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August Burns Red – Consumer Lyrics 13 years ago
“A front seat to your own flick”, is the first convincing line of this song. The song is about self centeredness, and August Burns Red creates lyrics which really do speak for themselves, if this song doesn’t explain itself I don’t know what does.

“If only you could see how much your emotions waver” is explaining the fact that some of us, if not all of us when being selfish and self-centred cannot see how our emotions waver and change, affecting others and not considering other people.

"A young boy cannot comprehend social status, and this boy is better off than any of us, than any of us."
Social status is a core catalyst to our self centred demise. If we weren't so aware and focused on such a thing than we would all be better off for ourselves, and others.

"Life will pass us by, like a summer storm, and if we consume ourselves with ourselves, we will surely look back with sorrow." One of the truest statements and a testament to the entire meaning of the song.

August Burns Red – Thirty and Seven Lyrics 13 years ago
This song entails multiple meanings, about taking responsibility for your own actions in situations involving peer pressure and complications to your faith; but also this song speaks about dependency and standing up for yourself in values and faith.

“You are infatuated with what consumes you. Put the victim on the front lines and left for dead. Stop acting like there’s no... No other option but to let the waves carry you away”’ It reminds me of how sometimes we as people can be so selfish, in terms of peer pressuring people into doing things that they may certainly not want to do, and also from the point of view of someone who is being peer pressured. Both people can decided whether they ‘let the waves carry’ them away in this selfish indulgence or pressure.

“Can you hold the water responsible for your wayward behavior, any more than it blames you for its gripping currents?” Do you think you can hold someone responsible for your own actions anymore than someone else can hold you responsible for their actions? You cannot blame the crowd (water) for your own actions, because you’re still making a choice yourself, even though the crowd (current) is going one way.

In terms of faith, we try and stand firm within the water. The water is gushing at us one way, and we try and go against the current of the water, the other way. In the end if we fall we can’t hold the water current responsible for our own actions but must take on the responsibility of our mishap, take it and move on and try again, stronger.

“Your mind is the mountain before you. Will you always need someone to hold your hand, and talk…talk you through…you through the night’s shadows... What will become of you? Your mind is the mountain before you. You’ve reached the summit, now transcend the skies.”

Speaking metaphorically, the mountain is your journey. The summit is the goal, you must climb the mountain to get to the top, but along the way you could slip and fall. But you simply will need to try again and again until you get to the top. Any hint of doubt can be your downfall, anything even a little justifiable to maybe get you out of the currently mess you are in will make you slip and fall. You just have to make your way up the mountain. And you can, everyone can.

When you are in that situation, where you do not know what to do, you can’t find a way out, you feel helpless; will you just give up, and wait for someone to come and rescue you? “What will become of you?” No, you should keep climbing that mountain, until you get to the summit. Keep fighting, keep on going. Just keep going, in full faith. Keep god in your sights on the summit. It will truly be a beautiful thing when “You’ve reached the summit” for only then can you “transcend the skies.”

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