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Trey Songz – Can't Help But Wait (Remix) Lyrics 13 years ago
Toraaay, this listen to this song. From me to you. ;-)

Miley Cyrus – 7 Things Lyrics 13 years ago
by sunbaby182 on 05-25-2008 @ 10:11:56 PM
story of my life

I miss you so much.
please read these lyrics.

112 – Cupid Lyrics 13 years ago
"by sunbaby182 on 03-05-2003 @ 08:58:34 PM
There's this guy i like a lot..and i put the these lyrics on my profile, because I wanna be with him for a long time. But I don't think he believes me when I speak my heart."

You all wanna hear something crazy. This girl was talking about me, that was back in 2003. I never knew she posted this until just now when i was browsing on this site. All the songs and lyrics and comments on this site and I find this one? Just to catch you guys up, we ended up getting together and being together for about 3 years and she was the perfect girlfriend and we were in love. Then I went through this stupid phase and thought that I wanted to go out and try other things and so we broke up about 3 years ago. In the past three years ive dated and hung around other people, other girls, but everyday I regret breaking up with her. She was everything anyone would ask for in a girlfriend. She's moved away now, got another boyfriend, changed her phone number and moved on and I really hope she's happy. Also, eventhough she will never see this comment that I am posting now, I still feel it necessary to say that I do miss this girl and am truly sorry for every mean thing I did to her. I remember walking down her stairs the night we broke up hearing her crying upstairs, there's so many times that I see that moment in my head and just wish I could go back to that very moment and just run back up the stairs and apologize and just work everything out. Ok, just thought i'd share that.

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