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St. Vincent – Oh My God Lyrics 11 years ago
Wow, I expected more comments on this one! This is probably my fav from the album.... her songs are not like anyone elses and they are so great and well written!

Jack Johnson – You and Your Heart Lyrics 11 years ago this is an article on Jack Johnsons support of Barack Obama.

Jack Johnson – You and Your Heart Lyrics 11 years ago
Phaia.... when Obama was running for President, Jack Johnson was a huge supporter! He even had a picture of Obama surfing in Hawaii on his website. Unless he has changed hi opinion recently, then that is not what the song pertains to.

Jack Johnson – No Good With Faces Lyrics 11 years ago
This is my favorite song from To The Sea! I like to think that it is saying that no matter how hard we search for the answers that we will probably never find them and we will only tire ourselves through the search. We should keep our minds focused on the now and not let things get to us. idk... just a guess!

Jack Johnson – At Or With Me Lyrics 11 years ago
Not sure of the exact meaning, but this song is very catchy! I love it.... it is so upbeat!

Jack Johnson – Anything But The Truth Lyrics 11 years ago
Well put Rootsteps! I haven't had time to listen thoroughly yet, but that seems like the correct meaning! Thanks for making this song mean sooooo much more!

Brand New – Bed Lyrics 12 years ago
I think this is
the 2nd verse:

My eyes and lungs
Im a prophet and i speak tongues
I know how you'll die
Your sister groans a serpent to my holy throne
To me she's just a dead fly

Jack Johnson – Fall Line Lyrics 13 years ago
Its about how we are causing the moral decline in society...

I have insight to the last part! It's about someone who was killed by religion! They killed themself when they found that people are nothing more than deceiving hypocrites.

Somebody saw him jump, yeah
But nobody saw him slip
(He killed himself but nobody saw it coming because he slowly became suicidal.. sure he jumped... but nobody saw that the causes.
I guess he lost a lot of hope
And then he lost a grip
(He realized that what he put so much faith in was fake and he gave up)
But now he’s lying in the freeway
In the middle of this mess
(Now he is dead)
Guess we lost another one
Just like the other one
(This is a common occurance)
Optimistic hypocrite
That didn’t have the nerve to quit
The things that kept him wanting more
Until he finally reached the core
(He was optimistic about what he believed and he built on it so much but when it was gone.... he just gave up)

Tristan Prettyman – California Girl Lyrics 13 years ago
The end of this song is awesome musically!

The White Stripes – Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground Lyrics 13 years ago
One of my favorites of theirs! The video is INCREDIBLE! But yeah... definitely about coming home to find the one you love is gone.

The White Stripes – In the Cold, Cold Night Lyrics 13 years ago
This song is definitely about sex. A young girl longing for an older man... possibly?!! Anyway, Megs voice is very good... I love it when she sings. She is sexy... oh what I would do to her!

The White Stripes – Ball and Biscuit Lyrics 13 years ago
Not sure what it means... but the guitar solos are AWESOME!

The White Stripes – I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself Lyrics 13 years ago
This song is about a break up that leaves someone wondering what they should do afterwards. How do you pick up the pieces and carry on?...

Have you seen the video?! Damn its hott!

The White Stripes – The Hardest Button to Button Lyrics 13 years ago
Here it is:

A baby is born and the older brother is jealous because he doesn't get any attention. He is envious until the baby is given up to adoption because the family is poor and cant afford another mouth to feed. After the child is gone... the family gains a litle wealth but now they miss the child. And he realizes this as he looks across the empty backyard.

Brian Head Welch – Flush Lyrics 13 years ago
Thanks adam3990... that helps!
How awesome it must be to have such an inspiring person in the studio!

Jack Johnson – While We Wait Lyrics 13 years ago
oh good one Jam-face! It's possible.

oh and it is dissipates!

Brian Head Welch – Flush Lyrics 13 years ago
Yes, obviously it is about wanting to break addiction! The music video is interesting though... i don't get it?! Any insight?!

Brian Head Welch – Money Lyrics 13 years ago
Money has become so many peoples god! It's sickening!

Brian Head Welch – Re-Bel Lyrics 13 years ago
This song sounds sooo AWESOME!

Brian Head Welch – Shake Lyrics 13 years ago
I think this song is about america and how judgement will fall upon it if something doesn't change soon. Glad someone has the guts to say it!

Brian Head Welch – Save Me from Myself Lyrics 13 years ago
My favorite of his! You can tell that this is his own testimony and that he means what he says!

Brian Head Welch – Home Lyrics 13 years ago
I heard this was written to 50 cent?!

Brian Head Welch – Die Religion Die Lyrics 13 years ago
I have felt the same way for soo long! I hate religion but I love Christ. I go to church occasionally but there is so much more to it than that! I hate churches today... the try to push their own agenda with out using scriptures in the right context... it's all about money, drawing a crowd, and a social gathering anymore.

Jars of Clay – Closer Lyrics 13 years ago
I love the new song... they just keep getting better! I'm loving the vocal distortions on this one!

Jars of Clay – Crazy Times Lyrics 13 years ago
Oh... and it's cool because this song is saying that you find christ when you are at your weakest and you have nothing else to turn to.

That's what I make of the last verse:

"Beside your bed, you feel left for dead, you kneel in the dark..."

Jars of Clay – Crazy Times Lyrics 13 years ago
Gryffin! Great interpretation... i was lost with this song, but it makes perfect sense now. Thanks... this song rocks!

