhere L.Wells was/is a famous transvestite around Glasgow.

Franz Ferdinand – Bang Bang Lyrics 13 years ago
It's all about Archduke Franz Ferdinand's assination in Sarajevo by the 'Black Hand'.

Blur – Music Is My Radar Lyrics 13 years ago
There are pangs of 'Fela-esque' elements in this tune.

I think it's just a joyous ode to the happiness and sexiness of music in general.

Blur – Country Sad Ballad Man Lyrics 13 years ago

Anyway, I think this song is about a depressed superstar- that may go by the name of damon or graham...

Blur – Crazy Beat Lyrics 13 years ago
justadub I agree.
I love Blur to bits, but this song is pathetic.

Blur – She's So High Lyrics 13 years ago
Wowzer, I'm listening to this song NOW!

Blur – Villa Rosie Lyrics 13 years ago
I don't think this is a happy song at all!
I LOVE villa rosie.

I've always got the impression it's about sad middle aged men visiting a brothel.

Blur – Get Out of Cities Lyrics 13 years ago
Why are there no comments for this song!
It's a fantastic B-Side!

It doesn't really have any deeper meaning for me- it's just about messing around.

Blur – Blue Jeans Lyrics 13 years ago
Oooh I love this fact I love all of MLIR (aprart from miss america)- I think it's about a love of the simple life in London.

Blur – Popscene Lyrics 13 years ago
Fantasic tune- this song created hailed britpop and it's been lost in the archives which is such a shame :(

It's such an angry song; it exposes raw anger about the shitness of teen culture.

Blur – There's No Other Way Lyrics 13 years ago
Love this song.

I think its about the aching blandness of the bourgeois.

Blur – The Universal Lyrics 13 years ago
I've heard that the universal is refering to some type of drug.

Us being numb to the nanny state. Immersed in ignorance.

Blur – Bugman Lyrics 13 years ago
This is a TUNE!

I think it's about a peadophile/sex offender.

Supergrass – Moving Lyrics 13 years ago
This song is amazing; it makes me want to cry because it's so so personal!

I think it's about depression, self loathing- moving, searching to find yourself. The song is a journey; you have this bi-polar fluctuation betweem the verses and the chorus- and you have the perfect, light ending, drifting off. Moving but not being....

Man, I love Supergrass

Blur – Coffee & TV Lyrics 13 years ago
I think it's 'history'

I always interpretted it as the (fantastic) video shows it. Eascaping, running away, finding oneself and returning home.

Blur – The Debt Collector Lyrics 13 years ago
Wait, doesn't somebody say 'OUT!'

Blur – The Debt Collector Lyrics 13 years ago

Blur – Coping Lyrics 13 years ago

I think the explaination is in the title:a very clear cut blur tune methinks (unlike the other ones on MLIR)

Blur – Bang Lyrics 13 years ago
^totally ahree with everthing you said :D

I like Bang :)

Blur – Bone Bag Lyrics 13 years ago
I think it's about your archetypal neighbourhood wierdo. The one who never leaves the house/sees daylight.

Blur – Beetlebum Lyrics 13 years ago
It's about drug addiction tearing apart a relationship.

End of :)

Ohh, and it's certainly 'cum'.

Blur – For Tomorrow Lyrics 13 years ago
This is my favourite song in the world!

I'm going to take a different angle. I think this is a patchwork, a montage of London, and and what makes London/being a Londoner so great. I think it's a celebration of London retaining it's character in the midst of widespread early 90's Americanisation.

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