Jars of Clay – Love Is The Protest Lyrics 13 years ago
Love the new song! It reminds me alot of a U2 song!

Brand New – Seventy Times 7 Lyrics 13 years ago
OMG! Brand New Rocks!!!!!!! But You Already Knew That!

Taking Back Sunday – There's No 'I' In Team Lyrics 13 years ago
I like this song alot, but Brand New's "Seventy Times Seven" is much better! Brand New ROCKS!

Jars of Clay – Sunny Days Lyrics 14 years ago
I love this song... it is just so bright. I love how it says "winter to spring is what love can truely bring... ice turns to water water flows to everything"... I hate winter... so on that first warm sunny morning of spring.. I put the cd in my car and just drive. It's just hope for a brighter day!

Tristan Prettyman – Handshake Agreement Lyrics 14 years ago
Absolutely love this song! One of her best ever!

Jars of Clay – Oh My God Lyrics 14 years ago
I love the end to this song. How it builds and it says the only defence for all these things is crying out to god.

Jars of Clay is the most brilliant band ever... christian and non-christian! Dan Haseltine is a brilliant writer, with a great voice... backed by great musicians.

Tristan Prettyman – Madly Lyrics 14 years ago
I thought it was "and honestly, i'm right here for ya"...idk. All I know is Tristan Prettyman has the best voice of any female vocalist. I love her smooth style. And she is hott!

Tristan Prettyman – Anything At All Lyrics 14 years ago
A therapy song for sure... so emotional. I love how it builds on the ending relationship and how much it hurts.... but in the end it says: "if I learned anything at all, it was to never give up... and now I see all my dreams laid out in front of me... and for once it doesn't seem so tough." It just leaves in the hope that everything will be alright and that I am stronger now.

Alanis Morissette – Baba Lyrics 14 years ago
My Favorite Alanis Song! I love the line:

"I've seen men overlooking god in
their own essence
I've seen their upward glances
in hopes of instant salvation
I've seen their righteousness
mixed without loving compassion "

That's how I personally feel about christianity, but I think Alanis is talking about buddhism and how empty and foolish worshipping idols is. She wrote this after going to India and seeing their culture.

By the way, I don't think Alanis is an atheist, but she is much like myself and hates the hypocrisy of people who claim to be something they're not.

Alanis Morissette – Moratorium Lyrics 14 years ago
I Love Alanis... She is the most one of the most brilliant writers (Jewel, Jack Johnson, and Jars of Clay are the only others who could even come close). But I think this song is about stopping in the midst of chaos and just breathing. I am excitied about the new album!

Jack Johnson – While We Wait Lyrics 14 years ago
Every album of Jack Johnsons has a short song that seems to make little sense to me. I cannot even start to figure this one out... I can't even stand to listen to it... not because it's a bad song, but because I don't understand it. Kevinhansen... your interpretation is the best I've heard, but the only I've heard. Thanks for your help!

Jack Johnson – They Do They Don't Lyrics 14 years ago
Annie Kaitlyn... i believe you're right.
I have an interpretation for the end:

"With all its do's and don'ts
The future is an empty promise
Unconcerned and so tired of waiting
We could sell it wooden horses
full of nightmares and when they open
This all might recompose"

You can follow all these do's and don't's but eternity is any empty promise that we can not be ensured of. People can talk all they want about heaven and hell, but when the time comes it may n ot be what it seems..... idk... this one's tough.

Jack Johnson – Hope Lyrics 14 years ago
I love it! This song is definitely about religion, probably christianity.

"Do you think that you’re not alone?
You really think that you are immune to
Its gonna get that the best of you
Its gonna lift you up and let you down
It will defeat you then teach you to get back up
After it takes all that
You learn to love"

The song is saying if you believe god is there and you are not alone, you better hope you're right. you better hope you're not alone. The weight of religion will defeat you, then teach you to get back up... but you don't always have to raise your religious knowledge over the instincts of the human heart. Follow your heart, not what people force into your mind. Religion is a ghost waiting to bring you down.

This line is so true... in dealing with christianity:

"It will teach to love what you're afraid of
After it takes away all that you've learned to love."

Religion just drains peoples minds.

Jack Johnson – Go On Lyrics 14 years ago
I love how Jack's voice, the music and the lyrics all mix so well in this song. It flows so easily. But I think it is about how he hates to leave his son when he is on tour, but he has to go on. idk.

Jack Johnson – All At Once Lyrics 14 years ago
I'm not sure... but I thought there was an aspect of different religious beliefs pertaining to the future of the earth. "Around the sun some say, it's gonna be the new hell some say
it's still too early to tell, some say it really ain't no myth at all." And how we as humans, no matter if there is a god, heaven, hell, reincarnation, and so on.... we have no control and we may never know the answer, but the thought will always haunt us. "When it's always all around you, and the feeling lost and found you again, a feeling that we have no control."

Jack Johnson – Enemy Lyrics 14 years ago
Yeah, it's about how a man's worse enemy can be himself. The things the character said and the hate he contained chased him around like a boomerang, but when he locked it away... his mistakes turned to good. (He planted bad seeds, but they grew into a thornless tree and he sat beneath it's shade). I love the line "you might think I'm your enemy, but that don't make you mine."

Jack Johnson – Angel Lyrics 14 years ago
This is the most beautiful love song ever! "She gives me presents with her precence alone." or "She wears a heart that can melt my own." A song so simple and stripped down. I bought the album at midnight on the release date and driving home with this song playing... I thought my heart was going to stop beating. It is awesome!

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